Heart Lines & Bottom Lines

Strong & Silent.


Use your heartline to improved your bottom line
Use your heartline to improve your bottom line

Do any of these resonate for you?

You have a distinctive heart-line type on each of your  hands.

While most people think that heart-lines are only about love and romance, they are really about relationships of all stripes.  That means your relationship with money and money-making opportunities can be seen in your hands.

When you understand that the reason you might feel “slow” to launch new products, adapt to different social media tools or even to invest in a particular solution, is a natural part of your hard-wiring, you can breathe easier and use the gifts that come with your heart-line instead of struggling to be like another!

In two weeks you can learn the ins and outs of heart-lines and how they relate to your bottom line – whether you work for yourself or someone else. I’ll give you an overview of how each type is hard-wired to relate to money – from the “master” and from the “grasshopper” path. I’ll also give a really brief description of the heart-line types.

If you know your heart-line type(s) and are ready to put them to work for you so you can enhance your bottom line, you’ll want to join this call.  I’ll have time for some live Q&As and will give away some swag for those that are there live.

Maybe you live around the world and 10:30 am (Eastern) on a Sunday just won’t work for you – never fear, you can get the recording as long as you register by Thursday 15 October.

Here’s how to join the Heart-lines and Bottom-lines call:

Register for the call & recording : $25.00
Register for the call & recording AND receive an email identification of YOUR heart-lines : $40.00
Email Identification of your Heart Line Only : $25.00

This live teleclass happens
Sunday, October 18. 10:30-11:30 am Eastern time