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I was so tickled that my friend (in real life) Molly Field, of Grass Oil (you should really read her if you’re not already) asked me to play in this Virtual Tour – so excited that in fact I put the questions aside so that I could do a REALLY GOOD JOB because I don’t want her friends and readers to think I can’t spell or write. (which may or may not be true).  And you know what happens when you decide to wait for the perfect time and the perfect words?  Nothing.

So, here’s my participation in the Virtual Blog Tour, and I’m changing the rules a little bit and simply recommending some of my favorite blogs at the end, but haven’t formally asked them to participate. Still I hope you’ll check them out.  And if you’re miffed at the way I broke the rules, I really am sorry, but for some reason, playing by rules has been a challenge for me these past 49 years or so.

1. What Are You Working On?

The smart-ass answer is – LIFE.  Because there are so many moving parts that life is as full time work as I can imagine.  Within that life lies the mundane (packing to move house), the nerve-wracking (trying to decide on health care options for  my eldest dog child), and the profound (finding more joy, helping others to find more joy, and writing about joy and spirituality in the practical world.)

What else?  I write – most of it in fits and spurts and in the unfinished bin. Sometimes Guided from above/the Ether/Angels or my Guides who like to refer to themselves as ‘The Collective.’  (really, I couldn’t make that up because it seems so film noir or police procedural).  And I draw things, like doodles and faces and flowers. And I knit. and Crochet. Because I quit smoking 21! years ago and my hands still need something to focus on.

2. How does my work differ from others of my genre?

Aside from the input of The Collective?  (This is the first time I have publicly acknowledged that I have this team of collaborators – and I’m both scared and elated about going public.)  My work is different mostly because I accept the fact that what I do in my life is all a collaboration with Divine – from knitting to crocheting to making martinis and writing and coaching.  Just because it’s a collaboration, it’s meant to be very practical, pragmatic, in fact.  So I’m different from other spiritual teachers and writers because I seek the practical – to bring the “woo woo” out of the closet and into the Manolo Blahnik world.  I’m okay with fancy shoes and cars and big paydays as much as I’m okay with spiritual healing, talk of the other world and mediumship.  Oh, and I’m different because I read hands.  (In case you didn’t get that from the header).

3.   Why do I write/create what I do?

It feels good is the short answer. I’m not sure who I’d be if I weren’t creating something.I also write to get paid (in small publications mostly and as a ghost writer for other spiritual peeps who want to keep their blogs populated).  I write about what interests me and I draw and create what makes me happy.  I like to see something come from “nothing” or sticks and strings.  I also have two massive Apollo stars (they’re under my ring finger on each hand) and a super sized Apollo line.  When I learned to read hands and took a look at those things I swore I wasn’t creative. (you see, they mean you need to create and claim the spotlight.)  Over the last decade I’ve decided to follow the creative callings that come my way – because they feel good. And even if I try something I’m not “good” at, it doesn’t matter, it frees up my brain and allows me a new way of looking at the world.  That’s a pretty good reason.

4. How does your writing/creative process work?

It happens when I show up. I learned a while back that waiting for the “muse” is silly because the “muse” is fickle. I show up and she does too.  I play with yarn or pens and paper at night when I’m decompressing – work that can be done while hanging with my love.  I write every morning before starting my client calls and after my meditation.  I usually have an inkling of something I’d like to write about or I have a deadline and work to that!


Okay, that’s my stop on the tour. I hope you’ve enjoyed your time here.  Check out:

My pal Jennifer Urezzio’s site, Know Soul’s Language. She’s the real deal and I love her like a sister.
My actual sorority sister Jen Adams is an astounding artist/photographer. Check her out here.

Melissa Kitto is another person with the pragmatic attitude about spirituality. Check her out here.

Delia Sullivan is another kick-butt photographer in the DC metro area (am I lucky or what?)  She’s not a blogger but I thought you should see what she does.

Kyla Lupo is a creative soul, a business woman with heart and a dear friend. You’ll love her humor and honesty at Without The Buttery Topping.

Tia Meredith is a published author, a creative spirit and a joy to know.  Check out her work here.

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