Hand Reading Give Away – The Month of Giving Continues

Every week in December you have the chance to learn about hand analysis AND your own hands.

Each program is about an hour long and focuses on a specific topic. The first call was on the basics of hand analysis (vs. palmistry) and we debunked a few myths too.

On December 10, you can finally learn what the Heart Line, Head Line and Life Line say about you!

On December 17th, you’ll get an overview of how to read your own fingerprints and on December 23rd (note a MONDAY call) – it’s viewer’s choice!

You also have a couple of chance to get YOUR hands read!

1) submit your hand prints (either pictures or actual prints are fine) along with your question and we’ll review them live on the upcoming call.

2) one participant will be picked at random to win a FREE full Hand Analysis session! (I’ll take theĀ  email addresses/phone numbers of everyone who is LIVE on EACH call, enter them into a randomizer and select ONE person for a reading!) Yep. These are the sessions that are regularly 450.00!

If you want to join us (and boy I hope you do) you can do so here :


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