Why Good Love is Hard to Find

Love is a trippy thing when it comes to intimate relationships.

Just about every single person who hears that I know how to read hands stops to ask me if I can tell them about their relationship.

Sometimes the query is rather crass, like a woman at her company Holiday party who sat with a thud for her readingand asked, “So, am I going to get laid THIS  year?”  Since there were only a few days left in the current year, I presumed she meant that and said so – to lighten the situation.  She wasn’t amused.  “yeah, NEXT year, will I get laid?”

Sometimes the query is veiled, like the divorced, empty-nester mom who said she wanted to talk about her next career move, but kept coming back to the challenges she was having with a new guy she just started dating.

Over the years I’ve come to the very obvious conclusion that what everyone at a crossroads in their life is searching for – is proof of their value.  That they are lovable.  That they are worthy.  That they are heard.

For many, that proof only comes when you see yourself reflected in a lover’s eyes.  Sadly, this belief limits us from actually finding and connecting with our true love or soul mate.  If you don’t believe your value – you’re only going to attract people that don’t believe they are valuable.  This sucks, by the way.

Here’s one of the places hands help – because you can’t fudge the answers like on an assessment test (even if you only do that subconsciously) your hands tell the truth about the wonder that is you.

I’m not blowing smoke up your butt here — you are a wonder.  Both the way you make a gourmet meal out of whatever’s in the fridge and the way you let the dust bunnies build up around you – are just some of the signs of the miracle of you.

When you tune into the gift of you – as laid out in your hands and your fingerprints, you can start to draft a program to buy into your worth.  From there you can use your hands to determine the TRUE non-negotiables when it comes to lasting love and learn the tools you need to communicate those boundaries as you build a true equal partnership.

I’ve been helping divorced women clear out their spiritual closets and make room for love for three years.  It just never occurred to me to talk about it like this.  After all, I’m divorced. Twice.  So I assumed that would make me ‘suspect’ when it came to a guide to hand-picking your love.  Maybe that’s what makes me perfect?

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