Is Everyone Lying To You?

World's Biggest LiarEven if you’re not a conspiracy theorist like me

these days your BS meter is likely on high alert. It seems like no matter where you look someone is trying to convince you of their ‘side’ of some story. And it’s not just in the media or politics any more!

The Best Way to Get Clients

Coaches have been taught that the best way to get the most clients is to identify their pain and to promise their special solution. Frankly, this is Marketing 101 and it’s been done since the first caveman tried to sell the second caveman his nifty stick for lighting fire.

With the advent of the internet, this marketing method got built to epic proportions and edged out nearly all every other way to market goods or services. I’m glad to see that some of those “old-fashioned” methods, like real relationships, live networking and long-term solutions are coming back (and even being touted by some cutting-edge coaches as the “new marketing model”).

Is it True?

I’m not the world’s authority on this but here are some True/False Statements for you to ponder. Why not go through them not only with an eye to being lied to (or not) but with the mirror, asking where you feel comfortable on this spectrum. My life lesson is on both my pinkies – so I’m highly attuned to questions of trust and building intimacy, which may be why my BS detector goes into high gear often. I’m not saying I’m right, but I AM aware.

When my desire to call Bull on someone goes through the roof, I know I need to take a hard look at my own systems, marketing practices and motives as well.

True or False *

  • In order to build a successful healing, intuitive, creative or coaching business you have to hit rock bottom and build it from the ground up.
  • If you follow XYZ plan to a T you will [lose all the weight; make all the money; have all the s*x].
  • To build a mega-income you have to build a massive (in the tens of thousands) email list.
  • If you have a super big email list you’re just a smarmy marketer.
  • To make the money you deserve you have to teach group classes.
  • In order to get paid what you’re worth you must make your time the highest premium item on your services menu.
  • Once you earn high six figures your life will be perfect.
  • Building your business means you have to do webinars and teleclasses.
  • Marketing requires you to do live networking
  • All networking feels craptastic unless you have a super-secret script to follow
  • You never have to network if you have a massive email list.
  • Success Internet marketing means you spend all your time on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and Tumblr.
  • If I don’t pay attention to SEO my business will die.
  • Being just like (your guru of the week) means that I will have everything they seem to have and I’ll be happy.
  • More money makes me happy.
  • Less money makes me happy.
  • Divine guidance will ensure I earn a profit.
  • Following a prescribed program will show me how to use Divine Guidance to make a profit.
  • I can’t use Divine Guidance without a teacher showing me how to do it right.

* There are no right answers here. I’ve compiled this list from the things I hear and see on a regular basis in my rounds of the marketing world.

The Thing about Marketing

Y’all know I LOVE marketing. I love making money and I love being in business. I’ve tried NOT loving it and it doesn’t work, for me. This love affair has lead me to read, invest, observe and follow-up with nearly every single “new” idea in marketing, sales and micro-business for more than a decade.

This means that I’ve seen my share of lying and deceit. I’ve also seen a number of things that fascinate and impress me by their results. I’ve dissected why and how different people do what they do with their marketing campaigns. I applaud innovations that receive massive results, even if I personally couldn’t stomach the innovation in my own business.

Once we take the emotion out of marketing, we can see it as a TOOL to help us be in business.  Of course good marketing is all about an emotional connection and reaction, so the question that requires answering when you are building your profit is this, “How can I market myself effectively and in complete alignment with my message, my mission and my truth?”

Answer that and you won’t need to worry about who is lying to you – you’ll be aligned with your own truth. The more you align with your truth, the more truth comes your way.

What about you? Are you being lied to?

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