Heart Lines & Bottom Lines

Strong & Silent.


Use your heartline to improved your bottom line
Use your heartline to improve your bottom line

Do any of these resonate for you?

You have a distinctive heart-line type on each of your  hands.

While most people think that heart-lines are only about love and romance, they are really about relationships of all stripes.  That means your relationship with money and money-making opportunities can be seen in your hands.

When you understand that the reason you might feel “slow” to launch new products, adapt to different social media tools or even to invest in a particular solution, is a natural part of your hard-wiring, you can breathe easier and use the gifts that come with your heart-line instead of struggling to be like another!

In two weeks you can learn the ins and outs of heart-lines and how they relate to your bottom line – whether you work for yourself or someone else. I’ll give you an overview of how each type is hard-wired to relate to money – from the “master” and from the “grasshopper” path. I’ll also give a really brief description of the heart-line types.

If you know your heart-line type(s) and are ready to put them to work for you so you can enhance your bottom line, you’ll want to join this call.  I’ll have time for some live Q&As and will give away some swag for those that are there live.

Maybe you live around the world and 10:30 am (Eastern) on a Sunday just won’t work for you – never fear, you can get the recording as long as you register by Thursday 15 October.

Here’s how to join the Heart-lines and Bottom-lines call:

Register for the call & recording : $25.00
Register for the call & recording AND receive an email identification of YOUR heart-lines : $40.00
Email Identification of your Heart Line Only : $25.00

This live teleclass happens
Sunday, October 18. 10:30-11:30 am Eastern time

Will I Win the Lottery?

here's hoping

An interesting request came in a few weeks ago…A woman wrote asking for a free mini-reading and her question stated that she had a good job, a good and steady salary but she wanted to know if her hands could tell her anything about winning the lottery because she was ready to be “really rich”!

I responded with a reminder that these readings are non-predictive and sent her the link to schedule her appointment. I also told her I was looking forward to discussing her money “wishes” with her.

She has never scheduled her appointment >sigh<. She may be out trying to find someone to give her the lottery numbers, or maybe she’s just busy.

The thing is, I was really looking forward to this call. (not that I don’t look forward to them all) because I wanted to ask her why she was handing her power over to someone else (the lottery) instead of choosing to be really rich on her own terms.

For those of you that read hands – she had tons of strong Jupiterian energy – so maybe there was a bit of the inverse of Jupiter (I’m so overwhelmed! why don’t YOU tell me what to do!) happening.

You see, unlike many of my spiritually based brothers and sisters, I’ve always liked money.  Sometimes I tried to keep this a secret so my spiritually based friends would like me, and I may have kept it at a distance because I could easily get caught in the web of other people’s beliefs about money – you know that it’s the root of all evil, and that the rich are nasty and self-serving – but I’d bounce back and forth between those thoughts and I’d notice how those thoughts felt inside (like crap). The extreme outcome of trying to be spiritual by being disassociated from money? Thousands, tens of thousands of dollars in debt and a serious gut disease (hello second chakra!)

Many years ago I had a reading with a very wise vedic palmist, who stressed to me that I was here to work with the “starbucks crowd.” I didn’t understand that phrase so he explained, “Look Peggie, everyone can try to help the poor and fix everyone, but that’s not your drill in this lifetime. You’re here to work with the people who HAVE disposable income and help them make peace with that money and their spiritual side.” Our discussion continued and he went on to tell me that there is a role for EVERYONE on the spiritual path and that some, like Mother Theresa weren’t here to work out their money issues – they could do their work another way. But me? I was here to get clear and focused on money, business AND spiritual work.

The thing with readings like that (for me at least) is that I want it to “be so” right away. I heard what he was saying and I thought, “rock on – bring on the wealthy!” but that was all I did. I really had no idea who those people were and my heart was still thinking that I had to serve everyone because who else would?

I moved into a space where I wanted to be everything to everyone and I desperately needed to feel loved and connected. I created false boundaries and let down others that had served me well. Everything sort of went to ‘hell in a handbasket’ — or did it?

Over time I had less and less patience with people who wanted me to do the heavy lifting for them. I started to sense and tense up when I’d get a call or an email from someone who wanted me to take responsibility for their future and outcomes. I didn’t like who I was and I kept pushing that down, because I a) wanted to help those who seemed to really need it and b) I wanted to build a successful business (again) based on word of mouth.

Neither a nor b really worked because I was busy bending over backwards for people who weren’t getting results, because they were stuck in fear and wanted me to somehow enact a miracle to change their lives. You know what happens when those people don’t get results? They definitely don’t refer you to anyone else. And they feel silly for having hired you in the first place, so they bury the work in the back of their minds. They don’t come to you and ask for clarity or explanation, they just hide out. (I know, because I’ve been that person more times than I can count). So there’s the rub.

I had to come clean with the fact that I really like the energy of money. I had to clarify WHY it was important to me – and it’s not for all the shizz I can fill my house with, nope, it’s because for me it’s a sense of knowing that I can call my own shots in life and that I don’t need to be afraid of other people bullying me. It’s not a coincidence that I was bullied as a kid, because that was there to remind me that I can choose the final outcome and I don’t have to roll over and let someone else identify my worth.

So now I’m on the warpath – NO MORE STARVING ARTISTS AND HEALERS. Heck, we’re all artists and healers, but those that are willing to identify with that energy should be ready to reap the rewards here on earth. Creative & compassionate thinkers are the folks who are going to exemplify the new leaders, and new “rich” so long as they’re willing to harness their gifts and make friends with money and why money is necessary and good in this lifetime.

I had no idea that I was going to write all that, but I’m glad I got to be the conduit for it…clearly I needed it (and maybe you do too?) And if you are that person wanting to know if you’ll win the lottery, take a look around and see how you can use your amazing, creative and compassionate mind to help yourself to making money you deserve.

There is No Gray in Money Mojo

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After years of burying my head in the sand in an attempt to heal my money mojo and my seriously bruised ego, I’ve decided to undertake another method.  In fact, it’s the same process I used when I wanted to heal my relationship issues, health issues and chronic unemployable issues.

You see, for a pretty smart girl, I have a tendency to be a bit stubborn. I tend to see the world in terms of black or white. Gray has a hard time finding a place in my world.  Some examples: Honor roll student & college failure/drop-out; Cheerleader & student leader AND bullied loner; Nearly always managed to have a date with a cute guy AND twice divorced; Six-figure earning entrepreneur AND serially unemployable.

This is just the surface!

I seem to learn by swinging precariously from one extreme to another. Maybe it’s a way for my Apollo stars (and super long Apollo line) to get the attention it needs. For someone who says she hates change, I sure do make lot of ruckus and stir things up in my life.

I start out on the “ignore it and it will get better” side of most situations. That leads to increasing levels of discomfort and pain, which leads to existential angst in terms of “WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN TO ME???!!” and that goes into more hiding out until the pain is too much to bear and I finally pull my head out of the sand and look in the mirror and ask, “What shall we do now?”

Only recently have I seen this as the predictable pattern of my entire life.  Maybe I see it now because I’ve made some progress on figuring out the “big things” in life and now I can look back with some level of objectivity and a lot more compassion for this fractured but beautiful soul that is me.

The extremes are great teachers – for me – but I don’t recommend you do all the same stuff I have. Unless you like roller coasters that sometimes come unhinged from the track.  If that floats your boat – come on, I’ve got some journeys for you!

This pattern has shown up in relationships, careers, health and wellness, my body, and money.  Once things get really out of hand, and I run out of people and things out side of myself to blame, I get my act together and start creating a new paradigm – in really short order.  Which is astounding.  I mean, what would happen if I skipped the drama and went straight to the healing?

Lately my taste for financial literacy has become insatiable.  This is a sign that the pendulum is swinging into an amazing place – balanced and good. Whenever my mind, body and soul catches up to bring me to center I go through a frenzy of reading on that particular topic.

This month I’ve read, re-read or am now reading:

“The Law of Divine Compensation” by Marianne Williamson
“Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill
“Money a Love Story” by Kate Northrup
“Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki

I’ve read some of these books before, and I’ve had people quote their interpretations of these books to me but until now, I’ve never really ‘gotten’ the full throttle of exactly how illiterate I’ve been about my finances.  And there was a time in my life that I would have beaten myself up for that. I can still find moments in the morning when I think, “Holy S&it girl, if you had read this and done just one of these things even TWO years ago — ” and then I shrug and decide to love myself and where I am instead.

By the way, the shrugging and loving seem to have a positive effect on the overall financial picture.  I don’t know how, but the more I give myself compassion, while accepting the choices I’ve made, the better and easier things are in my life, financially and otherwise.

I’m not pretending that some days aren’t the pits and I’m not promising you that simply loving yourself will miraculously make you a millionaire – but it will give you some peace.  It’s easier to think creatively and heal when you’re at peace.

Anyway, there’s more to come from this journey and I can’t wait to share it with you, here and in our Facebook community.

Feel free to join in and share your stories to peace – around money, love and more!