Heart Lines & Bottom Lines

Strong & Silent.


Use your heartline to improved your bottom line
Use your heartline to improve your bottom line

Do any of these resonate for you?

You have a distinctive heart-line type on each of your  hands.

While most people think that heart-lines are only about love and romance, they are really about relationships of all stripes.  That means your relationship with money and money-making opportunities can be seen in your hands.

When you understand that the reason you might feel “slow” to launch new products, adapt to different social media tools or even to invest in a particular solution, is a natural part of your hard-wiring, you can breathe easier and use the gifts that come with your heart-line instead of struggling to be like another!

In two weeks you can learn the ins and outs of heart-lines and how they relate to your bottom line – whether you work for yourself or someone else. I’ll give you an overview of how each type is hard-wired to relate to money – from the “master” and from the “grasshopper” path. I’ll also give a really brief description of the heart-line types.

If you know your heart-line type(s) and are ready to put them to work for you so you can enhance your bottom line, you’ll want to join this call.  I’ll have time for some live Q&As and will give away some swag for those that are there live.

Maybe you live around the world and 10:30 am (Eastern) on a Sunday just won’t work for you – never fear, you can get the recording as long as you register by Thursday 15 October.

Here’s how to join the Heart-lines and Bottom-lines call:

Register for the call & recording : $25.00
Register for the call & recording AND receive an email identification of YOUR heart-lines : $40.00
Email Identification of your Heart Line Only : $25.00

This live teleclass happens
Sunday, October 18. 10:30-11:30 am Eastern time

Do You Have Marriage Lines?

You are now either hoping you do or don’t have these mysterious Marriage lines. Either you’re single or coupled and either you’re happy or unhappy about your status.

Relationships are so often convoluted and confusing and you might have noticed that you base a lot of your self-esteem on your relationship situation.  You might even think that “everything” will be “better” when you are “finally” married.

Is it true?

My experience has shown me that getting married can exacerbate every single insecurity I ever had. My two marriages taught me that all those cliches are true – you really OUGHT to be whole before you marry another person.  I learned that you can’t lump your worth into the basket of how well you “fix” him (or her).  Falling in love with potential just wasn’t the wisest move for me.

You might have a completely different experience. I have friends that started dating in High School and they’re happily married to this day. I suspect that seeing his potential at 16 led her to want to live up to the potential he saw in her.  Sometimes that happens too.

We each have our own stuff and experiences to learn from here on Earth. Whether you fall in love, marry and live happily ever after with your high school crush or not, your relationship story is part of the way you become whole.

Does that mean you can rely on the fortune-teller who told you that you have no marriage lines to mean that you will be alone for the rest of your life?


First off,  your lines can and often do change. Especially those little lines.  Secondly, don’t be one of those people who says you want to claim your free will and then starts a self-fulfilling prophecy based on a statement from a stranger you paid 20 bucks when you were slightly buzzed on a Friday night out with your friends.

Here’s the deal.

Some people have tons of lines in their hands. There are lines EVERYWHERE you look.  Other people have three lines that you can easily see.  That’s just how they’re made. Just like your eye color, skin color or shape of your toes – you were made that way. Don’t fret. It’s perfectly you.

When someone presses me to tell them if they have marriage lines I tell them I’d rather talk about the way they show up in relationships and their expectations of others. Then we’ll review their Mercury (Pinky) finger, heart line, and other places in the palm that speak to communication savvy, boundaries and people skills.  We’ll also review areas in the hand to look at how open they are to change and how willing they are to trust and surrender control.  These pieces of their hard-wiring clue us in on how open they are to a relationship, how realistic their expectations are and how likely they are to really show up in a great partnership.

After a decade of reading hands I know that everyone is capable of love and that love is a universal need. Your hands have shown me that partnerships are always meaningful and that “forever” isn’t always what the fairy tales told us. A relationship can have meaning for us throughout our lives, even if we’re not physically still together. In a way that’s forever.

Instead of asking if you have Marriage Lines, ask yourself who you’d have to be to be in a madly passionate, committed and joy-filled union.  Get clear on whether marriage is or is not an institution that floats your boat.  Then be the person you’re meant to be now.  No more waiting to see what “fate” has in store.  Go out and love and ignore the fortune-tellers trying to scare you or assuage you.  Be you.

Love & Money

"True love cannot be found where it doesn't exist, nor can it be hidden where it truly does."

Many years ago I knew a guy who had a fancy job title at one of the biggest Government Agencies in the Country. He was a friendly guy, smart, well-educated and from all observation, seemed to have a good life.

He would excel at his job, be commended for his work and generally receive a great deal of recognition and money.

Then he would cheat on his wife and his “worth” at work would nose-dive.

Coincidence? Karma?

I think it’s deeper than that.

There’s an energetic connection between our inner and our outer worlds.  This isn’t morality or him being “slapped on the wrist” by his workplace (in fact, there were much more serious shenanigans going on there by those in higher positions) it was his energetic self trying to achieve some sort of balance.

When this fella was receiving acclaim and good things at work – his social worth was expanding. However his inner worth was still held back at the point of the ugly duckling boy who was intimidated by a often raging and often distant father.

In order to bring himself into alignment, he (subconsciously?) would do something to lower his worth in the world. For him, it was cheating on his wife. For others it could be overeating, excessive drinking,  or other reckless behavior.

When he went out of his way to lower his worth his Ego would rejoice!  “Woo Hoo! I don’t have to work so hard to keep up appearances! I am not worthy of a healthy relationship or accolades!”

He had two “hermit” or “Strong and Silent” Heart lines and a life lesson of guilt and powerlessness. His life purpose was success and creativity.

Everything is interconnected – our lessons & purpose are not simply job titles and requirements, they are life points – a road map to showing up fully and completely healed in the world.

The hands offered this guy an opportunity to gain clarity about the seemingly opposing forces going on behind the scenes.  As much as he hated “guilt” or being “guilted” he couldn’t (so he thought) stop himself from creating situations where he would feel guilty. Had he been willing to stretch his Hermit heart line into a deeper conversation with his wife, he may have been able to safely explore the ways he was sabotaging his career and his personal life.

So what do you have in your hands? How are your lessons and purpose pointing out the intersection between your love and money?