How the Lines In Your Palm Affect Your Money Mojo

Money Mojo is a delicate dance.

Sometimes the financial aspect of your abundance flows as gracefully as a waltz. Other times it’s like you’re dealing with some weird jazz fusion – stops and starts and dissonance. When you hear it altogether it makes perfect sense, but when you’re in the middle of the riff, it can be very tough.

Okay, I know that Jazz Fusion is not really a dance. Excuse the mixed metaphors. It’s been that kind of week.

As we continue the Money Mojo Contracts journey (If you didn’t get your key to translating  yours yet, sign up for the ezine now), you’re going to learn a bit about the lines in your hands and how they contribute to the story of your personal Money Mojo Contract.

The majority of you have three primary lines on the palm of your hands.


As you can see in the photo above the Love or Heart Line begins under the pinky and travels horizontally across the palm.

The Head Line begins in the space between the thumb and the index finger, and travels horizontally across the hand, often stopping somewhere in the middle of the palm. It can stretch clear across the hand, or take a nose dive down toward the outer edge of the palm as well.

The Life Line begins in the same place as the Head Line (sometimes they’re even joined at the beginning) and curves down around the base of the thumb.

Here are the key things to know about YOUR lines:

  • Your lines may be similar or different on your dominant and non-dominant hands
  • Long lines are no better than short lines, especially when it comes to your life line!
  • Your Life Line does not indicate how long you’re going to live
  • The curvier a line is, the more emotion or “feeling” you bring to the table in that realm of your life
  • If your lines are straight, the more likely you are to go to your thinking brain rather than feeling brain in that area
  • You are always in free will – and  your lines can change over time as you do
  • Compare your lines to your lines – if your lines appear wispy and short and your best friends appear dark and deep, both are perfect!
  • There are no better or worse lines – learn to be your type and express it fully
  • If your head line and heart line are connected you have the gift marking of the Simian Crease and your hands will not look like the picture above.

Now it gets juicy!

You could have a short, thinking Head Line in your dominant hand and a long, curvy head line on your non-dominant hand. If you coupled that with straight heart lines that stopped midway across the palm and a long, deep, wide life line on your non-dominant hand you’ve got a great deal of information to use to help you learn and live your Money Mojo Contract. Let’s say you’ve identified your Money Mojo contract archetype as being felt in your Right Thumb (highest ranking) and Left Pinky (lowest ranking).

The fictitious person above would be a go-getter at work and someone who could make it look easy to gain material things. However, they often alienate their co-workers, especially when they’re tired or “out of gas” because they have no real desire to rehash plans and processes within the group setting. They like to spend their hard-earned income on adventures and travels and can feel antsy if you ask them to settle down or stop traveling.  Their desire for success can overwhelm their desire for connection and they may tend to get blue or isolate themselves when they feel too much pressure to succeed and continue to “up their game”. Despite their outward success, they tend to have tumultuous love relationships and often despair that there is “no one” out there for them.  This person’s Money Mojo contract asks them to learn about abundance in all it’s forms  – that an abundance of trust and joy and health is not dependent on an abundance of cash or vice versa. As they lean into the truth of their ability to make things happen and release their need to control every detail of every scenario, they begin to trust their intrinsic worth in the world and find more joy and ease.

This information and personality map is a birds-eye view of what can be learned simply from the three primary lines and the key fingerprints in your hands. Focusing on your Money Mojo Contract helps you identify your core beliefs around worth, money, control and more.

Okay, still want a definition of each of the three main lines?

Your Heart Line/Love Line indicates your relationship style. It shows how you communicate most effectively in relationships (and aren’t you forming a relationship with anyone with whom you communicate?) . It also shows how you wish OTHERS would communicate and show up in relationships. The type of heart line you have is based on where it ‘ends’ on the palm.  In essence, you might tend to think you’re looking for a mirror heart line.  Once you know and deeply understand your heart line type, you are able to have deeper compassion and understanding for the other heart line types as well.

Your Head Line  shows how you process information. (and usually how you wish others would process information too!). Depending on where your head line starts, how it looks on its travels across the hand and where it ends, you can see how you problem-solve and how you address all the thinking (and sometimes, emotional) situations in your life.

Your Life Line is an indicator of how grounded you are in the life you’re living today. It shows how robust you are on the physical realm and can indicate if you’re doing what you ought to to care for and cherish the body you were given at birth. The life line can also show details about your familial relationships, past health issues, sense of adventure and ability to concentrate.  It cannot tell you how long you will live.

Still have questions?

Feel free to ask them in the comments. Or better yet, if we haven’t already done so, let’s chat to see if a private Life Coaching by Hand program is right for you.

4 thoughts on “How the Lines In Your Palm Affect Your Money Mojo

  • November 6, 2013 at 3:45 pm

    Just heard last night that if your head line is quite separate from your life line, it means that you think differently from your tribe and that being weird or an oddball is normal for you. And people won’t really get what you’re saying most of the time because they don’t think the way you do. I am quite taken by the idea that I was meant to be different, since I have been all of my life. Misunderstood, too. Can you say more about that? Having the space between the two?

    • November 8, 2013 at 6:52 pm

      Jeanine — you hit the nail on the head. that’s the general definition for sure. Of course “quite separate” is different for everyone. Mine are separated but there is not a huge gap – it’s something I see on a number of adoptees actually – the space like mine. I’ve seen some with nearly a half inch gap and I’d say they’d have that “in left field” feeling. Mine is not always at the forefront, it was much more predominant in my life as a kid and teen. I have spent a good portion of my recent decade accumulating a tribe and finding tribes that “get” me. I think the notes in our hands are meant to help us find peace.

      with that thought – if it serves you and gives you joy to be misunderstood and different feel and oddball-like then I say, have at it! However, if you feel like your own tribe would be nice – it’s a nudge to find those others who may not be ‘like’ you in all ways, but they ‘get’ you and your ‘differentness’ and accept and love it – as you do theirs. I mean, even Andy Warhol had his factory —

      • November 14, 2013 at 4:43 pm

        Oh!!! That’s a nice thought. That it doesn’t just mean “prepare to explain yourself A LOT!” but also means to look for the people who will get you in spite of your differentness.

        I used to suspect I was adopted. I guess that is not uncommon. But I really thought that was the only possible explanation for how different I felt.

        • November 14, 2013 at 7:04 pm


          There’s a difference between being of service and opening a dialogue with people who genuinely are interested in you, your process, your beliefs, your “differentness” (and really, no one is the same, even if they try to be!) with love for where they’re coming from and a sense of having to be OKAY in their eyes or prove to them something.

          I spent a great deal of my life with a chip on my shoulder – feeling like a bull in a china shop because I was ready to pick a fight with anyone I presumed didn’t get me and judged me for that. Now, not so much. I see that people who don’t understand me have their own stuff. And maybe they really don’t care all that much one way or another about MY stuff because theirs is so all-consuming (as mine is for me most of the time! 🙂 )

          But when people genuinely ask and want to engage with me, even if my ego says, “HEY you’ll be fighting with them because clearly they are fundamentalist or Tea-partiers !” I adjust my inner voice to open to them with love as a fellow traveler and teacher in my world. And most of the time I realize it was ME being biased in the first place. It’s very humbling.

          For those people who are just nevah gonna get me…so be it. I have no desire to change their minds. If they love me anyway, (as in the case with family) I’m blessed. Not everyone has to get me and what makes me tick to love me. I don’t have to understand the reasons for their politics (let’s just say) to love them either. When I see through the gauze of fear it gets much better!

          so…keep seeking your tribe. the more you have of them, the less the others affect you!


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