Help Yourself to Heal Others


“Healer, heal thyself”

is a mantra in our circles.

Healers do a monumental amount of work around clearing their past challenges and addressing their baggage.

Healers also spend a great deal of time and money investing in learning their tools – usually the very tools that helped bring them so much growth and peace in their own lives.

Once they’ve got the tools they cannot wait to get others to use the tools to help themselves. The excitement can be overwhelming to share your new-found and profound tool with everyone you meet. Right?

In fact, you’re sure it’s such a great tool that you decide to start a business helping others with the tool.

And in the beginning you might get some people interested – they come to you out of the curiosity factor, the desire to help you out or even the fact they are serial seekers – looking for the newest thing outside of them to get them feeling better.

Eventually though, the client stream reduces to a trickle and the always present ego starts telling you “See you’re not really good enough at this tool!”

Or it could be whispering even more devastating untruths in your consciousness – about how you’re not enough or how people think you’re a fraud or worse!

The final straw comes when you feel like you don’t have the energy to go on. And somewhere inside you a little light starts to go out.

Your light is what brought you to your tool in the first place. Your light is what tells you that you have big work to do in the world – to hold space for others to transform and see themselves as gifts. You want to walk your talk, but you’re feeling pretty low. And broke. And frustrated.


Lack of enthusiastic and repeat clients is NOT a sign from the Universe that you’re not worthy. It’s just a sign that your perfect people either don’t know you exist (maybe you don’t know who they are either) and/or they don’t understand what you can do for them, right now!

You know what needs to be healed here?

Your Money Mojo – and your Marketing Sense.

I know. You’re cringing right now aren’t you?

You HATE marketing, and fakery and putting yourself out there.  All the systems and classes you’ve tried have felt like you were playing dress up in your great grandma’s outfits – sort of cool for a short time but really uncomfortable and totally NOT YOU for the long haul.

So you gave up, and figured that healers aren’t supposed to be marketing any way.  After all, why would you be given these gifts if you weren’t supposed to use them?

I know. I’ve been there too.

Despite rising through the corporate ranks to high level sales and marketing jobs in international corporations and despite the fact that my first business went from $0 to a quarter-million in less than a year – when I started my healing practice – everything fell FLAT.

The good news is, you don’t have to be a former Marketing VP or top sales winner to do your big work in the world and get paid what you’re worth.  You don’t have to put on anyone else’s “Marketing Outfit” to be successful.  You simply have to tune into your highest self and follow some pretty basic steps to clear out the mindset muck, and create a system that let’s you easily pull in your perfect people on a consistent basis.

That’s what Grow Your Money Mojo is all about.

So tell me – what do you need to help with your money mojo woes?

Opportunities for Empowerment are Everywhere

I love watching TV.

I’m not one of those “never watch TV if you want to reach enlightenment” types.  (Although occasionally I wonder if I’d be enlightened if I stopped watching TV….

One of my favorite TV personalities is the chef Gordon Ramsay.  Not just because of his tall physique and lovely accent.  Not even because of his prowess in the kitchen.  Nope, I love watching this man work because no matter what show he’s on he’s actually an empowerment guru.

Sure, you might find his tactics harsh, but whether he’s slinging sarcasm on Hell’s Kitchen, encouraging home cooks on Master Chef or trying to knock sense into small, independent business owners on Hotel Hell and Kitchen Nightmares – what he’s doing, is getting people to their ‘aha’ moment.

The ones that succeed are those that realize that they actually do have control of their destiny.  The ones that continue to struggle are those that insist every challenge or loss is someone else’s fault.

I dig me some Chef Ramsay.


P.S. Any face readers out there — I think he has a very fascinating face with a great deal of back-story…would love your insights.