How To Write a Sales Page for Your Palmistry Business

Don’t Bother.

At least, don’t let it bother YOU right now. In fact, don’t let it bother you at all. But especially don’t waste time and energy and your personal bandwidth trying to get your sales page just right so that you can officially launch your business. This of course pre-supposes that you have a fledgling palmistry business. If, on the other hand, you are an over-booked and over-worked hand analyst, then by all means, let’s get cracking on that sales page to sift out your best people.

For the Fledgling Business Owner who happens to be a Palmist

Go back and re-read that previous sentence. The one where I talk about crafting a kick-butt sales page to sift out the less than perfect people and attract only the perfect people to your service… because that’s why you need the sales page to be really tight and perfect.

I know, you’ve been lead to believe that you MUST LAUNCH THE BUSINESS with mega fan-fare and lots of derring-do –not true. I know this first hand because when I sold my first business to dedicate all my time to building my Pragmatic Palmistry business I spent lifetimes in front of my screen crafting copy for people to learn about how to get their hands read.

Then I waited.

And I waited.


[Chairs, Sakowitz Brothers Department Store]

No one came.

Okay, one guy clicked through to email me, but what he wanted me to do with his hands wasn’t anything related to what I wanted to do. (ewww)

After a very long time of no-one using my sales page – which was at first named “Read my Hands,” I got pretty desperate because I was broke and no-one was buying and I felt like an idiot and a failure. I wanted to crawl under a rock and probably should have because what I did instead was — TWEAK THE SALES PAGE.


This means that everything ever written and posted in cyberspace is still there. It means everything you create and put out into the world will be accessible to you forever more. So relax because you don’t have to craft the perfect page for your website just now.

The crowded web means statistically it’s a VERY LONG SHOT (how long is it?!) that someone is going to sit down this afternoon and think, “I’d like to find a palmist” and then do a web search and find you and your sales page.

That’s a good thing. You are just getting your business off the ground and you want to build a reputation for being the awesomest Palm-reader for Yoga Teachers in the country so that when anyone, anywhere thinks about finding a palmist, they think of you.

That’s when your sales page will need to be very clear and specify that you work almost exclusively with yoga teachers, helping them build their brand with the help of their hands. The specificity will be important because you are so busy you don’t have time or energy to have a 200 person deep waiting list.

Who’s Looking at Your Sales Page Now?

If you don’t have a huge following and client base yet, chances are you are not swamped with business. (Don’t worry – you will be).

When you’re not swamped with business, the majority of the people who are ogling your sales page are other people who do what you do and want to see what you’re offering so that they can figure out what they should offer. Oh, and your mom and your best friend because you asked them for their honest opinion and they told you it was “beautiful” or “very clever”.

Do you really want to make a profit or do you want a pretty sales page that all the other readers from the realm admire?

Instead of spending precious energy and filling your frequency with downer dust, make a page that’s good-enough for now.

You don’t need to half-ass it, just set a due date and make it live and then let it go.

Letting go is amazing spiritual juice, (even better than that green stuff you’re chugging every morning) it allows you to move onto the work you’re really meant to be doing, like serving your clients, and gives you a chance to trust that as you serve your clients, they’ll start sending referrals your way. They may even recommend that others take a look at your sales page to see what you do.

Starting your business is a scary time for you and you’re at your most vulnerable.

Don’t let something like the sales page “working” or not convince you that you don’t deserve to get paid for your work! Want some help working around this and prioritizing where to spend your time in your business?

Give me a virtual ring at Peggie {at} PeggieArvidson {dot} com. I’ll answer you personally and we’ll work it out so that you feel better, and if I can, I’ll point you in the direction to lock down profit more quickly than you can on your own.

Feelings….Whoa Whoa Whoa Feelings

Anyone else remember that song?  Trust me, you do NOT want me to hum a few bars….

Feelings are always there. If you’re like me, you might not dig that. I’ve talked about how many of my childhood friends remember me as angry (see yesterday’s post, maybe there’s a reason? 🙂 ) and their memories of me were so different from my memories of me that it’s taken a  while to explore the memories and find the truth.

I sense much of my anger was a result of my inability to express emotions in a healthy way. There is no medical reason for this, just the feeling that from a very young age I felt the need to keep my emotions in check. My family is pretty much a normal (whatever that is) middle class (again, whatever THAT is) clan, we hugged, we kissed, we yelled and we got punished when we were in the wrong.

Somewhere along the line I got tired of being made fun of for my sensitivity. I can remember my nickname being Peggie “It’s Not Fair” Arvidson and over time I decided that the truth was life wasn’t fair and complaining about it didn’t change that fact so I’d better suck it up and get with the program.

My sense of fairness was deeply ingrained – ten years ago it was revealed that it’s a core component in my hardwiring via my fingerprints. As a kid I didn’t know what to DO with my feelings around justice and right and wrong and integrity so I cried and complained and wheedled and whined. I did not yet have the words or understanding to take what I saw and absorb what I was feeling from those around me and channel it into something productive.

So I did my best to shrug off anything that required depth and emotional involvement and set my sights on another component of my fingerprints – material success and put all the energy my left Saturn would allow into making money and getting paid well. (This is another nuance of the justice finger).

Wrapping all that together with my innate wiring around self-sufficiency (i.e., “I can’t trust anyone) and there you have a nice recipe for relying on myself, keeping others at arms length and carrying around a seething undercurrent of anger that is ready to explode at the slightest provocation.

Thank goodness for the ability to grow and expand in our lifetimes. Anger isn’t always bad or wrong, but when it’s misunderstood or covering up deeper emotions like sadness or fear or shame and combined with an inability to my own power and worth it can cause debilitating effects.  At least it did for me.

My misunderstanding of my own feelings led to some health consequences.  I’ve long known that what you repress is going to find an outlet – usually in a physical way.  I can look back now and realize that the skin challenges I had throughout my childhood and then again in my 30s and 40s were not only dermatological eruptions, but they were little shouts from my buried feelings.  Eventually I started making the connection as the skin challenges grew more severe but by then the physical deterioration had reached my gut.   When I was finally diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis I’d just started the inner work required to find a way to feel my feelings and allow them to be okay – no matter what they were.

Interestingly I understood this concept in theory a good 5 years before I really embraced it. I’m not delighted that I spent so many years sick and hiding that illness, but I am delighted to be coming out the other side of the illness. I am thrilled to have seen how my emotions over years affected this beautiful body of mine and I’m humbled to be able to share some of this with others, in the hopes that you can get out of your own way sooner than I did.  (I’ll bet you’d like to avoid the sensation of receiving 4+ pints of blood!)

This is NOT to say that I believe I or anyone deserves to get sick. I do not believe that we ask for illness or that God is punishing us.  I’m only putting forth the idea that our emotions are so much more powerful than we suspect. Certainly that was true in my case.  For nearly 30 years I’d done my best to avoid emotions that didn’t suit me and, well, they had to go somewhere.

If you’d met me during those times I doubt you would have known how much I was emotionally hiding out (I was so good at hiding that I didn’t know I was either!).  But if you knew me then and met me again now, you’d no doubt sense a difference.  I hear it all the time from old friends and it makes me smile. For me it’s a nod that I’m moving forward on my journey.

From an early age I’ve always wanted to help people learn whatever new thing I’ve mastered – be it tying my shoes, riding a horse or a new song on the piano.  This is one more of those things – finding ways to make it through the emotional morass that can keep us from our best and most whole self.

Feelings – they do a body good.

What about you – how do you deal with your feelings? Are there good feelings and bad ones? Do you judge yourself or others for having feelings?



The Bearable Lightness of Being

Bones in Heaven

With about 10 minutes of downtime before my next call I shut down all the open tabs on my computer and took a couple of deep breaths.  Closing my eyes I explored, with curiosity, what it was that seemed to be ricocheting inside me – somewhere between my conscious and subconscious brain.

It was, to my surprise, sadness.

There were a couple of short moments where I felt the hotness of tears welling in the back of my eyes and in my sinuses.  Like a child surprised by a sudden noise I caught my breath and uttered “Oh!”

Then it was time to move to the next appointment with one of my teachers. We have been friends and colleagues for nearly a decade and I felt the safety in our time together.  I told her what had just happened and appreciated her ability to hold that space for me.  We went on with our task at hand and I continued through my day – filled with surprises, laughter, good food and new friends.

As I went to bed I reflected on this moment of sadness, seemingly without reason that came in a wave in the middle of my day.  Usually, I’m a black or white kind of gal – I swing from all or nothing as easily as some folks can inhale a latte.  I’m hard-wired to try the hardest way to the finish line as possible, only changing course when I feel I can’t go on at all.  Then, as I shift course to hitching a ride to the finish I find the mental space to berate my weaknesses and chide myself for my lack of integrity in hitching the ride. (Sometimes it’s a wild thing to be in this head of mine!)

The brief moment of allowing sadness yesterday was fairly new.  I’ve been making some strides in finding the middle ground in my life.  For 15 years I’ve been hearing the preaching about balance and harmony and peace, and now I seem to be figuring it out.  That’s a relief and a welcome surprise.

You see, that sadness, it wasn’t mine.  I mean, obviously, it was mine as in I was feeling it and aware of it in my heart. But it didn’t stem from something personal or specific in my day.  Usually I think of sadness as a result of something bad or heartbreaking or scary happening in my life. This was more of a general sense of ennui that morphed into picking up thousands of losses, hurts, heartbreaks and fears in the world at large.

The pain that my clients might be facing as they grow and evolve, the anniversaries of great losses of my friends and my families, the doubts of the strangers I encounter in my daily living – and my never ending sense that there is more to be done despite my knowing that all is precisely as it should be.

Sadness isn’t an emotion that we like to visit. It’s not an emotion we allow others to express without a good reason.  Sure, we understand that you’re heart-broken over the death of a beloved friend, family member or pet, and most definitely we understand the grieving over another loss you may have experienced – be it a job, a marriage or the dream house, but other than that, we can’t imagine sadness having a reason to hang around.

How often do we think (or say out loud) to someone who is telling us their sob story for the umpteenth time “There are people with much greater pain than you – suck it up!”  (Or, is that just ME that thinks those things?!)

Yesterday’s moment of sadness wasn’t related to any of the above, not specifically and if I hadn’t given myself that 10 minute break from my day, I would have missed it altogether.  That’s the miracle to me.  Because in being fully present for the feeling, the depth of the sadness and the understanding that it was real and it was OKAY, I became more balanced and peaceful.  I didn’t try to fix it and I didn’t try to make it more or less than it was.

The sadness doesn’t own me, and neither does any other emotion.  It simply IS.  As I let it come in and express itself it also passes through and out – like waves at the ocean coming to shore and going back out again – exactly as it is meant to be.

This has me thinking – what emotions might you be judging as good or bad?  Are there any that ever surprise you?  Tell me in the comments.