What I Learned about the Freckle in my Palm

Do you have a freckle on the palm side of your hand? Here's what this palmist learned about the freckles on her palm! | PeggieArvidson.com

Freckles appear to remind us of something deeply important to our soul’s journey.

They show up to get our attention – even if you rarely look at your hands, odds are good that you’ll  notice a freckle on the palm of your hand. Want to read more about freckles in the palm? Check out this post, and this post, and this one too!

According to Wikipedia:

Freckles can be found on anyone no matter their genetic background; however, having freckles is genetic and is related to the presence of the dominant melanocortin-1 receptor MC1R gene variant.[2] The formation of freckles is triggered by exposure to sunlight. The exposure to UV-B radiation activates melanocytes to increase melanin production, which can cause freckles to become darker.

Why then, are there freckles that appear on the palm of the hand?

I found a freckle on the palm of my hand while I was in college.  It sat right below the first (Jupiter) finger of my left hand. And it stayed there until I started learning hand analysis not long before my 40th birthday.  I can still see the remnants of it if I look hard enough.

The Jupiter Mount freckle was a reminder to own my own power and to step up to lead on my own terms – both at work and in my personal life.  Jupiter is all about Power, Vision, Leadership, Guidance and Empowerment.

Jupiter is a dominant zone in my hands. I’m also the owner of a Jupiter Star on both hands as well as a Teacher’s box.  When Jupiter’s needs are not being met, the owner of all this “Jupiter energy” can become antagonistic, bombastic, and bossy (among other lovely qualities).  It’s really interesting to me to note that every time we blame someone (or something) else for the issues we’re having in our life, we are giving our power away. (if you want to learn more about the meanings of your fingers, read this, and this!)

Power give-aways were a way of life for me back then, but I couldn’t see it. Instead my life just seemed full of “shoulds” and “have-tos.”

For example, at the time that I started studying this freckle more closely – after my college career had ended, I truly believed that:

  • I had to work at the soul-sucking job to make money to pay my mortgage for the condo with the moldy closets;
  • I had to work even harder so I could afford to hire a workman to come in and fix said closets;
  • I had to suck up to a boss that was a loser and misogynist because he held the keys to my promotions and my paychecks;
  • I had to deal with the fact that my then-fiance’s ex girlfriends kept calling and showing up at the house because he told me they were just friends and I didn’t want to seem like a psycho;
  • If only my work schedule would cooperate, I could work out more often;
  • I had to ….

You see where this is heading right?

I spent so much time and energy tending to things like those on the list that despite the fancy titles, leadership positions at work, community and volunteer organizations I had virtually NO POWER over my own life.

I was riding a train that never changed the tracks.  Life seemed good on the outside, the scenery was  often gorgeous and although I didn’t think I wanted for anything, I was longing for my power.

After I had my hands read, and started learning to read hands myself, tiny steps were leading to more steps.  I started questioning the shoulds and have-tos and came up with some really out-of-this-world ideas.

Eventually I realized how much power had been given away – I’d always thought of myself as a strong, powerful and independent woman, so it was a big shock to find that I didn’t have any real control about the direction of my life!

As the life learning continued (let’s just say my mind was continually being blown by new ideas, flashes of insight and completely foreign-to-me ways of thinking) the reality sunk in about what it means to be fully in charge of your own life.

My Jupiter Mount freckle appeared while I was in college.  College was a time of significant growth for me (as it is for most, I suspect).  I was simultaneously questioning everything being taught by “the man” and trying to fit in with whom I thought was the cool, avant-garde crowd.

Eventually I tired of working so hard to play by everyone else’s rules and dropped out after 4 + years of mediocre work and energy expended trying to fit a square peg into a round hole (sorry, couldn’t resist the pun.)

The freckle appeared as a sign that claiming my power (not my bossiness) was key to my life’s journey.  I’m humbled to realize that it was nearly 20 years before I began claiming what was rightfully mine.

My Jupiter Mount freckle disappeared as I claimed my power.