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Live happy using the map in your hands

Your hands = your map to happiness.

Happiness is an inside job.

Nothing outside of you will make you a happier person. When you’re happier, you’re kinder and you understand the connection between you, the Divine and your fellow beings on the planet. That’s what this work is about – it’s not about showing you how to make more money (although happy people find it easier to make and retain money than unhappy ones); lure back your lost love (when you’re happy love finds you in the most magical ways); or lose weight (deeply happy people find it easier to release what’s not serving them).

This work is about finding your way back to you.

You + me + your hands is a life-changing collaboration. You will finally identify your core superpowers, and how your deep mojo works in the world, while at the same time learning how to remain coherent in your alignment to your highest and best good.When you commit to living the map in your hands, life gets easier.

If you’re interested in your own private magical hand session, schedule a free discovery session today. We’ll talk about whether or not this is right for you.

Private sessions are $225.00.
If you want to dig in and take action in order to achieve your goals, I recommend the six-week Take Action by Hand series, available for $1200.00


Coaching at the Crossroads



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What one person has to say about working with me:

Peggie changed my life and opened my eyes to something I was very skeptical about before: spirituality being practical. It started when I asked for a hand reading in which she delved into aspects of my personality (blowing my mind) and then interpreted how to leverage them in my everyday life. I was so excited and had so much fun! I was also so impressed with working with how she ran Spirit to ground that I started working with her as my coach. I worked with Peggie for over a year as she supported my ups and downs, stops and starts, pushes and pulls in starting my own business. She never wavered in her encouragement or practical applications for the many ideas, impressions, and directions that I chose to go. She had a way of understanding what I needed spiritually and how that inter-played into my business life. She was instrumental in the release and promotion of my children’s book and stood by my side as I unveiled my passion for working with women going through a divorce. It was a long journey and I can never thank her enough for holding steady, encouraging me and allowing me to walk my path on my own terms. In the end, not only was Peggie my coach but came to be someone I call my friend and I feel honored for our time together. Oh and did I mention she’s fun?? And by fun, I mean SUPER FUN!    ~ Tia Meredith, The Change Specialist.


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