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8 Guidelines for a Successful Palmistry Circle


Want to start booking palmistry parties to build your business? Here's how you can do it and still have a blast!


Over in The Profitable Palmist forum one topic that comes up often is how to conduct a successful private hand reading circle or palmistry party.

There are nearly as many ways to facilitate these events as there are palmists, and definitely make sure to infuse your event with your personality and style. However, the following are my best pieces advice for ensuring everyone has a great time (including you)!

  1. Get it in writing. Have a contract or other written agreement that is signed before you finalize a date. Your agreement should include the date and time of the event, the types of readings being given (see below), your fee and deposit and cancellation information.
  2. Define the work. Work with your host/hostess/meeting planner to be very specific on what types of readings will happen. If everyone at the event is getting a reading and you have a specific time frame for the event you’ll need to do the math to calculate how many guests can be read in that amount of time. Then make sure you have a timer on your phone or assign someone that role at the event so that you can stick to time and everyone gets a reading. Other reading options include having you in a separate room and people come to see you as they wish throughout the event, or you give a general talk and then take a few volunteers from the crowd for their own mini-readings within the group.  Obviously you  can vary this as you see fit, just be sure you and the party organizer are on the same page and include it in your agreement.
  3. A flat rate is easier for most organizers than a rate with tons of add-ons. Whether you say it’s a specific hourly rate and everything is included or you charge per number of attendees (let’s say one fee for 10-100 guests and another for 101-500) write it out and make it easy for you and for them to understand.
  4. I recommend arriving at least 30 minutes before the event begins so that you can go over any last minute details with the organizer and get an idea of the space where you’ll be working. Depending on the size of the gathering you can mingle as the party gets started and introduce yourself to different people. Some organizers may even want you to simply fit in to the event and read hands randomly as you see fit! If you arrive early, remember you are there to make the organizer’s job easier, don’t get in the way as they set up, but make yourself useful!
  5. For intimate gatherings it’s a great idea to include a short talk before you get started. This helps put all the attendees at ease as they hear from you what is and is not included in their reading. Some people are very nervous about having a palmist in their midst, as they are afraid we’re psychics and will release their deepest secrets to the entire group!
  6. Some hostesses/meeting planners do not want you to pitch during their event. Discuss this with the organizer before booking and include what you discussed in your working agreement. If you’re asked not to sell your private bookings during the event, ask if you can give out cards if you are directly asked for that information.
  7. If you want a large percentage of your palmistry business income to come from private events, be sure to follow up with the organizer after the event and ask if he or she know of any other people/meeting planners who might be interested in your service.
  8. Commit to having fun. As the hired entertainment at an event, bring your best self to the party and set the tone for your work. If you’re silly, be silly! If you’re more serious and studious be that way! Just be you and make sure you have a good time.

These are 8 simple guidelines for Palmistry Parties – share your tips or best practices in the comments!

Your First Palmistry Event

Want to start booking palmistry parties to build your business? Here's how you can do it and still have a blast!

Here’s a super quick look at how to Prepare for Your First Live Palmistry Event

When you start reading hands it’s not long before someone reaches out and asks if you’ll read hands at their party. Graduations, retirements, birthdays, corporate shindigs and local community and psychic events are all places  you’re going to be in high demand. Because you are a pro and a pragmatic one at that, get yourself prepared now so you can head out to any event ready to rock the crowd and wow them with your professionalism AND  your mad Palmistry skills.


Before you go anywhere make sure you’ve got the details down. Nothing worse than showing up late because your smart phone took you some back-roads way through the woods to your event. Okay, there is something worse, showing up at the wrong house or room in the conference center. Don’t let that happen to you.

Where & When

Make sure you get the exact date and time for the event. Write it down. Repeat it back to the person who has booked you. Then put it in the contract you send to confirm your appearance at the event.

(You do have a contract don’t you?)

When does the event start and when does it end?

What time should you arrive to set up?

Speaking of set up, what kind of space is available for you to do your readings? Do you have electricity for a good lamp? I recommend this one, originally shared on a secret page for Hand Analysts, because it takes batteries as well as electricity! (not an affiliate link)

Will you have/need a table and chairs?

If you’re not given an exact time to show up, or the person hiring you hasn’t any idea what time would be useful, plan to show up at least 30 minutes before the scheduled start of the event. When you arrive introduce yourself to the host/ess and find out how you can make yourself useful. Don’t get in the way, but if they ask if you can put flowers on the tables – do it. You’ll be remembered and referred just because you were a cool person who helped out in a pinch.

Once you’ve made yourself useful, set up your space and take a few deep breaths. I’m not one for big displays of chanting and cleansing, but that’s just me. Do whatever you do to get your space all calm and zen like. Then head out to the bathroom, take care of business and make friends with whomever is in charge of making sure you have enough water to drink. Trust me, at a busy event you’re going to drink plenty of water. Not soda. Not cocktails. Water. It does a body good.  Sure it’s fine to have a glass of wine if that’s you’re thing, but remember, you’re hired to do a job and do it well. Don’t let the thing everyone remembers about you be the way you had to be helped into a cab at the end of the night, or the way you started telling “funny” stories about people out of school.

Before the event gets going, confirm, once again, with the host/ess about the time for wrap up and go over any policies you may have about breaks and or additional time. It feels really easy to say “Sure, I’d love to!” when you’re asked in the heat of the moment if you could stay for another hour or two, but when you’re driving home you’ll be kicking yourself for not taking yourself and your business seriously. You know your value,  make sure you’re clear about it up front so no one is upset. (yes, this too should be in your event contract.)


Ask for the exact spelling of the person’s name who is hiring you, and responsible for your payment. Then make sure you spell their name right on your contract. (you may not know how annoying it is for people to constantly misspell your name, but it’s annoying at best and shows you don’t tend to details at worst.)

Also ask for the spelling and information about any guests of honor. You do NOT want to be that jerk reader who tells the birthday boy that you’re sorry, but  he’s going to get to the end of the line for his reading!

Finally, find out the details about any of the other ‘key’ players you’ll want to pay special attention to. My clients know that everyone receives top service when they sit at my table, but they also know that I will do my best to honor the request of the host, which means sometimes giving the guest of honor a slightly longer reading, or allowing them to come up front in the line. (Usually the guests at the event do this themselves, sending the guest of honor up front to you, but you definitely want to be sure you’re clear on what’s happening!)


What specifically are you there to do? Will you be speaking about Palmistry to the group at large or are you going to sit in an out of the way space and wait for guests to come to you? Will you be able to manage a long line or do you need an assistant to help you? Figure out these logistics ahead of time!

Of course, what kind of readings are you going to give and for how long?

I’m  a non-predictive and VERY Pragmatic Palmist. It is important to me that no one who comes to sit with me has the impression that I’m going to predict their future. You’ll adapt your own style of course, but here’s a look at the way I give a reading at an event –

When the guest comes over to my table I greet them with a warm hello and ask them if they’ve ever had their hands read before. I listen completely to their answer, reading their body language to see if they seem apprehensive, nervous, tipsy, excited, curious or any combination of these! Next I ask if there’s anything specific they want to be sure we cover in our 5 minutes/10 minutes or however long we have. Usually they say they just want to know whatever I see and are open. Sometimes they shrug their shoulders and other times they say, “I don’t even know what you can see, so I’m not sure.”  This gives me a chance to tell them what they can and can’t expect in our time together and I say “I just want to make sure that you’re not disappointed if I don’t touch on a specific topic, like love or money, because I’ve been drawn to something else in your hands.”

That’s when they look up and say, “well, yeah, I would like to know what you see about my relationship.” (or money).

Whatever they’ve told me is important to them is the area I want to explore for them.  We’re at a party, so I want to keep things at a high level – not digging too deep to any topics that may make them uncomfortable in that moment. While I always look for the nugget of truth and wisdom in every reading, I don’t ever want someone to feel bull-dozed, especially at a party and without time or space to explore deeper for healing.

Then I trust the hands to lead me to their personal nugget of wisdom. I always remember that I’m there to be entertaining and useful.

There have been times that I wanted to focus on the Saturn line, but the healer gift markings and the crooked pinky were calling to me. In those case I weave that message in and make sure the guest knows how special their hands are for beckoning to me in just that way.

A quick note on etiquette and marketing

Before you decide to market the heck out of your services while you’re at the party, ensure you have the blessing of the person who hired you. While it’s natural for guests who enjoy your service to ask about booking you for their event you don’t want to be the clodhopper in the corner trying to upsell people at a party where you’re being compensated fairly for your service. And if yo’ure not being paid fairly, that’s on you!

I always write the understanding about selling and marketing at a private event into the contract, that way there’s no gray area on either side. Hostesses have always told me to feel free to give out my card if I’m asked for it, but most prefer I refrain from making their guests feel like they are at a direct marketing event.

Finally, make sure you’re getting compensated fairly before you show up and you’ll have an amazing time at the event while doing a great job for the host and their guests.


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