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Welcome to the Profitable Mystics Group!

I’m Peggie, a brand & marketing mentor who is excited to support metaphysicians, artists, yogis and healers just like you.

I created this group for witty, smart and passionate people who are ready to take their “off the beaten path” business into profitability on their own terms. It’s a place where you can share your challenges and your successes. It’s a home base for cheering on other creative and spiritually driven entrepreneurs who want to rock their bottom line and their heart line!

Profitable Mystics



You’re in the right place if you are:
• A tarot reader, astrologer, numerologist, palmist, Reiki healer, psychic, yoga or meditation teacher, body worker, spiritual coach, writer, artist or oracle card reader who wants to take your practice from a hobby to a profit making business
• Looking for ways to streamline all the tasks around marketing and selling in your business
• Curious (or overwhelmed) about all the online opportunities to market and grow your business
• Ready to have a steady stream of perfect-for-you clients so you don’t have to sweat the bottom line each month
• Hoping to find business strategies that fit you like a glove!
Sound good? Yay! I can’t wait to get to know you better


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Do’s and Don’ts
Please don’t pitch your stuff EXCEPT on the promo threads. In fact, failure to follow this one rule will likely cause you to give up your spot in our group.


  • Share inspirational, fun and even silly thoughts, but not overused memes
  • Show us your personality in all it’s wonderfulness
  • Share relevant, useful tips that add value to the lives and businesses here
  • Ask questions about business, especially about blogging, social media, closing deals, booking clients, live networking, and creating connections with clients
  • Ask questions about spirituality, mystical tools and finding services
  • Ask for support when you need it, this group is filled with beautiful, brilliant people who have dedicated their lives to helping – so don’t be afraid to ask for what you need
  • Pipe up and share during specific “days” – see below
  • Put us as a “favorite” in your groups so you can come and visit often
  • Have FUN & Build relationships


  • Drop posts/links and leave. I know you want the world to see your newest blog post or ezine, but no one likes someone who is constantly pushing their stuff, right? So get to know people, find out what they want and need, and then on appropriate days you can share your links. This page isn’t a pitchfest.
  •  Pitch your business or event except on threads where they are requested
  •  Sell your MLM program here or private message people in this group pitching your stuff – it’s just not cool and you will be removed from the group for doing so
  • Create like/follow ladders – they are so NOT spiritually tuned in, and besides, they do not work
  • worry about always being right
  • post FB live videos on this page

A Guide to Our Special Days

Quick Start Monday: What’s your primary Focus this week for your business?

Take Action Tuesday: What are you doing to hit your goal for this week?

Modality Tip Wednesday: Share the inside scoop on your magical woo, i.e., “The Tower in Tarot can help you understand how toppling old habits can help you build new business in it’s place.”

Ask Me Anything Thursday: Perfect day to ask me questions about building your business – if you’re struggling with something post it! I’ll answer them on Fridays in a Live FB chat!

Promo Friday: Here’s the place to share your blog posts and upcoming events and services – but do me a favor and remember to check out others’ posts too

Share the Love Saturday: Tell us about a product, service, practitioner that you adore
There is an in-person group that meets regularly in Tucson, but you can benefit from membership no matter where you live in the world.

Highlights of each in-person program will be posted in the files and opportunities for virtual gatherings will be made available as well!

The Real Truth About Passion in Business

The Real Truth about Passion in Business.

Stop Waiting to Find the ONE Passion and Start Your Business NOW!

Are you waiting to find your ONE passion before you launch your business?

If you’re a spiritual type who wants to help heal the world in some way you may trick yourself into waiting until you find the “right” thing to focus on as your modality or way of helping. In fact you may think that all that’s standing between you and success is finding that one thing or passion!

My story is probably much like yours.

When I decided to help people using pragmatic palmistry (aka Hand Analysis) I was gung-ho and ready to make my first few thousand dollars in a week or so. After all I was an accomplished sales and marketing director in my corporate life and I’d started, grown and sold a very successful boutique pet-care company already. How hard could it be to build a palmistry business?

Boy was I naïve!

For some reason this business felt so scary to me. I was afraid I would never be as good at reading hands as the teacher who’d done my certification training, and figured she had the market cornered anyway. I thought if I took another class (or 20) I’d be better prepared and then I’d be ready to launch and would immediately see a profit.

Here’s what really happened – I took courses on blogging, newsletters, marketing for goddesses, marketing for hippies, how to have free conversations with prospects to get them to hire me, and went to conferences on overcoming my fears of success, my lack of self-confidence and more. In the seats next to me were men and women who did really cool things. They did things that were infinitely cooler than what I did. They talked to Angels and they helped spirits cross over. They were mediums, psychics, animal communicators, tarot readers, Reiki practitioners EFT trainers and so much more.

After the classes and seminars I’d go home and start researching whatever cool thing I’d just learned about, instead of applying any of the concrete tools I’d learned. It seemed that in order to make progress with my marketing I had to be 100% sure and passionate about my service as well as clear on precisely who would be my target audience.

On a good day I waver on what I want to eat at any meal, afraid of missing a better option just minutes later, it’s obvious that I would never be 100% sure that I’d want to read hands forever and ever amen. It seemed silly to go through mounds of templates and worksheets to identify my perfect client avatar because I might change what it was I did – to Animal Communication! Or Mediumship! Or whatever new idea popped into my head on any given day.

At the end of 5 years I was massively in debt (much of it to the coaches and workshops I had invested in to help me get my business up and running) and was certified as an Animal Communicator, an Angel Communicator, an Angel Oracle Reader, and had taken multiple mediumship and psychic development courses. I’d dabbled in Enneagram, Human Design, Numerology, Astrology, Yoga principles and practice, blogging, website design, freelance writing, wellness and nutrition and dog training, just to name a few!

This was doing nothing to help me clarify what my ONE THING was that I was called to do and I was annoyed and exhausted (and, um, broke!)

Luckily, it dawned on me that we are all here on Planet Earth to help ourselves and other people heal. That calling for us all shows up in infinite ways – from collecting trash to running a Country and everything in between. Therefore what I did was less important than why I did and how I felt while doing it.

What a light-bulb moment!

I could be on purpose doing ANYTHING at all! All I had to do was commit to doing something! (tweet this!)

Finally I did what I could have done years earlier – look at my own hands and find my blind spots and my core strengths. I selected the core design elements of my hard-wiring and looked at them from the highest and most challenging perspectives. Putting those notes together took me a month of hard-core self-study, meditation and writing until I finally had a plan to deliver my service in my own unique way.

What happened next?

I made a million dollars and lived happily and debt-free forever.


Not so fast sister!

What really happened is my focus shifted to specific action steps that worked with my hard-wiring instead of against them. I tossed any marketing template or lesson that was intrinsically opposed to my personal design and tweaked the other tools to work especially for me.

When marketing templates are not a fit for you it’s like being left-handed and trying to use a right-handed pair of scissors (tweet this!) – it doesn’t matter that those right-handed scissors are the Maserati of scissors! They just don’t work as well for you as a pair made for lefties would!

Eventually, day by day, action by action and subscriber by subscriber my business began to grow. It didn’t happen overnight, I haven’t made a million dollars (yet!) But my benchmarks are growing and expanding and my client base and profit are too. That’s the way real, sustainable and profitable businesses happen – one sale, one client at a time. (sorry, no magic button)

My personal system won’t work for you, but your one-size-fits-only-you plan will work for you, if you commit to working the plan.

Hopefully this helps you see that you can’t pick the wrong passion or focus for your healing/helping business. The only thing that’s “wrong” is using that idea to avoid getting started now. (I promise if you don’t start now, you’ll be in the same place, re-reading this post next year!)

If you want to learn more about how your hands hold the keys to your personal marketing design strategy, make sure you sign up for my newsletter here!


Are you Afraid of Failure?

Palmistry & fear of failure
Can Palmistry help you erase doubt and fear?

“Failure is not an option.”  What a power-driven cliché!  I hear it and feel like I need to be in a gym lifting three times my body weight in order to prove that I buy this mantra.

What if turned this idea on its head?

What if Failure is not an option because there is no such thing as failure?  I know you’re rolling your eyes right now (I’m psychic, remember?) but stick with me because the truth is fear of failure is the thing that keeps you stuck. Fear of failure is what keeps you sitting on the fence, afraid to pick job A or Job B because you’re afraid to make a mistake.

Fear of failure is what keeps you in a marriage that sucks your soul out. Fear of failure is what keeps you from posting your online dating profile. Fear of failure is what keeps you from launching your business, posting your artwork, singing your heart out at karaoke and submitting your name for that plum assignment you’ve worked your whole life toward.

Fear of failure is what keeps you from earning what you’re worth and being ravished the way you’re meant to be loved. Fear of failure is ruining your childhood dream of you.

But you see, you NEVER actually get to the point of ‘failure’ because you never take action.

So here’s an idea – give fear of failure the middle finger and find out what it’s protecting. Why is it hanging around in the first place?

“What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?” isn’t really all that useful to answer is it? You spend all your time filling notebooks with your dreams but you never take any action on them. You don’t actually face the reasons you’re afraid of failing and you simply lump them under the Time or Money heading (as in, not enough) and carry on with your life.

You might be so good at putting those dreams in notebooks and filing them away that you don’t even realize how fear is taking over your life.

Fear is just a tool for the ego, which is the little gremlin inside you that wants to edge out your true identity as Divine, so that it can keep you stuck.

Here’s a thought that occurred to me yesterday as I was putzing around my yard (avoiding things that were big and scary in my business)

“You are required to fail, consistently, until failure is no longer real to you.”


This is the way the Universe/God/Angels show up in my life – when I’m most busy in an effort to distract myself from the shit I don’t want to unearth and dig into because it’s SCARY to step into dreams – suddenly a brilliant phrase pops into my mind – fully formed – not like the way I write most of the time – in ellipses and dashes and autocorrect.

You can bet I wrote that muther down.

Then I went back to putzing. Because divine message or not, those peppers were NOT going to water themselves and no one else could worry about what to make for dinner like I could, amiright?

And now, here I am, writing about fear and failure.

There are so many opportunities to fail if we only let them in. it’s partly about reframing the word failure, but it’s also about recognizing who we are in the process.

I don’t think we have to do a happy dance every time something gets dorked up in our business or life. I’m not evolved enough to smile benignly when my computer crashes or when I give a talk and no one shows up. I can aspire to that, but why bother?

Most times that I feel like something has failed, I have a stern talking to myself in my head. Then I clear off my desk, write in my journal and go for a walk with the dogs, in that order.

A few days later my true self peeks around the corner in my mind to see if the ego has calmed down and if it’s safe to come out and regroup. This is a huge improvement – it used to take months or years before I’d revisit a perceived failure (if I’d revisit it at all).

This is the way the dance goes – while it’s part of my hard-wiring (whorls on both my thumbs mean a life purpose driven by a need for success), it’s also a universal quest for humans. So why do we keep ourselves from achieving success simply by allowing a fear of failure to keep us stuck?

Why do you think that is? How do you move through the fear to action?  I don’t have all the answers and I would love to hear from you – share your thoughts in the Facebook community, won’t you?