Love & Money

"True love cannot be found where it doesn't exist, nor can it be hidden where it truly does."

Many years ago I knew a guy who had a fancy job title at one of the biggest Government Agencies in the Country. He was a friendly guy, smart, well-educated and from all observation, seemed to have a good life.

He would excel at his job, be commended for his work and generally receive a great deal of recognition and money.

Then he would cheat on his wife and his “worth” at work would nose-dive.

Coincidence? Karma?

I think it’s deeper than that.

There’s an energetic connection between our inner and our outer worlds.  This isn’t morality or him being “slapped on the wrist” by his workplace (in fact, there were much more serious shenanigans going on there by those in higher positions) it was his energetic self trying to achieve some sort of balance.

When this fella was receiving acclaim and good things at work – his social worth was expanding. However his inner worth was still held back at the point of the ugly duckling boy who was intimidated by a often raging and often distant father.

In order to bring himself into alignment, he (subconsciously?) would do something to lower his worth in the world. For him, it was cheating on his wife. For others it could be overeating, excessive drinking,  or other reckless behavior.

When he went out of his way to lower his worth his Ego would rejoice!  “Woo Hoo! I don’t have to work so hard to keep up appearances! I am not worthy of a healthy relationship or accolades!”

He had two “hermit” or “Strong and Silent” Heart lines and a life lesson of guilt and powerlessness. His life purpose was success and creativity.

Everything is interconnected – our lessons & purpose are not simply job titles and requirements, they are life points – a road map to showing up fully and completely healed in the world.

The hands offered this guy an opportunity to gain clarity about the seemingly opposing forces going on behind the scenes.  As much as he hated “guilt” or being “guilted” he couldn’t (so he thought) stop himself from creating situations where he would feel guilty. Had he been willing to stretch his Hermit heart line into a deeper conversation with his wife, he may have been able to safely explore the ways he was sabotaging his career and his personal life.

So what do you have in your hands? How are your lessons and purpose pointing out the intersection between your love and money?


Sweet February



Well, at least there’s Valentine’s Day.

That pretty much sums up the feeling most of us have about this month. Especially after the winter we’ve seen. Oy.

This month you can expect to read about love – yes – cheesy February topic that it may be, there’s a ton to talk about. We’ll look at love in your hands, and go far beyond the heart line.

Some highlights:

  • Communication with your sweetie – setting boundaries and letting down your guard
  • The effect of trust and surrender in love
  • Finding work you love & keeping the love alive
  • Loving yourself first – so you have enough left over to make wise choices
  • Fire, passion and warmth – how to ignite and embrace the inner fire – no matter your hand shape!

You’ll also learn why LOVE is making a comeback in the corporate world and how you can participate no matter where you work.