The Power of I AM

This week I’m reading Dr. Wayne Dyer’s book, Wishes Fulfilled.

He’s a really engaging teacher – because right up front he tells you that he’s been immersed in learning from some great sages and spiritual teachers (most of whom are not walking the planet at this time) and he takes the essence of their teachings – what’s really made a positive impact on him – and shares it with you and me and the millions of people who are called to read the book.

The core of Wishes Fulfilled is focusing on I AM.

As in, the name that God calls himself.

I AM has been a powerful identifying statement for me for more than 30 years.  I’ve immersed myself in the idea of I AM.

Yet, until I picked up this book I never made the connection between the DIVINE and the me that is I AM.  I was more hung up on the law of attraction – linguistic and visualization-ness.  Add in the Divine and you’ve got a pretty powerful – in fact – the MOST powerful tool you can possibly have for changing your life.

Think I’m exaggerating?

You don’t have to read the book – (although I highly recommend it) to start seeing change right here and right now.

Every time you think of yourself, your business, your relationships, your health or whatever it is you want (your bank account) and you start to berate yourself in any way or speak in terms of wishing to have or going to have  – swap it out to an I AM statement.

Worrying about your weight?

Try, “I am healthy and flexible” or “I am at my optimal weight – and fill in the number”

Repeat it.  In your head.  Play like a three year old and imagine what it feels like.  Imagination is key here — but it doesn’t have to be hard. Really – pretend you’re a kid again and just imagine. If you can’t visualize it, no worries.  Just sit with the idea of the truth.

After all, you are DIVINE and the DIVINE can do anything. In fact it is anything and everything good and love-driven.  So you being healthy – it’s already true.

When you start repeating it and imagining it and your monkey mind say, “hell no – I’ve got too far to go – it’s depressing – I’ll just have another cookie/beer/chip/steak,” gently smile, let yourself off the hook and go back to the I AM.

The more you do this – the more it takes hold in  your REAL mind – the Divine that is you.

I know – sounds simplistic. Most profound truths are, at least that’s what I’ve found.

Not necessarily easy – but just do it. for you.  And resist the temptation to tell all your friends what you’ve got going on – -because you know – they don’t necessarily get what you’re doing.  And they have their own stuff. And they just might try to rain on your parade.  That’s okay. That’s their stuff.

You – be you.  I AM your way to your highest version of you.  Because you are already perfect.


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