What’s in YOUR Hands?


I know that the world of hand analysis, aka pragmatic palmistry is not well understood. Most people fit into one of three camps when it comes to palmistry:

1) those who think it’s bogus at best and the devil’s work at worst;

2) those who are curious but can’t figure out what fortune-telling has to do with business profitability;

3) those who are on-board and see palmistry as a tool much like the Myers-Briggs, Kiersey Personality Type Indicator, 16Personalities, and the DISC system.

I’ve been doing this work for nearly 12 years and I know it’s not worth the time or energy needed to try to educate, inform or otherwise convince the first group that palmistry is a useful tool.

Odds are you’re in the second group – curious but skeptical. This is for you.

Wise, world-weary and curious people come in every day to see what their hands have to say, and each one leaves saying, “I had no idea there was so much in my hands!”

Here’s why:

  1. Your hands change over time. With the exception of your fingerprints, everything else in your hands can change. By and large this happens as you change your beliefs, your habits and your inner conversations. Watch your hands over the coming months and years, take note of the lines and freckles and other markings. Those changes are important because they map the direction of your life.
  2. You always have free will. You might think you want to know the future, but even if someone told you the future today, you still have the capacity to change the outcome. It’s the beauty of being human.
  3. Your hands are like roadmaps not actual destinations. Together, we examine what’s vexing you and creating roadblocks – in your career, in your relationships, in your bank account – then we formulate a process for detouring around or through the current rough spot, taking into consideration the specific signs your hands are giving you.
  4. Your fingerprints can be translated to a specific code that delivers your life purpose. Ten fingers, each with their own fingerprints form a one-of-a-kind map of your highest potential.
  5. Your fingerprints combine with other markings on your hands, stars, particular sets of lines and more to detail your specific life purpose fulfillment formula.
  6. Your heart line (which is the upper most horizontal line on your palm) begins under your pinky and runs horizontally across your hand. Not only does your heart line indicate how you love and how you wish to be loved (sort of like Your Five Love Languages described by Gary Chapman in his books) but also how you communicate and show up in all of your relationships.
  7. Your head line (which begins in the space between your first finger and thumb and runs horizontally toward the outer edge of the hand) indicates how you think and process information. It can’t tell me what you think, but rather it gives a great picture of how much data you need before you make a decision and take action on a new idea or project. Many “wannabe” entrepreneurs have very long and straight headlines – which can keep them in the planning phase of their business. This need for more information, more certification, more knowledge is great for certain types of professionals (student cardiac surgeons come to mind) but for most entrepreneurs, there comes a time where taking action is required and the long, straight headline needs to move aside to make this happen.
  8. Your life line (which begins at the same point as the head line and curves around the base of the thumb) does NOT indicate the length of your life. Remember that everything in your hands can change – including the length of your life line! Your life line indicates how grounded you are at the given moment in your life. Are you enjoying life? Do you have meaningful relationships and connections? Do you take care of your body? Your life line lends insight to these questions, but how long you live isn’t something it reveals.
  9. Each of your fingers has its own meaning. Simply looking at the spacing curves and size of your fingers tells a story about your life up until this moment. Everything from your ability to complete tasks, to step into the spotlight can be surmised, simply through a look at your fingers.
  10. Your dominant hand represents you in the world and your non-dominant hand represents you as you see yourself.

Your hands are a fascinating composite of you, right now. After an hour discussing their wisdom your head may be spinning, but you’ll have a deeper appreciation and compassion for the bright light you are.

40 Uses for Palmistry in the Modern World

Palmistry is a weird duck in the already weird world of woo-woo.

Happy Ramadhan, Eid Mubarak - عيد فطر مبارك

While you might be eager to see what an Angel reader has to say about your love life and you’ve definitely had a reading or two with a pro Astrologer and even a Medium, you just sort of smile and nod when the conversation turns to Palmistry, right?

I hear it all the time. Really nice people like you, who think I’m relatively “normal” looking and acting have told me they just aren’t that sure what they could get out of a palmistry reading with me. Usually they add, “I’m sure you’re really good at it though!”

Being really good at palmistry isn’t the point. What I need to be really good at is elevating the practical use of palmistry so that good people can understand the ways they can put the info together in their lives. Right away.

My colleagues and I in the land of hands have done you a disservice and I apologize.

We’ve been talking all kinds of lifestyle and purpose and passion stuff like it’s the holy freakin’ grail.  However, you have real things on your plate that need to get handled before you can settle in and find your bliss and make that a priority.

While I know for a fact that neglecting yourself isn’t going to do a dang thing to get you out of debt, or in a better job or having more ahem FUN with your Lovah, the idea of simply finding your empowerment or purpose probably doesn’t seem like a high priority right now, does it?

Your hands really do have the information you need.Here’s a no-fluff bullet point list of pragmatic ways Palmistry can be used in the real world. 

  • Team Building
  • Family relationships – deeper understanding
  • Hiring
  • Identifying “perfect” clients
  • Creating authentic and relevant marketing
  • Building a brand
  • Identifying natural strengths and talents – career counseling
  • Re-entering the workplace – strengths finder
  • Pastoral Counseling
  • Pre-marriage counseling
  • Relationship counseling
  • Lifestyle coaching
  • As a management tool – communication skills for managers
  • Communication Coaching
  • Sales Coaching/Training
  • Management training/development
  • Leadership training/development
  • Project Management
  • Systems development
  • Balanced decision making on complex team projects
  • Education – teaching students by their strengths and assisting with challenges
  • Education – understanding student’s primary motivation and potential to enhance learning environment
  • Education – identifying teaching and learning styles
  • Job satisfaction criteria
  • Navigating and managing the job search process
  • Maximizing interviewing strengths on the job search
  • Identifying potential areas of specialization within an area of expertise
  • Professional development in the workplace
  • Customer service training
  • Diversity training
  • Time/resource management
  • Stress management
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Conflict resolution
  • Problem-solving
  • Decision making
  • Spiritual Development
  • Creative aging systems
  • Parenting skills
  • Teen life skills development

Is this list exhaustive? Doubtful. Leave a comment and let me know how you’ve seen palmistry used in the real world!

What Does a Freckle Mean in Palmistry?

Do you have a freckle in the palm of your hand or the palm side of one of your fingers?

Palmistry Freckle Mercury
A freckle in the Mercury zone

Take a look at your hands for a second. Look beyond the lines and mounts and search for freckles. Only look at the inside of the hand, not the part of the hand that is usually rougher and exposed to the world and sun. As a palmist this is the area of the hand I focus on when I do your reading, whether we’re  meeting in person or via your hand prints.

If you have a freckle on the palm of your hand it serves as a not so subtle NUDGE to get going on that thing that makes you feel most  like you. Some people call that purpose. Your life purpose can be initiated in many ways throughout your life, from the day you’re born  until you leave the planet.

Palmistry and Your Life Purpose

The ways in which you show up on purpose matter far less than you may have been led to believe. I’m not saying that your purpose isn’t important, I’m saying it’s not as complicated as you think it is.

It’s called your LIFE purpose, not your HOW TO MAKE A LIVING purpose. It’s not even called your vocation. Your vocation and your job can be ways that you shine your purpose into the world, but if you’re lucky you’ll have dozens or more jobs and job titles between the time you’re born and the time you die.

Now that you’re a little less wigged out about finding your purpose, let’s talk about how the freckles kick you in the butt to be on purpose every day.

What matters most about freckles?

Just like real estate, the answer is Location! Location! Location! Unlike real estate there are no bad neighborhoods but you still need to know a little about the neighborhood where your freckle resides.

In a minute I’ll give you a map with the general lay of the land of your palm, but now I want you to think of freckles as being little markers reminding you to bring the vibration of it’s location into focus in your life. In big and small ways, you can master the skills represented by your freckle zone.

Remember – these descriptions are BROAD STROKES, not a specific reading for you. Take what resonates with you and pull it forward. If it doesn’t resonate or you want to see how your freckle plays into your overall life fulfillment plan for being the best version of you no matter where you are or what you’re doing, you know you can book a reading anytime.

palmistry hand map

The Jupiter Zone: This includes the Jupiter finger and the entire zone that falls below it. If you have a freckle anywhere in your Jupiter Zone, take some time to reflect on the meaning of power in your life. Questions to ask: Where can I step up and lead more effectively? Is there anywhere in my life where I am giving my power away in big or small ways? Do I ever say something can’t be done because of outside forces?

The Saturn Zone: This includes the Saturn finger and the entire zone that falls below it. If you have a freckle anywhere in your Saturn Zone, it’s an opportunity to reflect on the meaning of value and worth in your life. Questions to ask: Where do I neglect asking for what I want or need? Is there any where in my life where I sell myself short? Do I ever feel guilty taking time for myself?

The Apollo  Zone: This includes the Apollo finger and the entire zone that falls below it. If you have a freckle anywhere in your Apollo Zone, it’s an opportunity to reflect on the meaning of creativity and being seen in your life. Questions to ask: Where do I shy away from the spotlight and how does that make me feel? Is there anywhere in my life where I hold back on my vision because of fear? Do I ever feel like I’ll  never fit in or don’t belong?

The Mercury Zone: This includes the Mercury finger and the entire zone that falls below it. If you have a freckle anywhere in your Mercury Zone, it’s an opportunity to reflect on the meaning of intimacy, trust and communication in your life. Questions to ask: Where do I hold my tongue instead of telling my truth and how does that serve me? Is there anywhere in my life where I feel I can’t trust myself or others? Do I feel the need to control everyone and everything, yet never feel satisfied?

The Venus Zone: This is the area circled in Light Green in the picture. If you have a freckle anywhere in your Venus Zone, it’s an opportunity to reflect on the meaning of wonder, awe and play in your life. Questions to ask: Where can I make room for play in my life? Is there anywhere in my life where I try to bury my feelings/needs with too much food/sex/substances/shopping  instead of addressing the situation head on? Do I ever feel like I am too busy to play or relax in nature?

The Mars Zone: This is the area circled in Dark Green in the picture. If you have a freckle anywhere in your Mars Zone, it’s an opportunity to reflect on the meaning of courage in your life. Questions to ask: Where can I use my exceptional courage on my own behalf? Is there anywhere in my life where I find myself enraged out of proportion to the situation? Do I ever feel like I don’t have what it takes to do what I want most?

The Moon Zone: This is the area circled in Purple in the picture. If you have a freckle anywhere in your Moon Zone, it’s an opportunity to reflect on the meaning of Intuition/Spirituality in your life. Questions to ask: Where can I make room for the mysteries of the world in my life?  Is there anywhere in my life where I try to ignore my shadow side? Do I ever feel like I can’t tame my intuition?

Now that you’ve had a look at your hand and your freckles step back and do some reflection. Remember those freckles are nudges to you to bring the related vibration forward in your daily life, whether at work, at play or running errands.

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