Hand Wisdom for You: Alexia P

Yesterday I asked you to lend me your hands, but unlike Marc Antony, I wasn’t burying Caesar.   I decided to combine some of my very own superpowers to show you precisely how much information is in YOUR hands.

(superpowers = writing + reading hands)

It’s one thing for me to show you random hands and prattle on about them – which apparently I can do for a loooong time according to my family and close friends – and another thing altogether to give you a glimpse of what’s going on in your hands and how the wisdom in your hands can help you answer your own questions.

Before I launch into our first volunteer (Thanks Alexia!) I want to reiterate some things (loosely considered rules):

  1. I cannot predict your future or tell you what to do based on your hands.
  2. I can pose questions based on the data in your hands and I can draw your attention to what may be holding you back, frustrating you or otherwise making you feel blah/yucky/stuck.
  3. These readings are meant to be done quickly and efficiently to give specific information in one area and a decent overview of the hands and information to be found therein.
  4. These readings are not to be construed as full-length, in-depth readings by any stretch of the imagination. In some cases, I will highlight a specific area of the hand and go into detail and only give you a glance at some of the other “back up singers” in the hand that contribute to  my question, statement, recommendation.
  5. For this reason, please don’t assume what you see on one person’s hand means exactly the same thing in yours. (Really people, I’m a professional, with certification and everything, don’t try this at home without guidance.)  It makes sense to you that each hand is as unique as the person who owns it and therefore the lines and the information and the leanings which do have general meanings are also given specific meaning by me based on the OTHER information in their hands. (in other words, don’t be a Monday morning quarterback and think what I say to Alexia is what I would say to you.  I won’t.)
  6. The invitation for you to send your hands in (following the directions in yesterday’s post) is open ended or until I have a 2 year backlist.  As long as I receive your hands I’ll put them in the queue and post a column much like this one every week.

Alexia Petrakos, is the creative guide and explorer heading the The Alternating Current.

Alexia’s question is:

My new site is http://thealternatingcurrent.com (ed. Note: it’s a fun and really daring site to address the needs of many of us “renaissance souls.”  Check it out!)
My question is regarding this new direction I’m headed. what can I do to keep this up without getting bored and changing it all up again? or should I even worry about that?

I think my biggest challenge is seeing things through. I have a short memory and keep telling myself the same story about how I “never” finish anything. When I really look at it though, I’ve done quite a bit, but there’s still that nagging feeling that finishing is just the most difficult thing in the world.”

First – I asked Alexia if she’s right or left handed.  While that doesn’t have any bearing on a life purpose, life lesson or life school reading, it can add some insight to this reading.

Here are her hands.

Left Hand

You can read more about dominant and non-dominant hands here.

I learned that Alexia is right hand dominant but has some ambidextrous tendencies.    So we’ll review her hands as though the RIGHT is who /how she is in the world and how she’d like to be perceived by others in the world. (It may or may not be the same “face” she puts out there for her inner circle, but it is indeed who she puts out there in work, at play and all the places in between.)

Her right hand is pretty clear of lines particularly compared to her left hand.  An interesting find given her concern about losing focus on her new site/business, because generally I find multitudes of lines – looking slashed across the palms – in someone who is prone to Bright Shiny Object Syndrome (BSOS for short).

Alexia’s concern isn’t coming from the fact that she’s forcing herself into action for action’s sake to hide out from committing (usually the case with all those fiery lines) but rather from the paralyzing fear of rejection – common among what we palmists call Apollinians.

On her right hand, she has a long Apollo line.  [Apollo is your ring finger and Apollo lines begin under the ring finger and run vertically in the direction of the heart line.  I’ve drawn lightly over Alexia’s with black to show you where it is.]

On her left hand (circled in red and then demonstrated with the purple lines) – there are three semi-parallel, short Apollo lines.  These multiple lines show her diverse interests in a creative sense – there may always be 3 primary projects going on in her life – and for the most part, that suits her just fine.  Together they feed off of one another (in a good way) to free up the brain space necessary to produce her big work in the world.

Alexia’s Apollo line on her right hand runs down and stops at the heart line, and then it picks up a scooch away and continues down the hand, stopping just above her head line.

What this says to me is: Alexia is a true creative being, her calling will always ask her to let her true light shine out – thus attracting others to her (my definition of “The Spotlight”!) and her creative endeavors. What that means is that creating – the alchemy of making something out of nothing – is part and parcel of what makes Alexia’s heart sing.

The fact that this line stops and then picks up again at the heart line says to me that Alexia may interpret a roadblock as a “sign” that her heart is no longer in her work and then feel the need to abandon what she’s created in pursuit of a deeper or more meaningful truth that aligns better with her heart (at that moment).

In itself this is a pretty good practice, right?  If our hearts are no longer in our creation, it would be really tough to convince others to buy in (whether we’re selling paintings, plumbing services or home maintenance lessons).  Not only that, when we feel out of alignment with our heart or core, the people who were formerly coming to us seem to sense the disconnect and leave.  The business dries up and we follow our fears down a painful well of dejection.

My question though is this – is it possible to reframe without “throwing the baby out with the bathwater”  Recognizing of course that we are all constantly growing and changing and morphing and evolving? My sense is that is what you ARE doing, Alexia, taking the best of what you’ve accomplished and learned and grown and bringing it forward into a new evolution of you and your work.  It’s important though that you see this procession for what it is – more linear than stop and start.  You are following through, but you are growing and changing (as you should!)

I think this answers part of the question (or really speaks to Alexia’s final statement ) – she really has accomplished quite a lot, just not necessarily in the linear fashion or according to the “rules” others might play by.

Now, onto whether or not she should worry (no, never feel obligated to worry) or not about staying focused and how can she stay focused I’ll take a quick look at her Saturn line.  I’ve circled it in Red and Green on her left hand and drawn a black line along it on her right hand.  (Both pictures have lines drawn over the actual line to make it easier to see).

Saturn lines show us how we create and complete projects, in everything from our first book report to how we are in business and career to whether we’re the “taskmaster” with our friends – insisting we arrive on time.  (As an aside, this information CAN show up in other places in the hands, but the first place a palmist would look to issues about time/value/money/process/precision is the Saturn line).

Saturn is your middle finger and represents time/value/money.  For a longer discourse on the Saturn line at work – read this.

Of utmost importance for Alexia to know is this – she has Saturn lines on both her hands (many, many people do not have any) and for this reason she may actually feel more concerned about details and the administrivia that may be called consistency or project management than other creative souls. This is a gift for creative people, the ability to create safe boundaries from which to grow – and to have the instinct to understand that Step A and Step B must come before Step K.  This can also make you feel a bit a fish out of water with your creative friends who may be more prone to throwing things against the wall to see if they stick.

It’s as though Alexia could feel that she has a foot in both “camps” – the business camp of the linear thinking methodologies and the artistic, free-wheeling, let’s just go with the flow and the hell with the business plan camp.

Both, of course, have their advantages!

Yet, if Alexia lets her mind wander – after the thrill of the first burst of creation is done – she may start worrying about details. And hows.  And then doubting her whys.  And that gets the heart all asunder and the whole kit and caboodle can come (in her mind) crashing down around her tiny, purple-shoed, feet.  (I really haven’t seen her feet, I’m just imagining).

So these Saturn lines are blessings, but they’re also confusing for a creative soul, or can be.

On the right hand, the line stops at the head line, indicating Alexia’s frustration at too may niggling, “micky mouse details” to be addressed.  That’s when she throws in the towel and wants to walk away.  She may make peace with the details (outsourcing is a good idea) and if/when she does she picks the trail back up only to have it stop at the heart line.

The same information is true about the heart and passion and why being necessary here, as was mentioned talking about the Apollo line.  Alexia needs to FEEL with her whole heart that her project is right and that her creativity is freely expressing who she is at her best.

She may take time off, rethink, regroup or completely start over – but eventually she brings the project to completion as is indicated by the two Saturn lines that pick up from the heart line and head to the base of the Saturn finger.

The cool thing is now she can see that she’s hardwired this way. It’s not right or wrong, rather it’s her process that gets her the results she wants. Rather than focus on the results on someone else’s terms she can focus on her terms and let her process unfold naturally.

Yes, there is MUCH more that can be covered and shared in the hands but I know you have work to do and posts of your own to write and dogs to walk.

If you enjoyed this post and would like something similar for yourself, please feel free to send me your prints following the instructions on yesterday’s post.

In the meantime, what do you think of this information?  Hooey?  Amazing?  Weird?  Confusing?  Share your thoughts in the comments, please!

4 thoughts on “Hand Wisdom for You: Alexia P

  • March 25, 2011 at 2:46 pm

    well works here! oh well… anywho, I wear red plaid Rocketdog sneakers most of the time… or birkenstock sandals in the summer.

    thanks so much for such a detailed analysis! It's good to know I really am headed in the right direction.


    • March 28, 2011 at 1:13 pm

      I'd like me some red plaid sneakers. my favorite sneakers growing up were a pair of olive green keds. I miss them.

      But I digress – thanks for sharing your hands and helping me figure out where my commenting system is!

  • March 30, 2011 at 9:08 am

    Since my question is similar, I can't wait 'til you get to mine. And boy, was it comforting to read about someone else who has the same concern!

    I thought I noted similar lines in my own hands, which may help to explain my own difficulty, but will leave that to you to confirm or remind me not to try this at home :).



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