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End Miscommunication Using Palmistry

Palmistry can help you communicate so you're understood

Did you ever play the “telephone” game? Where one person starts out with a short story or phrase and whispers it in the ear of the next person in line? This goes on through an entire line or classroom and the last person stands up and states out loud what she just heard.

It’s often funny to see how from the original a story can change after all that whispering. Communication is often confusing. Maybe that’s because we spend a great deal of time thinking about how we’re going to respond, or because we’re listening to their information and trying to put ourselves into their story.

Useful communication takes diligence on the part of the giver and the receiver. We can trace most of our personal and professional woes to miscommunication, and it’s not a great leap to see how the inability to communicate has led to unrest around the world.

Why is it such a challenge to communicate effectively?

Why do we have so much trouble saying what we really mean and hearing what other people are trying to convey?

We all have an innate style of communicating and it’s our wish or presumption that everyone else has the same style. Except they don’t.  Other people have a way of communicating that is innate to them and can seem alien to us.

This is where understanding your heart line type can help! Your heart lines show how you communicate. Your heart line also shows how you wish everyone would communicate with you!

There are four heart line types and each has its own style.

The Passionate or Diva heart line requires speed. They don’t have time for details and the history of how you came to your conclusion – they simply want to know what it’s got to do with them! Whether you’re selling to a Diva or trying to convince him to clean his room, it’s in your best interest to present the highlights in a useful, quick manner. You can help them by writing down reminders or deadlines and popping in with quick check-ins to ensure that you’re still top of mind. The Passionate can get easily distracted by shiny objects and new adventures. In conversation, they may promise to do something but at the appointed time, they don’t show up. Don’t take it personally, they ran down a rabbit hole after something else interesting and lost track of time.

The Nurturer heart line requires your time. They don’t like you to fast-forward in conversations and they enjoy learning all about your back story. They want to know how you feel and why you feel the way you do. Whether you’re selling to a Nurturer or want to get them to put down the phone and talk to you, it’s in your best interest to share your feelings.  Tell them why you feel your product or service will make a difference in their life and let them know how they’ll feel once they’ve made the purchase. To get them off the phone and into conversation, tell them, from your heart, how it feels when you get to spend time together, really listening to each other. The conundrum here is that the Nurturer truly feels she is connecting when she is on the phone using social media, texting and emailing other people!  Nurturers can lose track of time because they can get wrapped up in someone else’s story or drama. Don’t take it personally if a Nurturer shows up late because they were busy helping out a stranger who was lost. It’s their nature. However, it’s okay to call and let them know you’re waiting!

The Strong and Silent or Hermit heart line requires time to process information. This doesn’t mean he’s slow, it means he wants to have time to ingest what you’re sharing. He takes in information and lets it settle before he makes any decisions or responds.  Whether you’re selling to a Strong and Silent or trying to determine how he feels about you in your relationship, it’s in your best interest to make specific statements, ask specific questions and allow them time to respond. Give them specific dates and times when you’d like to follow up or continue the conversation. They don’t need multiple reminders, once they have your appointment on the calendar; they are going to show up! Although they really appreciate it when you reach out and give them a 24 hour courtesy reminder – that way they know that you are serious and will follow through!

The Philosopher or Romantic Idealist heart line requires information from you. She likes to get things right and is often worried that she doesn’t have enough information to make a wise decision.  Shecan come off as aloof and can seem distracted.  Whether you’re selling to a Philosopher or trying to get her to pick a place for dinner, it’s in your best interest to limit the options, give a specific deadline and let them know there is no wrong answer.  Philosophers are notorious for wanting to research just a little longer – they spend so much time in their head weighing pros and cons! If you don’t give them deadlines and take the pressure off about the possibility they may be wrong, you could be waiting a long time for a decision. Rest assured a Philosopher will be happy once the decision is made, just allow the time to ask any questions they need to make an informed choice.

These little snippets give you a quick overview of each heart line in real life. If you lean heavily to one of these types, note that if you’re having a hard time communicating with someone in your life, they may be coming from another heart line perspective! It doesn’t make them wrong, it makes them different.

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Team Building for Businesses

Handy Tips for Team Building at Work
Handy Tips for Team Building at Work

One of the pragmatic ways to use hand analysis in a corporate setting is in the realm of team building. Have you ever gone on a team  building retreat with your corporate leadership?  My first foray into this world was at a ROPES course held out in the wilds of Northern Virginia. It got off to a rough start because I couldn’t find my way out to the location. (yes, this was in the dark ages BEFORE GPS systems, and cell phones, well, you could only use them to dial a phone number and if the guy you’re secretly dating who works for the same company and is already at the retreat doesn’t answer his phone to give you directions, it’s not pretty.)

After arriving in time for our introductions, I was self-proclaimed, “Pissed-off Peggie” we created bridges out of odd shaped boards, passed team members through giant webs of rope and rode down a zip line after swinging into a muddy river.  It was a pretty good time and it beat the heck out of sitting in the office cold calling wedding planners.

The day was about learning to communicate effectively.  All the fresh air and activities were simply distractions to help us understand how we had fallen into communication habits that were not necessarily effective.  I do remember that our hardest exercise was the one where they blind-folded our General Manager and gagged him so he couldn’t see or speak.  Although we each were accustomed to running our own “show”in our turf at the office, whenever we came together as a group, no matter who had an idea, we all waited for Don to tell us if our ideas were worthy.  Whether he was right or wrong, he lead the show and we had become sheep in his presence.

Although this shouldn’t have been a surprise, it seemed to really blow Don away and he wanted to talk and talk and talk about how we could all take more ownership in our positions when we returned to work the next day.  He probably didn’t realize that he was back to telling us what to do.  By the time we had our next executive team meeting, we were back to the status quo.  One ROPES course does not a new dynamic create.

That’s the challenge with team building  – momentum.

I give my GM a lot of credit for investing in this leadership day.  He probably had to take some flak from the ownership on that one, but he made it happen.  It’s not his fault that we didn’t know how to speak up once we got back to work.  The ROPES course helped us see the challenges we faced, but there was no on-going training to teach us new ways of communicating, listening and interacting.

Your hands have that teaching built in.

Each of us has a very unique communication style.  We respond to others in a particular way based on our hard-wiring.  There are some general rules with each style and then there are an infinite number of nuances based on the additional markers in our hands.  A team building program built around each person’s hard-wiring includes activities and exercises meant to enlighten each member of the team to the most and least effective styles for each person.

Your hard-wiring determines how you want to communicate and listen, as well as how you want to be communicated and listened to.

Helping you and your team work and communicate effectively is just one of the services I provide for the hospitality, health & wellness and network marketing industries. Let me know how I can help you!