Is This Your Sacred Work?

Powerful, I take responsibility for who I am, what I do, and what happens to me.

Your sacred work is not made up of the tools you use to do your healing.

Whether you’re an ER nurse, a heart surgeon, a Reiki master or an Aromatherapist – your sacred work is the soul you bring to the table when you work with a client or patient.

Through more than a decade of coaching, it’s been shown to me that people who are successful – earning the money they not only need, but desire; enjoying time with family and friends; and contributing financially and energetically to causes they believe in — are those who are connected to the work in a sacred way.

Your work doesn’t need to be religious in nature to be sacred, but it should feed the Divine that is in you.

Over here at Grow Your Money Mojo, I’m passionate about the idea that you know yourself best. When you give yourself the time and focus necessary to listen to your Highest Self is when you hit on your truth.

With that in mind, here are some questions for you to focus on as you explore the idea of your healing work as your Sacred work in the world.  Feel free to print them out and let them marinate in your conscious and subsconscious over the next few days. Feel free to share what you’ve found here in the comments.

  1. Are you more interested in learning new tools/modalities than in doing the work?
  2. Would you rather play with your tools to show how they work than earn a living using them?
  3. Is there a fire in you that says if you didn’t “do this one thing” you would feel a big gaping hole in your life?
  4. If you were told you could no longer use the tool you have, would you still find a way to bring your clients to the results they are currently seeking?
  5. Can you find a way to take a “feeling” result and make it concrete? (i.e., helping people find peace to helping people clear the weight that is holding them back from their life?)
  6. Are you committed to helping your clients do their own work, find their own answers and get the results they desperately desire – even if it doesn’t include using your tools, or doing it exactly your way?
  7. Do your philanthropic intentions and works coincide in some way with the results your clients receive when they work with you?
  8. Are you willing to stop adding to your tool box long enough to get your work into the world?
  9. Would you agree that no one in the world can do exactly the way you do the way you do it for your perfect people?
  10. Would doing this work (either for free or pay) still be at the forefront of your life if you suddenly inherited $750,000?

What other questions have you found to help you discern if you’re doing sacred work?

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