The Auto-Immune Entrepreneur

Before I was diagnosed with an Auto-Immune disease I was one of those hard-charging Americans who thought that AI diseases were BS excuses made up in some whiny, over-privileged minds who wanted to get out of the hard-work necessary to be a success in the world.

Sadly, even after I was diagnosed I still held that belief.

With that belief and my diagnosis I decided to work harder so I could heal myself faster and get back to the business of running a business.  I really thought it was a case of mind over matter, and that if I could simply dig in and clear out whatever was wrong in my mind then the matter of my health would take care of itself.

So, how’d that work for me?

Not well.  At all.

Simply powering through and meditating and immersing myself in oils and supplements and books about diet changes and envisioning good health weren’t enough.

More than 5 years spanned the time from from first overt symptoms (I’m sure there were sporadic symptoms in the decades prior) to my first, somewhat erroneous diagnosis.

Three more  years passed before I arrived here, today.

I’d like to take you through the journey with me and share some of what I’ve learned – about healing and about running a business while living with a new “normal.”  It’s not all good, and not all bad.  And I don’t purport to have answers for anyone else, but I have some ideas and suggestions that may help you along the way.

Let me know what you most want to read/talk about when it comes to navigating your new normal.  Whether you’re newly diagnosed or a veteran – you have something to share and I can’t wait to learn and share with you!