Opportunities for Empowerment are Everywhere

I love watching TV.

I’m not one of those “never watch TV if you want to reach enlightenment” types.  (Although occasionally I wonder if I’d be enlightened if I stopped watching TV….

One of my favorite TV personalities is the chef Gordon Ramsay.  Not just because of his tall physique and lovely accent.  Not even because of his prowess in the kitchen.  Nope, I love watching this man work because no matter what show he’s on he’s actually an empowerment guru.

Sure, you might find his tactics harsh, but whether he’s slinging sarcasm on Hell’s Kitchen, encouraging home cooks on Master Chef or trying to knock sense into small, independent business owners on Hotel Hell and Kitchen Nightmares – what he’s doing, is getting people to their ‘aha’ moment.

The ones that succeed are those that realize that they actually do have control of their destiny.  The ones that continue to struggle are those that insist every challenge or loss is someone else’s fault.

I dig me some Chef Ramsay.


P.S. Any face readers out there — I think he has a very fascinating face with a great deal of back-story…would love your insights.

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