How Do I set Rates for my Palmistry Business?

Vintage Unisonic Model 940-B LED Electronic Handheld Calculator, Made in Taiwan, Circa the 1970s

I was a recruiter for several years for a big, international consulting firm and I’d have to hide my smirk every time a person with no experience and a brand new degree or certification insisted on earning the top  pay range for a given skill set.

While we rarely paid them the top dollar, if they proved their chops in technical interviews, and they had the people skills to make their team/client happy, we’d do whatever we could to bring them on board with a nice salary and various benefits.

The inverse is true in the metaphysical world.

If you have a Palmistry business, chances are you’re not earning what you’re worth, despite your skills and  years of study.

Some of the reasons?

  • Mindset
  • Prejudice against “greedy rich people”
  • Limiting beliefs about self-worth

What I hear most often is this catch-all –

“I’m not ready to charge yet!”

When you graduated college, chances are you DID go into the job market and ask fora salary in exchange for your experience, skills and time. So what’s the problem with charging now? You likely have MORE experience then you did then, right?

Of course you’ve got to get a handle on the mindset minefield and rework your relationship with money, and I know you’re working that process. So Today get ready to set your rates and feel good about it. Here are four quick actions for you to take:

  1. Get out a piece of paper and write down all the classes, workshops, certification programs, and free readings you’ve done since you began your exploration of your specific metaphysical or healing tool.
  2. Go through the list and add the new ones that just occurred to you. This is a MUCH bigger list of actual work than you originally thought, isn’t it? In fact, compare this to the amount of time you’d actually spent in the field before you applied for your first “real” job. Profound, eh?
  3. Just for giggles, tally up the amount of TIME you’ve spent in pursuit of your current level of expertise. In hand analysis, most “beginners” spend at minimum 104 hours in class time and another 100 hours conducting readings and participating in tutoring – just to complete their certification. That’s a minimum of 200 + hours!
  4. Do a quick calculation of the number of dollars you’ve invested in learning your specialty and working with coaches and specialists to help you build your business. Include those you’ve paid for legal advice, accounting advice, graphic design, web site hosting and whatever else you’ve purchased or invested in to make your business real in your own eyes.

Do you see that you are legitimately in business after this exercise?

I know it can take you a little more time to feel legitimate, but that time comes more quickly, when you are in business. What this means is, charge for your services!

What Rate is the Right Rate?

Here’s how to calculate your rate:

Take the square root of the hours you’ve spent and multiply that by the number of dollars you’ve spent and then divide it all by the density of the last meal you ate.


The process for calculating your rate (despite what many people will tell you) is practical and intuitive. Just like you.

Yes. There are books and gurus to tell you exactly how to calculate your rate and then in a few months, they will tell you to adopt a completely different model. So, you can go with the whims of the gurus or you can create a method that suits you.

If you decide to go with the method that suits you best, read on for some guidelines. (as with all my coaching, I work in guidelines – not tablets written in stone. You know yourself best at your core – I simply gently push you to get back there.)

These are GUIDELINES, you can create a completely different pricing model and be perfectly okay. This is YOUR business after all. The buck stops with you – the important theme being – the BUCK. You need to earn some.

  1. Look at your budget. Your business budget should include everything from the design of your logo to your business cards. If you’re not sure if something contributes to your budget, ask your accountant. Some people hate making budgets because they hate thinking of spending all that money. However, you’re going to spend that money anyway, being realistic gives you an incentive to be clear on what your bottom line looks like.Get a handle on how much you spend on your business/education/learning each month.
  2. Write down the amount of money you spend each month on your business. If you have expenses that are annual, or semi-annual, divvy them up into a monthly number.
  3. Are you expecting your business to provide your living expenses too? Get a handle on what that number is now. Include your annual insurance payment and other out of the blue expenses. Ultimately you want to avoid going into massive debt just to buy groceries.
  4. Total the business expenses and living expenses and voila – you have a number to earn each month!
  5. Before you get into whittling down your expenses, take a deep breath and ask yourself all the ways you can earn that money with your particular brand of magic. Let’s say you want to earn your money providing healing circles and offering Oracle readings – that’s awesome. Ask yourself (your Guidance, your Angels) how many hours you want to work each day/week/month. Or ask how many people you want to serve in that time-frame if that makes more sense for your purposes.
  6. Walk away from your calculations – go outside, talk to Mother Nature, walk the dog or stomp your feet on the ground. Take some deep breaths, feel into your body and relax. When you’re ready, head back to your calculator and ask your Guides for some assistance.
  7. Write down what you want to charge for your healing circles – from your heart, not your head.. Now write down how many circles a month and how many participants. Next, close your eyes, take three breaths and ask your Guides what number you should charge each participant. Write down that number.
  8. Take a look at the number and assess how it feels – are you nervous? Are you curious? Surprised? All good responses. If you feel a specific emotion – THAT’S TOO MUCH!!! Or it’s opposite, THAT’S NOT ENOUGH – toss the number out and go back to find a number that feels neutral in your body.
  9. Repeat steps 5-8 for the Oracle Readings and congratulate yourself on a job well done.

Now you have your rates and can feel confident in telling potential clients your rates when you’re ready to work with them.

This process can feel quirky and frustrating. It’s possible you’ll awaken a great deal of self-doubt. If you can’t kick that feeling to the curb on your own, let me know and together we’ll see if I can help. (reach me at Peggie {at} PeggieArvidson {dot} com.

The Auto-Immune Entrepreneur

Before I was diagnosed with an Auto-Immune disease I was one of those hard-charging Americans who thought that AI diseases were BS excuses made up in some whiny, over-privileged minds who wanted to get out of the hard-work necessary to be a success in the world.

Sadly, even after I was diagnosed I still held that belief.

With that belief and my diagnosis I decided to work harder so I could heal myself faster and get back to the business of running a business.  I really thought it was a case of mind over matter, and that if I could simply dig in and clear out whatever was wrong in my mind then the matter of my health would take care of itself.

So, how’d that work for me?

Not well.  At all.

Simply powering through and meditating and immersing myself in oils and supplements and books about diet changes and envisioning good health weren’t enough.

More than 5 years spanned the time from from first overt symptoms (I’m sure there were sporadic symptoms in the decades prior) to my first, somewhat erroneous diagnosis.

Three more  years passed before I arrived here, today.

I’d like to take you through the journey with me and share some of what I’ve learned – about healing and about running a business while living with a new “normal.”  It’s not all good, and not all bad.  And I don’t purport to have answers for anyone else, but I have some ideas and suggestions that may help you along the way.

Let me know what you most want to read/talk about when it comes to navigating your new normal.  Whether you’re newly diagnosed or a veteran – you have something to share and I can’t wait to learn and share with you!


Is it a Sign?

Powerful, I take responsibility for who I am, what I do, and what happens to me.

In my line of work as a coach who uses spiritual truths to enhance practical living, I receive a number of random email questions. The second most common* question that comes my way is “How do I know if this is a sign?”

In the emails, the writer describes a situation, a comment, a song, or thing that’s happened. Then she (it’s almost always a woman who writes to me!) tells me what she thinks it means and how she’s been looking for direction or insight or help. Then she asks me, Is this really a sign?”

Reading this you might say to yourself, “what she’s really looking for is validation.”  And you’d be right. But put yourself in this lovely seeker’s situation, and you start to see how easy it is to doubt your intuition. And how easy it is to look outside of yourself for confirmation and validation.

Here are some of the things these women are struggling with, the questions they want to answer so they can transition into their passions:

  • Will I be okay if I take the new job offer even though it doesn’t pay more than my current job?
  • Should I give him another chance even though he’s lied to me?
  • If I start my own business will I be able to enjoy the life I already know?
  • Is it time to leave this relationship, even though I’m desperately afraid of being alone?
  • Can I maintain my quality of life if I change careers at my age?

Most of these women are feisty and funny.  They’ve been struggling with these and related questions for months (and sometimes YEARS) and the questions are leading to more questions and opinions from well-meaning friends and family. Which leads to more confusion and self-doubt.  It’s a nasty cycle.

In most cases I go directly to the heart of the matter in an email response. Not everyone loves my direct approach, but I feel so strongly that our lives are meant to be bold and beautiful (no, I never watched that soap) that I feel compelled to bring the truth to light so that people can make choices right away to start living the dreams they say they want.

This brings me to the question which I’ve been asked a lot over the last few weeks (and this week especially), “Is this government shut down a sign?”  “Is it a message of some sort?”

You need to remember that I live in the DC metro area. Many of my neighbors, friends and family are employed in some way or another by the Federal Government. These folks are on both sides of the political aisle and are deeply affected by this situation. You might not live in the area and you might not know someone who is temporarily out of work, but you still can benefit from my answer.

The government shut-down is definitely a sign and a message.

It’s a call to action for those of us who know we have spiritual work to do in a practical world. It’s an opportunity to revisit our priorities as individuals and members of our local and global community. I see it as a clear sign that you can make choices every day to be in charge of your own destiny.

I am so *&%^% passionate about this idea – taking control and owning your own power – that I’m overwhelmed with the desire to put my hands on your shoulders, look directly into your eyes and tell you that YOU are ESSENTIAL. The world really, deeply needs you and your gifts – whatever they are. I’ve been squashing this fire down because I didn’t want to overwhelm people or scare them with the reality of their own responsibility – for themselves and for the world. No more.

No more hiding out because this situation is a sign – to own your truth and your value in the world, and that goes for me too.

There is no sugar-coating the fact that the loss of a paycheck (even if it’s temporary and you’re going to get back pay whenever you go back to work) can significantly change the quality of your life. It might affect your ability to pay the rent or the mortgage, your ability to get the medicines you need or your ability to feed and care for your pets. Maybe it’s less visceral but equally scary – affecting your ability to socialize, travel and indulge yourself in self-care the way you’d like. No matter, the point is when you’re worried about finances, it’s harder to be YOU in the world and trust that the Universe has great faith in you and will care for you.

The deeper message is this – whenever you put someone else in charge of your worth, you’re at the risk of having your worth and well-being change with the wind. If you can afford that, wonderful! The same is true with investing – some investments are meant to be held for the long-haul, but you’d never be advised to invest more than you could afford to lose in the short term. So why would you invest your precious life’s purpose in something that doesn’t value you?

Signs are always present and they present you with an opportunity to trust your intuition and lean into your truth. They are affirmations of what you already know to be true and they are guideposts to moving into the rhythm of the life you are passionate about. However, they don’t change anything – it’s you who have the opportunity to take action and follow the signs.

Are you ready? Would you like to talk and find out how to take action based on your signs? I’d be honored to listen to your dreams.


* The most common question I receive? “I have a short life line, does this mean I’ll die young?”