Book a Palmistry Reading

Your palmistry reading can provide clarity regarding your:

  • Career. Whether you’re just entering the job market or you’re returning after several years off, check your hands to help you choose the perfect fit for you.
  • Business. Running your own business requires that you align your message with  your offering in a way that speaks to your perfect people. Not sure exactly how to find and speak to your perfect people? Let your hands help!
  • Relationships. Interacting with people is the number one desire and challenge most of us face. If you’d like to understand your relationships with more compassion and grace, look no further than the code in your hands.
  • Blocked energy. If you’re feeling stuck in one or more areas of your life, let’s trace back the root cause and use the code in your hands to help you unravel the knot.

I know for sure you have a gift and a reason for being here on Earth. Telling you that doesn’t make it any easier for you to get through stuck spots. That’s why my work is based on being practical as I reveal the power in your hands. When I read for you, don’t expect a ton of platitudes or magical manifestation language. My readings are grounded in real-world scenarios, advice and recommendations for actions you can take as soon as your reading is over because I want you to get on with living your life on your own terms, in your best possible way.

You’ll  never get a fortune-based reading from me. You’ll get specific, detailed information about where you are and even where you can go if you decide to take action on your own behalf. Truth is nothing happens if you simply listen to a reading and hope for the best. Every reading is a co-creative endeavor where I’m the expert on the hands and what they have to say, and YOU are the expert on YOU!

Intensive Intuitive Palmistry Reading

With this one-to-one reading, we’ll meet in person in Tucson or by phone/skype if you’re not in the Tucson area. You’ll have already sent me your hand prints and we’ll spend a good hour (maybe a bit more, we take the time you need to get the information you need) identifying the key areas in your hands related to the question or questions you have regarding your career, your relationships or your business. It’s best if you have one focus so you can actually gain clarity during the session. After you order this session, I’ll mail you an ink kit with detailed instructions to make and mail your hand and fingerprints. Once the hard copy of your prints are in my office, I’ll call you to schedule an appointment for your session.  Tucson-locals once your payment is complete, I’ll call you to schedule your appointment.
$150.00 – use this link or the button below.




Peggie chanbeautifultiaged my life and opened my eyes to something I was very skeptical about before: spirituality being practical. It started when I asked for a hand reading in which she delved into aspects of my personality (blowing my mind) and then interpreted how to leverage them in my everyday life. I was so excited and had so much fun! I was also so impressed with working with how she ran Spirit to ground that I started working with her as my coach. I worked with Peggie for over a year as she supported my ups and downs, stops and starts, push and pulls in starting my own business. She never wavered in her encouragement or practical applications for the many ideas, impressions and directions that I chose to go. She had a way of understanding what I needed spiritually and how that inter-played into my business life. She was instrumental in the release and promotion of my children’s book and stood by my side as I unveiled my passion for working with women going through divorce. It was a long journey and I can never thank her enough for holding steady, encouraging me and allowing me to walk my path on my own terms. In the end, not only was Peggie my coach but came to be someone I call my friend and I feel honored for our time together. Oh and did I mention she’s fun?? And by fun, I mean SUPER FUN!    ~ Tia Meredith, The Change Specialist.


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