14 Things You Should Know Before You Start a Woo-Woo Business

Thinking of starting a palmistry business? Read this first.

If you’ve had a reading by a professionally certified hand analyst, you know it changed your life! When that happens it’s natural that you want to go deeper into the process that so changed your life.

That is what happened to me! I had a hand reading in the Spring and by the Fall I was enrolled in a year-long certification program to become a hand analyst. At the time I had only a few vague ideas about becoming a professional hand reader. While I’m so glad to do the work I do today, helping palmists and others like them build businesses using the code in their hands, there are still a number of things I wish I’d known before I hung out my shingle.  Here they are.

  1. How patient are you? Building a palmistry business takes time and steady devotion. My first company was making a profit within 6 months and I had more than 10 years’ experience in corporate sales and marketing so I thought setting up and running a palmistry business would be a piece of cake. I spent a ton of time on things like logos and color schemes and jumping from one goal to another – this was time I should have spent focusing on one goal at a time.
  2. Who do you serve? Resist the urge to be everything to everybody. I know you’ve heard it a million times, but the easiest way to build your palmistry business is to focus, either on a specific clientele or specific results. The surest way to burn out and go broke is to try to help everyone who has hands. (Ask me how I know this.)
  3. What are you really offering? Clarify the features and benefits of your services so that you know what you want to offer and how you want to offer it.
  4. What are you willing to do? Decide what type of palmist you want to be. Do you want to make your money on the road doing fairs and wine shows? Would you rather work big corporate events and parties? Perhaps you want to focus on being the reader in a well-known local shop? You could also focus exclusively on one-to-one readings by phone or in person. While you don’t have to etch these decisions in stone, it’s a good idea to know what you want and don’t want to do to build your business and make money. I spend 80% of my work time doing one-to-one client work and mix up the other 20% with winery events and private parties. In the past I’ve worked at local shops and had some good and some bad experiences. (I’m working on a post on what you should know about becoming a “resident reader.”)
  5. How much is it worth? Determine your rates. Create your rate sheet and packages or offerings. Once you know how you want to deliver your services (see #5) you can begin to formulate rates, service offerings and packages that serve your preferred clients. Clarify your pricing for classes, workshops and other offerings if you intend to include them in your business.
  6. How much money do you need? Get up close and personal with your numbers. If you are the sole breadwinner for yourself and your family, spend a few hours up to your elbows in financial projections. Knowing how much money you HAVE to earn to pay your bills and still maintain your quality of life is important. This will help you set your rates, set your working hours and get your butt in gear to make it happen.
  7. Can you work double-duty? Don’t quit your day job, just yet. First, there is nothing wrong with having a day job or bridge job to make sure you and your family continues to have a roof over your heads. In fact, I applaud your foresight. Just make some clear contracts with yourself if you intend to quit that day job by a certain date. You can definitely run your palmistry business part-time, but you still need to treat it as a business for it to grow.
  8. What do you want your client’s to feel when they work with you? Create a new client welcome experience package. Have a system for interacting with new clients every step of the way. Include everything from introductory email responses to the actual packet you mail to clients prior to their session. Include your “rules of the road” from the very beginning so client’s know and understand your hours, your scheduling and your boundaries regarding payments and no-shows.
  9. How organized is your time? Invest in, or create a time management system that allows you to keep overwhelm at bay. This can include systemized emails, a time-scheduling software and a personal/business calendar or bullet journal that can help you stay on track.
  10. What kind of storage do you need? Decide how you’ll store hand prints. People will want to know what you do with their prints after they’re made. Have a system in place to keep their privacy safe. If you intend to use their prints for any reason, be sure to have a waiver in your welcome package that requests their approval.
  11. What’s your domain name? Set up your website and have a concrete content creation plan.
  12. How will you keep in touch with your peeps? Review and set up an email content delivery program (I use Mailchimp) for sending direct newsletters to your list.
  13. What content will you deliver? Start creating content that appeals to your desired client. Make a list of 24 topics that you can write about and start there. (this will give you enough for two articles in one year!)
  14. How social are you? Choose your primary social media platform. It’s best to pick a platform that you already use and like. If you use social media, show up consistently. If you aren’t ready to be consistent, it’s best that you don’t dabble. Resist the temptation to try to be everywhere on social media in the very beginning. This doesn’t work!

I know it can seem like a lot, but I promise you, addressing these topics BEFORE you decide to launch your business will help you organize and get traction in your marketplace much more quickly than if you simply jump in and “wing it.”



Forget the Avatar!

Business stalled because you haven't finalized your client Avatar? Stop the madness! There is another way. PeggieArvidson.com

If you’re stalled in your business because you can’t figure out your client Avatar, I want you to promise me something…you’ll start your business anyway. Now, in fact.

I want you to commit to starting where you are, today, to go out and meet potential clients. I want you to know that there isn’t actually an elite school, heart-felt femipreneur system that must be mastered before you can have a profitable business. That’s all stuff that gets in your head and has you SPENDING money instead of making money.

I’m a fan of investing in yourself and your business, on practical, specific tools and systems that will help you do the thing you haven’t yet figured out how to do. I am not a fan of spending money to figure out your avatar, or worse, to find out that you’re supposed to have a perfect avatar so you can create a marketing plan. I really hate that.

Presumably you’ve done the training you deemed necessary to become a palmistry professional, so that’s all you need right now. REALLY.

Instead of waiting to market, create content and sell your service until you have a target/avatar, how about re-thinking the process altogether?

I’ve found that trying to create an avatar before logging serious hours working with paying clients is like trying to finish a 1000 piece puzzle with 300 pieces missing! No matter what you do it just won’t be complete without those missing pieces. In terms of Avatars – you can’t have those pieces completed without first having dozens of relationships with potential and paying clients!

Avatars don’t buy things and they don’t purchase or invest in your service. People do. (go ahead, Tweet that!)

Over time and with enough relationships and conversations you’ll naturally narrow your focus.  However, you cannot narrow focus until you’ve tried a number of possibilities.  Even doctors go through rotations before selecting their specialties – and then they have even more school and clinical “practice” time before they’re out in the world practicing solo!

Why in heaven’s name would you know exactly what problem you want to solve and for whom without REAL time in the saddle of doing your business?

Sure there is value to being as focused as you can be with the information you currently have, waiting until you’ve hit “perfection” is going to make you (and everyone who loves you) CRAZY.

So what’s a New Palmist to do?

Go through these questions instead. Focus on where you are RIGHT NOW, not where you want to be or how you’ll use this moment to jump you to a quadrillion dollars and a 6 figure launch. Just start here and aim for your first (or next) 5 paying clients, okay? (and by paying clients, I mean clients who pay your full rate!)

  • What information do you have now about who you’d like to work with and what you’d like to do?
  • What hours do you want to work? (M-F; 9-5 or Tues and Thursdays and an occasional Saturday from 3-9pm?) This is your company sweetie, so make it yours! (DO NOT worry about when other people want to work with you, especially if you have tons of water in your hands, loopy fingerprints or a Big Heart Heart Line)
  • How do you prefer to deliver your service? (Face to face? On the phone? Via Video? In writing? Email? Skype? Facebook Chat?)
  • How do you want to connect with clients and real people? (It doesn’t matter how much of an introvert you are, you’re going to have to talk to people as long as you expect people to pay for your services. If you can get books, dogs, cats or plants to pay you, then you don’t have to talk to people)
  • How do you want to feel when you’re delivering your service?
  • How do you want your clients to feel when they’re receiving your service?
  • How can you help people most? (This isn’t about helping everyone with everything, this is about how you, personally, with your gifts and talents and experience that is uniquely you, can help most)
  • Why is it important to you to help people?
  • Why is it important to you to make money?
  • Who can’t you help? (come on, there are some people that just aren’t your cup of tea, so get honest about it now so you don’t keep attracting them to your business.)
  • Are you an in-person practitioner or virtual?
  • What problems and challenges have YOU overcome that deeply influence your vision of the world?
  • How do you feel about politics and religion?
  • What other skills do you bring to the table that can help people? Do you want to use them?

This should get you started.

Now, you’re off!

Instead of focusing on an Avatar, start focusing on people. People you know are a great place to start. Ask them about their hopes and dreams and fears. Find out their challenges and problems and their big wins. Become a student of people and relationships!

Find out what drives the people you know batty. Make a commitment to get to know (better) everyone who seems remotely interesting to you. In other words, people who you’d like to get to know anyway. (Notice I didn’t say anything about people whom you think may be interested in you?!)

When you start approaching this from a point of genuine curiosity and interest it’s no longer about you, you, you. It’s about the other person. This is how friendships and relationships are made.

Now as you develop relationships you can give yourself permission to be you when talking about your palmistry business instead of feeling like you have to SELL or Keep it Quiet. As you build relationships, people tend to talk about what they do for a living. Not because they are selling it, but because they are getting to know one another.

People who like you want to learn more about you. (yeah, they do!)

The thing you may not be facing. (But maybe you are. Either way, it’s awesome.)

If you don’t want to talk about your palmistry business, why is that?

  • Do you feel pressure to sell a session?
  • Do you feel pressure to give a session away?
  • Are you unsure of the benefits of a reading?
  • Are you afraid that your new friend won’t get it?

Investigate these feelings because it’s a key to what’s really stalling your profit (hint, it’s not a lack of an Avatar).

Now get out of your own way by practicing being you and talking to people!

Sometimes I think our society has lost the art of casual conversation. There are people I know who brag that they don’t have conversations that aren’t meaningful. Mmmmkay. But who the heck are they talking to for all the meaningfulness? Do they meet someone at the coffee shop and launch into DEEP, SOUL-SEARCHING stuff? I can’t imagine that’s a very fulfilling way to be. Plus, how do they meet new friends when all their old friends simply want to shoot the breeze?

The point is, all relationships are built like everything else (especially profitable businesses) one step, one conversation at a time. That’s how an avatar emerges. It’s a compilation of all the real people you know and have encountered.

She’s got quirks and strengths, she is a terrible speller and is embarrassed as heck about it, and she admires people who always look put-together but she couldn’t spend the time or money to make her own style board. She’s real YO!

My proposal

What I’m proposing is that you turn the whole idea of an Avatar on its head for a while. As you build a client base (and profit) your Avatar will emerge as a gorgeous blend of all the amazing people you’ve helped in the meantime.

Until then, create content, packages and services that serve people you would like to work with and you know you can help. I swear it can be so much easier than you’ve been led to believe.

And while not every Palmistry professional has an Avatar that is remarkably similar to themselves, many do. Why? Because you’ve got to be able to walk in someone’s shoes to really understand how they think and what motivates them. For now remember the best way to walk in their shoes so to speak is to talk with them and get to know them and you can do that now!

Go forth and grow your palmistry business! And if you want to be sure to get the latest posts from the blog and the secret goodies I share with my #PalmNation tribe, register for the newsletter today.

Jumpstart Your Business with These Fixes

5 Reasons You’re Not Booking Enough Clients and What to do about it!


Stop Struggling. 5 Reasons You're Not Booking all the palmistry clients you need and what to do about it. peggiearvidson.com

You’ve finished your year-long hand analysis certification, or your weekend intensive and you cannot wait to take the world by storm!  Congratulations! You are overflowing with information about the wisdom in the hands and you are so excited to share it with anyone and everyone who will listen.

The problem is, no one is BUYING. Sure, people are willing to have you look at their hands if it’s free but when it comes to ponying up their hard-earned dollars for you to read their hands the brick wall goes up and you get shut out.

It’s painful and a little embarrassing. After all, you spent a few thousand dollars in pursuit of your knowledge, with the understanding that you’d make that money back once you started reading hands professionally. So why isn’t it working?

11 years ago I was in your shoes. Six years ago I was still struggling to figure out what I was “missing,” and began desperately seeking a quick solution to help me turn a profit. I’d sold my previous business to concentrate on hand analysis and coaching and was quickly running out of the money I’d made in the sale. Despite having keen business skills and a decade of marketing experience under my belt, I was treading water, hemorrhaging money, and I hated it.

Today my business is profitable. I am paying off the debt I accrued in the “dark times” and can honestly say life feels good again and my business is worthwhile. I’ve learned so many things in this journey to profitability and I love sharing what I learned with you.

This post is a down and dirty look at five reasons people aren’t buying palmistry readings from you and what do about it.

  1. You don’t actually believe that people will pay what you are charging for a Palm Reading. Yup. The truth hurts but once it’s out in the open it’s so much easier to live with! In my years as a professional hand reader I’ve met hundreds of people who don’t believe that a palm reading is worth $50.00 much less $250! That takes a toll on your mindset doesn’t it? Even if you’ve been a hard-core salesperson for more than a decade, all that rejection, coupled with mystified looks when you tell people what you do for a living wears you down. Once you’re worn down you begin to worry that palmistry is too woo-woo for your audience or that your audience only thinks that palmistry is for laughs or parties.

What to do: Dig in and discover WHAT a palmistry reading really is. Get into your own soul and reference the results you first saw after your own reading. Create a mantra like, “Who WOULDN’T want to have their hands read?” and let that guide your confidence and conversations as you go out and attract clients. The point is, budgets are highly personal! Someone may spend $300 on dog food for their precious pet but wouldn’t spend $5.00 on a cup of coffee. Don’t buy into the idea that money and pricing are logical, they’re emotional. Find a way to create an emotional connection between your perfect client’s needs and the outcomes they can receive in a reading with you to help you turn this mindset around.



  1. People are afraid of predictions or that you’ll see something “bad.” It’s interesting how many people go to Tarot readers and wouldn’t go to a palmist, don’t you think? This indicates that what we have here is a failure to communicate the benefits of a palmistry reading to the general public. When people tell you that they are afraid of having their hands read, or that their religion forbids it, what’s your response? If you feel tense, angry, rejected or fearful, you’re subliminally sending that message to the person to whom you’re speaking. This drives home their gut response that what you do is scary.

What to do: Make it your personal mission to disseminate excellent content that assuages people’s fears about palmistry. That can be in the form of giving talks to clubs and professional groups in your community, producing excellent content for your blog, leading a networking group, writing for the local paper, producing videos and/or podcasts and more.  Oh, you’re thinking, “but I don’t have TIME for that!”???  What are you spending your time on? Use this time when you’re business is slow to create and share some outstanding forms of communication. If it’s your mission to educate the public on why a palm reading will change their life, it won’t be long before you are changing lives with your readings.



  1. You overcompensate in “get to know you” calls/meetings or mini-readings. It’s so exciting to share what you see in a person’s hands that it’s hard to calm down and pace yourself. This was my biggest and hardest to overcome challenge! (What can I say? I’m a giver!) Every time I would give a mini-reading I’d dive right in to answer the client’s question that I’d end up going over time and overwhelming my potential client with so much information that their head was spinning. (I know, because I asked them later why they didn’t book with me.)

What to do: Remind yourself that this isn’t a test to see what you know about the hand, nor is it a chance for you to wow your potential client with how palm-savvy you are. Use your mini-readings or get to know you calls to find out exactly what’s ailing the client. Ask excellent questions before you do the mini-reading to figure out what one nugget in their hand might be the culprit keeping them stuck and focus on that one point for the length of your mini-reading. (I recommend keeping the reading to no more than 5 minutes). Then finish up with a query, “What would it be like to get all the details you need to put this problem to bed, once and for all in 3 months?” (or something like that depending on what the client is facing and what you see in the hand as tools to help them.) If they want to know more, tell them about your private sessions/coaching plans and ask them if that sounds like something they’re ready for.  Either way, thank them for their time and ask their permission to follow up and to add them to your email list. (BONUS NOTE: Most people actually aren’t ready to heal even if they think they are. It’s no reflection on you. Even Freud made note of this phenomena!) (ANOTHER BONUS ACTION TIP: Go ask the people who had free readings why they didn’t purchase one!)



  1. You don’t have a clear focus on how you want to help. If you don’t know what problem you most enjoy solving for your clients you’ll be spewing information far and wide on all kinds of topics and missing opportunities to connect with your perfect clients.

What to do: Get honest with yourself and decide what it is you really want to do with your business. The dream is to be booked solid, but if you imagine that, what topic do you want to spend your days talking about? What would bore you to tears and what would excite you? What kinds of people drive you ape-shit and what kind of people make you happy when you see them?  Use that information to start formulating a plan and a focus.  Resist the temptation to judge yourself or get bollixed up trying to find the one, perfect, focus. That kind of thinking will keep you stalled. The point now is to pick something that feels good enough (yes, I just said that) and act on that focus. You can shift and change after you’re booked solid if you want to, or you can zig your way to a variation, but you can’t do any shifting or zigging until you’re booking clients steadily.  (BONUS STORY: I ALWAYS knew that I wanted to teach content marketing skills to entrepreneurs/healers but I talked myself out of it for a million reasons over 10 years. Now that I’m doing what I always wanted to do, things are easier, and more importantly, more fun!)



  1. You don’t really know what you’re offering. This goes back to where we started. If you don’t really know the value of what you’re delivering, you can’t explain it to your perfect people. If you can’t explain it to your perfect people you’re not going to be a great ambassador for palmistry and the results your clients get when they work with you.

What to do: When you focus on the results your clients get when they work with you, it’s much easier to translate your value to your desired marketplace. As you give talks, produce content, and share your message across social media it’s consistent and valuable. When people resonate with YOU and the results they can get working with you, they buy into the idea of investing in working with you. They’re not buying a hand-reading; they are purchasing a change of their quality of life. Whether you help clients change jobs, heal their gut, figure out their accounting, create a blog, or write a book, make sure you are clear on how using the hard-wiring in their hands will make all the difference in their results.


Now it’s time for you to book some clients. If you’re not sure how to start, sign up for the Professional Palmist newsletter (which is DIFFERENT from the main newsletter I send to PalmNation every two weeks) and join the Profitable Palmist Facebook group. Of course, I’m always happy to talk about a private mentoring program if you’re ready to see results in the next four months!