Here’s what some really awesome people are saying about me!

“Really, mostly I am just happy. Thank you for all of your help, You gave me strength to see myself as a child of God and born of Love.” ~ Lori B.


beautifultiaPeggie changed my life and opened my eyes to something I was very skeptical about before: spirituality being practical. It started when I asked for a hand reading in which she delved into aspects of my personality (blowing my mind) and then interpreted how to leverage them in my everyday life. I was so excited and had so much fun! I was also so impressed with working with how she ran Spirit to ground that I started working with her as my coach. I worked with Peggie for over a year as she supported my ups and downs, stops and starts, push and pulls in starting my own business. She never wavered in her encouragement or practical applications for the many ideas, impressions and directions that I chose to go. She had a way of understanding what I needed spiritually and how that inter-played into my business life. She was instrumental in the release and promotion of my children’s book and stood by my side as I unveiled my passion for working with women going through divorce. It was a long journey and I can never thank her enough for holding steady, encouraging me and allowing me to walk my path on my own terms. In the end, not only was Peggie my coach but came to be someone I call my friend and I feel honored for our time together. Oh and did I mention she’s fun?? And by fun, I mean SUPER FUN!    ~ Tia Meredith




el with book“You read my hands and told me a lot of things that made sense, and you really encouraged me to go after what I loved most, which is writing novels. You said my first book would do really well, but that it would be my second book, about my own life, that would really . . . matter. I just released it today. It’s Called I Run: A Novel. Reviewers are already saying some incredible things about it, but that’s not so much the point–the point is that it is really going to help other people heal, to find their way back Home. It’s all about the message in the book–not about me.  I’ve just been thinking all day that I should drop you a line, (to thank you, for making a difference in my life. For helping me believe I could make a difference)” ~ El Phoenix Farris


 lindsayBefore I started working with Peggie, I hated Sundays and I’d spend them in bed, feeling restless and anxious about all the misery I’d have to deal with at work the next day. I thought I could never leave my job because I was comfortable with the pay and benefits. My job was affecting me in so many negative ways: I suffered severe spine problems, developed thyroid disease, vitamin D deficiency, and was tired, moody, and anxious all the time. I became depressed, withdrew from family and friends, it wasn’t pretty. I chose to work with Peggie because I needed someone who could help me on a spiritual level, yet not in a “woo woo” way. I  just needed someone would ‘get me’ in that way.  Changing my job has been life altering. Not only did I manage to complete change my career and industry, I got a salary increase too!  Within three months of starting the new job, I eliminated 70% of my pain, bought a condo, launched a side business and even my family and friends are commenting on how different I seem, emotionally. ~Lindsay Morlock, NJ

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“I wasn’t sure how a hand analysis would help me in my business, but within just a few minutes, Peggie was pulling out insights that were spot on. As a result, I’m more confident about shifting my business model away from 1×1 consulting to teaching. Not only will I be able to do my best work in the world, but I’ll be able to serve more people more effortlessly. Thank you Peggie!”    ~ Racheal Cook, Founder of The Yogipreneur


I had wanted a hand analysis for so long. I had a suspicion that what I was seeking about myself could be found in my hands. I found out what was missing in my pursuit of a new career after hiring Peggie for a reading. Peggie helped me discover I am meant to be Successful, Wise Healer. This is a something I had never seen myself as but when I heard it, it so made sense. I now know my greater life purpose and how I was meant to work, which gives me a greater focus when launching my new business. She has also been so helpful after my reading, answering quick questions and giving me resources. I am so thankful I took the leap and worked with her.
– Sherrie Koretke


“I found my Business by Hand Consultation to hit on some good points for me. Once Peggie started asking questions and talking about the information in my hand, I really got a great insight and couldn’t believe that she could tell the things she could about me. I am a pretty complex person. If you are stuck and need a quick dose of insight and inspiration to jump start your business, I highly recommend you share your hands with Peggie and have a Business by Hand Consultation!!”   ~ Maria Vasilakos, Licensed Mortgage Professional, Fairway Mortgage


“I participated in a hand reading session with Peggie Arvidson and I was amazed at the level detail she was able to see just in looking at the lines on my hands. She took the insight she gained from applying her trained eye and offered some very profound recommendations. For example, she was able to see that I need a lot of challenge in my work and encouraged me to pursue the grand business plan I have been wanting to develop.I have talked to a lot of business coaches and consultants, but the mix of business and introspection was a perfect fit for my needs. I hope to continue our work together and encourage other professionals who are inclined toward personal-business growth to contact her for a session. ” ~ Andrea Howard,




Just finished listening to last night’s call. Peggie you rock!! You are an awesome presenter, and your knowledge and enthusiasm shine through on the recording. You have given us so much content and so many resources. This is the “meatiest” teleclass or class I have ever taken. ~ Terah Murphy,


I didn’t know what to expect before my reading, I thought that I wouldn’t get as much insight just sending over the ink hand prints and have the session over the phone. I was pleasantly surprised of how much information and insight Peggie had about me.  In fact, I think nobody even me, could have been more objective and honest about who I really am as a person, my life challenges, my gifts. Since the reading many changes have happened in my life.  I have a more clear purpose, direction and goals.  It’s amazing how motivated I am to work every day to make my life better and follow my dreams. ~Edna  Guevara


I have always been interested in topics such as feng shui, astrology, face reading, graphology, palmistry, tarot, etc. so when I was introduced to Peggie, I knew I wanted to have a hand reading. Someone who previously had a reading with Peggie said I must get it done and she highly recommended it. I had no idea what to expect. I had been paving a new path in my life, but because I am interested in so many things, I had to know whether or not the path I had chosen would be working with my “gifts.” Now that I’m in my “golden” years, I don’t have the time to keep changing directions. I am so pleased with the hand reading. They validated the path that I’ve chosen to pursue and more. And now I know why I am so happy where I am today and with what I am pursuing. Peggie does an awesome job and if you’re wondering about the gifts you hold in your hands, Peggie is your answer. Wonder no longer; find out for sure. I’m glad I did. ~ Nora Nagatani,


I loved my hand reading palm print analysis that I got from you.  When I first put my hands into ink, they didn’t really take, and I tried again and again, until I thought I had it good enough, but of course that was all part of the process and you could tell a lot from those’ not perfect prints!’  I should have known! When we actually started the reading and explanation of my prints, it was as if you had known my soul for a long time. Not just me, the personality, but the parts underneath, the part of me that dreams and works and manifests and has a purpose.  As a speaker and coach it was fascinating to hear you find parts of my palm prints that correlate to my work.  I loved my reading and highly recommend you and your work to anyone who wants more clarity on their life lessons, soul purpose and focus.
Love you Peggie!
Michelle VandePass


Before working with Peggie I was doing so many of the “right” things to elevate my business to reflect my purpose, but still I felt stuck. I knew I was playing small and I couldn’t figure out how to push it to the next level.  After having a session with Peggie I gained clarity and specificity around what was holding me back and how to realistically apply my gifts and my purpose to break through the barriers.

I gained concrete tools for learning my life lessons and how to put those lessons to work – not only as I stepped into my bigger purpose, but also in the way I serve my clients. This recognition and understanding of how my gifts, lessons and purpose work together to create a big life has come in handy throughout my career, especially when I hit an unexpected glitch or hold up. And, working in harmony with my purpose has made everything easier and more harmonious.

I will definitely recommend Peggie’s work to my own clients and anyone else who is ready to cut straight to the heart of their life purpose and put it to work for them.  Of course, the better we know our purpose and lesson the quicker we can make a difference in the world!
Terry Monaghan
Organizing For Your Life LLC


Thank you so much! I deeply appreciate all of the roadmaps that the universe gives us to understand our place in it. I also deeply appreciate that Peggie Arvidson can read the maps of our hands. My secret: I struggle with feelings of self-worth and guilt.

It has so little to do with the reality of my life. I’m deeply loved and appreciated. I have been given great skills with which to help people. I work to develop these skills further. From the outside, I look like I’ve got it together. And mostly, I do.

So, when I contacted Peggie to find out how I could move forward with my career as an intuitive, she took a look at my hands, and gave me such a gift of understanding!  She let me know that the self-worth and the guilt is what I’m here to learn about. Instead of fighting against it, I’m exploring it now.

Peggie also shed light on the nature of my gifts, and she gave me excellent advice about the next steps I need to take.  Peggie gave me the gift of clarity, and for that, I am so grateful! –   Bridget Pilloud, Intuitive Counselor,


Well, what can I say about Peggie? Except that she’s the best. Her energy, excitement, and passion for helping others is contagious.  She is a source of great light and makes you  have the feeling that no matter what your idea is, your business, or personal goals you want to attain- you CAN get there.  She definitely motivates and encourages people to reach out, dream big, and go for it.  Peggie was able to give me some great ideas on how to use my blog effectively with the launch of my Seductrix workshops company and blog.  Having a slightly ‘less-than-traditional’ business (workshops meant to inspire you to ‘spice things up’ and I don’t mean in the kitchen), can sometimes be tricky to market to the ‘masses’ and can also be intimidating to pursue.  But Peggie instilled a new found confidence in me that I can be successful with this endeavor.  She gave me tons of great ideas on ways to keep my blog, Facebook Fan Page, and tweeter accounts exciting and fresh. Peggie is highly creative and passionate and will inspire you to be the best that you can- no matter what you want to achieve.  In short…  she is the best!  🙂 ~ Melissa VanOss, owner & Creatrix, CreativeBliss Workshops, Washington DC


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