Are you Getting Your Name Out?

“Getting my name out there.”

There's No Place Like The Death Star

Once again that’s the answer I’m given when I ask a new client why they are running around the surrounding towns attending networking groups, setting up a booth at the local Community Parade and submitting a coupon for a free reading to every community charity that asks for a donation.

“How’s that working for you?” I ask.

“I’ve met really nice people.” they reply.

Let me say I completely understand the urge to DO SOMETHING to build your business. After all I spend my days urging my clients to get out of their heads and take action. Networking, community events and gift certificates for good causes are absolutely ways of taking action. But if you’re not seeing real pragmatic RESULTS these may not be the right actions for you and your palmistry biz. Capiche?

You must get clear about what events and activities are going to bring you the results you want in your business. In order to do that take time to clarify what your goals are.

I don’t give a hoot whether you want to earn 5,000 or 500,000 dollars this year – that’s completely up to you, but you better get serious right now about what that number is before you spend any more time or energy flitting from idea to idea and wondering why you haven’t put any money in the bank.

Before you sign up for another thing to “get your name out there” determine:

  • What is “out there” and what does it mean to me?
  • What’s my intention for being “out there”? How will I know if I meet my goals for being “out there”? (the answer is going to be specific – money, new names on your list, new client intake conversations, events booked)
  • Why is this the perfect place for me to meet my perfect people?

Be ruthless in this process. If you’re running around trying to impress and appeal to your not-perfect people all the people who are waiting for you and your special brand of palmistry are missing out. You’ll go home at night and wonder if this is really what you’re ‘supposed’ to be doing in the world instead of waking up and knowing you’re here to shine in the world. That is one brutal feeling and I like you too much to let you beat yourself up like that.

Not sure if you’re spending your time  in the right places? Want to narrow down the places to get your name out there?

Try this:

Write a list of your dream clients. Really. Who do  you want to work with one to one? What people turn you on when you think of their work in the world? Who would you like to have to dinner or run into on the subway or sit down and get to know?  WHO?

Specifically write down their names.

They may be coaches that you admire, writers whose books you gobble up as soon as they’re released, TV celebrities, sports icons, your favorite college professor or a politician or internet personality.

Write down their names.

There is power in your hands when you apply the action of writing down these names. Please do this.

Have a list? Maybe you have one name, or maybe you have 30, doesn’t matter, just take a look at the list and ask yourself this:

“Where would these people hang out?”

Where do you imagine these people are hanging out now, in their communities. What events do they go to? Where might they be if they lived in your area?

You’re not going to stalk them, you’re just trying to think like someone who is a contemporary because they are going to get their hands read, maybe they’ve already had their hands read, but they haven’t had their hands read the way you can read their hands!

Align yourself with the energy of the types of people  you want to work with. This is not about hanging on celebrity coat-tails, this is about building your tribe of like-minded professionals and meeting and aligning with them.

There is  no sense getting your name “out there” if you aren’t specific about who you want to take notice. You’re not being snobby when you focus on a particular clientele, you’re being business minded! If you are trying to land a few nibbles simply by being everywhere in your community, it’s possible you’re doing a disservice to your name and your work in the world. Find the community that feels like your tribe. Find the community that appreciates you and  your work in the world. Find people like your “perfect people” on your list and then get your name out there!

If you feel like you’re not seeing results from your networking events, your guest posts, your social media extravaganza or your community participation, see if what you’re doing is in alignment with your vision for your business and bottom line. If it’s out of alignment a quick review and a few little changes may be all you need to get your name out to the “right-for-you” audiences.




Why Buy the Cow?


Freebies are for ice cream and drug dealers.

Both give freebies out because there is a dramatic increase in the number of sales after a free taste. How often have you ever tried 3 or 4 flavors at the ice cream shop and then walked out without purchasing anything? You may not frequently “taste” the wares of your local drug king-pin, but I’ll bet you’ve had the chance to try the newest drug offered by your doctor. Let’s be honest, Big Pharma is just an institutionalized form of the corner dealer.

So how do you attract your perfect people if you aren’t giving away free samples?

First, recognize and accept that your report, quiz, e-class or other “free gift with subscription” isn’t really free. You put your energy and sacred work into creating that product and you are offering it in exchange for your perfect person’s email address and other information.  They know that they are exchanging something of value to you to receive something of value to them.

Tip 1. Treat your opt-in Give Away with the respect it deserves.

That doesn’t mean sweat it out and delay creating a goody for your subscribers – that’s a mojo stopper for sure. It does mean you should give some serious thought to creating a gift that is a great example of the service you provide. Use the method that works best for you – writing, video, audio or something else altogether. Be proud of what you’re offering.

Think about it, your perfect people opt-in and exchange their contact information in order to receive a highly anticipated piece of knowledge from you. The moment when it arrives, they are full of excitement and eagerly open it and dig in. If what they find there isn’t compelling, directly related to helping them with their big challenge or is simply “meh,” the odds are they will a) never open your emails when they arrive – perhaps sending them directly to a dump folder in their email box or b) unsubscribe after the first issue.

You owe it to them and to yourself to recognize that even your ‘freebie’ isn’t free.

Next, rework your “sample sessions” in a way that requires a form of even exchange.

Tip 2. Requesting an exchange of value is imperative to Growing Your Money Mojo!

If you’re a hands-on body worker, you could offer complimentary trial sessions with the caveat that the recipient complete a survey on the service, provide a testimonial within a specific amount of time, or share the names of three other people whom they think would benefit from your service.

There are many more options available, of course, but the important thing is that you understand your value and you require a transaction to take place in order to compensate you for your value.

Finally, state up front what a “breakthrough” or “complimentary consult” entails – for your benefit and for the receiver.

Tip 3. Providing a preview is as valuable to your potential client as you believe it is.

This is tricky. So many coaches and consultants offer complimentary breakthrough sessions (I do too!) because they’ve been told it’s good marketing and a supposedly easy way to enroll new clients. Which it is – if you do it from a place of service and compassion with no attachment to the outcome.

It’s even easier to hold that compassionate space if you let people know what they can expect in the breakthrough session — like one idea to help them jump start; powerful questions to help them get out of their own way — and an overview of how you would work with them to get them where they want to be faster and with less stress.

If you know in your heart that you can help them heal & reach their goal don’t you owe it to them to tell them exactly how & why you want to help?!  Ask them to enroll in your program before you finish your call. Do it with empathy and joy for their future endeavors!

Don’t fall victim to the “I’m not worthy” refrain – recognize that all the ways you serve are valuable, and attach the appropriate energy exchange to them!