Your Life Purpose Is….

The Golden Retriever Meditates on What it Means to be Cold, Loved and Warm
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Your life purpose is to heal and live with love.

Not the flowery Valentine’s day imagery love (although that can be, well, lovely, right?)

Not the passionate, I cannot wait to get him alone and touch him love (although that too can be lovely).

The Love part of your purpose is the absence of Fear.

The healing part of your purpose is about you.  Not the part where you run around trying to fix everyone that you come in contact with.

You can’t heal anyone else until you’ve done your own work.  This is even deeper than the continual reminder to serve ourselves first so that we can serve better – this is the true grit stuff of healing.

I’m continually astounded by the level of hurt, and pain and anger carried around every day.

If you’ve ever apologized for something that wasn’t “wrong “ – like showing up on time for an event but the meeting planner is still in the throes of setting up – there’s space for some healing.

The pain that comes from carrying around unhealed wounds grows exponentially — whether the wound formed the afternoon you overheard your Grandfather tell your Mother that she’d better “do something about that kid’s weight NOW or she’ll never land a man” or the way the teacher ignored you every time you raised your hand in class.

Healing is also your purpose.

When you heal, you choose love.  Love isn’t always the easy answer, love can be tough, because it’s more than “doing the right thing” and even deeper than choosing to live by the Golden Rule.

When you face the rawness of what’s hiding in your metaphorical closet, you step into healing which leads you to love.  You must love yourself deeply to undertake this journey and facilitate your healing.

In pulling out the stories and the hurts and embarrassing shame of it all, you get to choose how to move forward.  Was the C- on your essay from Mrs. Swillinger in 3rd Grade really worth curtailing your dream of playwriting? Was the fact that your father was too distracted with his own worries about paying the bills, playing office politics and trying to make his own mother happy to pay attention to you real proof that you are not worthy?

Each memory, story and belief packed into your closet is yours to reframe.

As you reframe, you heal.

When (and only when) you heal, can you truly offer the healing to others.  You don’t need to be a therapist, minister, chiropractor or acupuncturist to offer healing – you simply need to be you – telling your story in the way that most makes sense to you.

As you heal yourself, you shift your energy and lighten the load you’ve been carrying.

When your load is lighter, everyone around you notices and their energy shifts as well.  You don’t even have to tell people about your story you simply continue living — but lighter.  People will notice.  Listen to me, light attracts clients, friends, lovers and others.  It is a reason for people to seek you out. When that happens, if the timing is right, you are there to help them find their own healing.  (Please note that we cannot ever actually heal someone else, we can only guide them there.)

When you’re lighter, the fear wanes.

Fear is often our companion, and for some of us, we may have been lugging some fears for so very long, we don’t know who we’d be without it at our side.  That’s okay.  As you heal, one item at a time, Fear becomes less important.

Instead, our choices come from love.

When we heal and we live in love, we change our world.


What’s this got to do with Palmistry?

I’ve spent many years reading hands and translating fingerprints – identifying Life Purposes as they are coded on our prints and yet, every conversation with every client has gone to the discussion of healing and learning our lessons.

When you think you’re seeking your LIFE PURPOSE, you actually are seeking  a deeper understanding of your Gifts – what I call SuperPowers.


Our SuperPowers are the things we can geek out about – the tools or skills or talents that make us giddy and that we’d practice for hours on end even if our Mother didn’t put a timer on to make sure we did our practice. These are things we DO.

The reason you’re looking for that SuperPower outside of yourself is because of Fear.  Or maybe you have an inkling of your SuperPower, but you’re not sure what to do with it.  Maybe your SuperPower seems so off the wall and wonky that you can’t imagine why in the world you have it in the first place.

The SuperPower is your key to unlocking the purpose of Love and Healing.  When you work, and live and stand in and practice and share your SuperPower – you are on purpose.

Your SuperPower is clearly identified on your fingerprints and all the ways you can use your SuperPowers – for love and healing – are written, like a map on your palms and in your fingers.  They are the keys to living on purpose.

Heal. Love. Play.

Making this distinction is important to me.  I’ve been exploring this concept with my guides in my daily meditations for several weeks.

My role is to help you Heal, Love, and Play by translating the superpowers in your hands.

One of my SuperPowers is teaching – taking complex stuff (like metaphysics, spirituality, meditation and networking to name a few) and bringing it down to Earth in a way that guides you to find your own best answers. This is not your typical teaching – there are no tests and you will not be judged or ranked compared to other students.

A related SuperPower I happen to possess is inquiry. When we’re together I ask you questions.  The questions are meant to ignite and jumpstart your healing.  The questions often sound simple but wind up engendering very complex thoughts and solutions.  All for you.

The tool I use to get it all started is palmistry.  Your hands pin-point precisely where you are and where we should start on your journey.  Wrapping it all together in an awesome, safe, profound and playful space for you is my joy.


I’d love to know how you’d most like join this journey.  Use the comments to give me ideas on how to best help you heal, love and play.

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