What’s Better: Clients or A Cool Website?

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Palmists, Please!

I feel like I should just drop the mic right here, because when I call it like it is, you see that having clients and not just any clients, but clients that pay you for your amazing service, is a crap-ton more awesome than a cool website. And what’s cool and chic and necessary for your website today is likely to be obsolete in a year or six months, so make sure you’ve got cash coming in to keep up with the changes you’ll want to make.

Yes, in a perfect world you’ll have both. But unless you’ve got a trust fund or a sugar daddy/mama the odds are you’re spending way too much time worrying about your website, your tag line and your colors for your business card than you should.

If working on those things lights you up and makes you happy, maybe you should quit reading hands and take up a career in design.  If you want to  make a career out of reading hands and serving your clients, then, trust me, it’s time to let that stuff go.

Now you can look around my website and see for sure I’m not wild and crazy on the “make it perfect or pretty” front, right? Yes. I would like it to be spiffier and prettier, and I have a whole mock up story board ready to go for the designer I’ve selected, once I’ve got the cash in the bank and ready to go.

In the meantime, I focus on what I do best – serving my customers and audience with content that is useful and easy to understand.  I also walk my talk and avoid going into debt for something I’m going to change a few dozen more times in the lifetime of this business.

Small business owners have to make wise choices on where they re-invest their profits. That’s a topic for another post, but for now, let’s just say serving customers and creating tools that you can use to build your palmistry profits is where I’m spending my time and money right now.

But the Gurus Say I HAVE to…

Oh yes, there are a large number of (mostly internet marketing) professionals who will insist you need a pretty website, and a perfect tagline that captures the entire essence of YOU so there is no need for anyone to even talk to you, or read your content or check your credentials before they hire you.

Step back and look at who those pros are. Yep, they are people who can teach you how to craft your marketing message. Often a piece of their income is tied to referring you to their favorite web designers, copy writers and more. That’s honest to goodness affiliate income. And there’s nothing wrong with them getting paid for referring you to quality professionals who do great work.

They are so good at convincing you that you cannot be in business without a pretty website or tagline (or any number of bells and whistles) that you believe them. That, my brilliant palmist friend, is genius marketing.

It seems to me that so many specialty entrepreneurs (like you and me) have begun putting the cart before the horse. That’s no way to get where you’re going!

So, which would you rather have: a cool website, a catchy tag line and logo or paying clients?

I know it seem so very important right now. But it’s not. I promise you this — you can invest in your business however you want and take all the marketing classes in the world that promise you’ll have a 7 figure business after you have enough paying clients to pay for them.

Onto the elephant in the den —

What’s keeping you from booking clients?

No matter what you want to believe, it’s not because your marketing materials aren’t up to snuff.

The thing that’s keeping you client-free or under-utilized is YOU. (ouch!)

I promise if we were face to face right now I’d look you in your eyes and assure you that you are not bad or worthless or in any way should feel ashamed, it’s just that you’re scared, and you’re working yourself up into a lather about marketing materials so you can avoid digging in and facing that fear.

Confession time – I spent more than two years believing that the only reason I was broke was because I didn’t a) have the right coach, b) have the right font on my website and c) do enough webinars.

I invested time (which I had too much of) and money (which I had very little of) in classes and more certifications and read every book and resource I could get my hands on to find the key to perfecting my marketing. Every time I turned around I was trying to re-define and hone in on my “Perfect” client so that I could speak her language and create enticements to get her to hire me.

Here’s what I learned:

  • I had no idea who or what made up my perfect client until I worked with hundreds of clients! Until I started to really work with people and help them see results, I really was overwhelmed by all the things I wanted to help people do and be.
  • Once I had a few thousand hands read and about a hundred coaching clients I started to see where I had the most fun, which clients made me happy and what topics I really enjoyed working on with them.
  • While my brand of pragmatic palmistry presumably could help everyone, I don’t want to work with everyone, nor do I care to focus on every topic that could trigger people to come to me.
  • My website had nothing to do with any of it.

Deciding who I wanted to serve and what I wanted to offer them was the first step on my journey to putting the horse before the cart. It’s still a work in progress (just like my attachment to clichés), but I didn’t let the fact that I didn’t know all the answers to the “marketing guru questions” stop me.

I’m hoping this post has you thinking about what you want more: a pretty website or a slew of happy customers, and that you’ve started generating some thoughts and actions you can take right now to book those clients.

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