What it is You DO?

I pulled into the library parking lot yesterday.  It was crowded.  A fellow a little younger than me pulled in right beside me and asked me about my license plate.  (it’s a vanity tag, so it’s not that unusual).

A short conversation began.  I could tell he was hurting and a little lonely.

He asked me, “What do you do?” (this is VERY washington-speak to ask someone about their job before you even know them).

Before I could even get spooled up and give him my most wonderful, practiced elevator pitch, something weird happened.  (In fact, I might call it a variation on the Divine Download, now that I think about it).

I replied,

I help people heal and connect to the Divine.


So we finished the conversation – he really didn’t want to know what I did, he wanted me to ask him what he did – and entered the library.

While the personal information he shared with me in the five minutes we talked made it clear that he’s sad at this point in his life, I knew  it wasn’t my job to heal him or try to fix him.  What he needed at that moment was an ear.

But every interaction has meaning if we’re willing to note it.

The meaning for me was the clarity with which I said, “I help people heal and connect to the Divine.”

I was downright giddy the rest of the day.  Heck, I’m still rolling it around my mind and feeling the comfortable way it resonates with me.

My energy shifted in that moment.  In a good way.

I realized that the key for me (and you too if you’re in an alternative/helping business) is finding the exact heart of your work.  That answer came from my why.

I’ve been spending YEARS trying to AR-TIC-U-LATE what I do for marketing purposes and I’d missed the core of it.

When that phrase popped out of my mouth you could have knocked me over with a unicorn’s tear – since I’ve been trained and focused on spouting out the I help XXX do XXX by XXX.  or some other variation of the ES (Elevator Speech).

Now I realize what I do at the heart and I see how all the results people get are BECAUSE of the healing and connection.

I had such a hard time in the ES because I’ve worked with so many really cool and really different from one another people.  They all ‘got’ different results (or so it seemed!)

Some clients get off their anxiety or depression meds (with the blessings of their MDs);

Some clients finally write their  book (and find agents!);

Others leave a crappy marriage, clear out their heart and find love again;

Still others find the dream job they’ve been longing for!

The common denominator?

The healing they did and the connection they made with their higher self.

You see, I always start with the premise that you are WHOLE and don’t need FIXING – but you do need a reminder of your divinity and perfection.  That’s where the healing begins.


I’d love to give you some simple steps for (re)connecting with your Divine Wisdom.  Pick one of the dates on the right hand column and join us!

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    • September 7, 2012 at 6:04 am

      Hey there Jeanine! Thanks for your feedback! Hope you are GREAT — and doing what you DO best – making people feel beautiful inside and out!


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