Palmistry at Fairs

The Helping Hand|Guidance for Making Your Palmistry Business Profitable

A long line of the palmistry curious!
A long line of the palmistry curious!

Now that you know the ins and outs of getting paid for providing Palmistry at private parties, it’s time you have the tools you need to show up like a pro at community events and local fairs. Whether you’ve booked a table at the local Farmer’s Market, the Wine and Craft fair or the Concert circuit, you want to show up like the bad-ass you are and leave with an expanded client list and some serious money in your bank account.

Fairs and community events are awesome opportunities to grow your business and bottom line and it’s an excellent opportunity to expand your social and networking skills as well. There are people who base their entire business model on traveling from show to fair to show – it’s a great lifestyle for hippies and nomads as well.  Eager to get started? Here’s a check-list for you:

  1. Know your WHY. Why the heck do you want to go to this show or fair? This is a two-fold question. First, why do you want to do THIS particular show or fair? It could be the venue, the prestige, the bands or the wine or any other personal preference you have. If you don’t dig the venue or event, no amount of professionalism and preparation is going to make it a profitable or pleasant gig. Do yourself a favor and make sure you are psyched to be heading to the event. If you’ve been to the event before and know you’d gladly pay to buy yourself a ticket to go, odds re you’re going to love being there as an exhibitor.  The next why has to do with your business. What’s your goal for the event? (and please don’t tell me, “To get my name out there!”) Great goals are specific and measurable – do you want to increase your subscriber base for your newsletter? Would you like to meet event planners so you can book private events? Do you know how much money you’ll need to make to earn a profit?  Think in terms of numbers and deadlines when determining your business goals.
  2. Before you pay for your space, find out how many visitors come to the event. Get an idea of the demographics of the average attendee, the more you know, the more you can do to appeal to their needs and desires. If the demographic is not coherent with your perfect client, you can save yourself some money and skip the event as a vendor. Do they pay to attend or is it free to the public? (People who pay to attend events may be more inclined to pay for someone like you to come to their private event, or to pay you for your services at the event.)
  3. Find out what the restrictions are on your space, is there an electrical outlet for your magnifying lamp or do you need to bring batteries? Can you set up a tent at an outdoor space or are you at the mercy of the elements? How close will you be to the other vendors? Finally, what, if any furniture will be provided by the venue?  If you need a table and chairs make sure you understand the space width and depth before you sign up to ensure you have the necessary equipment!
  4. Design your booth with your perfect client in mind. What’s likely to call to them?  If you’ve been to this particular event in the past, you have a good idea of what draws a crowd and what doesn’t. Ultimately, you’ll want to put your spin and razzmatazz into your space, but make sure  it’s appealing to the people who are in attendance.  Some design hints: Varying the height of displays on your table draws the eye in; If you have printed material make sure the headline is large enough to be read from five feet (or more) away; Offer a free game or drawing entry; Make sure you have a semi-private area for mini-readings and an obvious sign up sheet for people to use if you’re in a reading when they come by.
  5. Are you offering a drawing? It’s a great tool to encourage people to exchange their email and contact information with you! They provide the required information and they receive a chance to win your give-away. Just make sure your giveaway is  enticing enough for the people in attendance. If you’re at a winery event, why not provide a gift certificate for the winery’s tasting room, a high end cheese or chocolate and two wine glasses a cutting board with your business name on it and a wine opener? Make your prize something that’s talked about before and after the event – not about you. When people sign up for a chance to win the package, make it clear on the entry form that they are going to receive a free subscription to your ezine, blog, podcast or whatever it is that use for communicating regularly with your clients. On average I recommend spending no more than $100 on your prize package.
  6. Are you conducting mini-readings? Make that clear for the attendees! Your signage should state what you’re offering and how much it costs – 15 minute Palmistry readings for $20 here!
  7. If you’re offering mini-readings, is it easy for people to gather information at your table while you are busy?  In a perfect world, you’ll have an assistant who is well-versed in your business to speak with interested guests while you are busy doing readings. An assistant is also great for keeping you on time with your readings. At the end of each mini-reading, be sure to encourage the client to tell their friends to come by and say hi! Word of mouth like that is priceless and it’s FREE advertising.
  8. When you are not conducting readings do not sit behind your table – stand or sit beside the table or better yet – get out in front of your booth and smile and chat with people coming by. This isn’t about being a cheesy salesperson, but it is about being a gracious host or hostess. Think of everyone who stops by as someone who is curious about you and your business – they’ve come to your shop and want to see what you’re all about. You don’t need to sell them anything – you simply need to be you and have a conversation.
  9. Have some Welcome Kits ready for those people who are ready to purchase a full length reading. (Welcome Kits can include your contract, ink sheets, instructions for making hand prints and details for returning the prints and scheduling their session.) Collect the money for your full-readings before giving away Welcome Kits!
  10. How are you going to collect money? In 2015 people are less likely to carry cash than ever before! There are nearly unlimited ways to collect fees using electronic devices these days, make yourself familiar with at least one and have that available for people who want to purchase a full reading or even a mini reading but don’t have cash. Yes, you’re going to pay a fee to bank for using this device, but you’re a pro and you’ve set your price at a number that honors your value and the value the bank provides to you, haven’t you?
  11. Have fun! When you arrive do your best to meet some (or all) of the other vendors and make some friends. This is a great way to build business alliances with other entrepreneurs and free-spirits who are likely to send their customers over to meet you too.

Now – go forth and profit and have a blast.  Feel free to share your successes, add your questions and relay your tips in the comments!


Is Everyone Lying To You?

World's Biggest LiarEven if you’re not a conspiracy theorist like me

these days your BS meter is likely on high alert. It seems like no matter where you look someone is trying to convince you of their ‘side’ of some story. And it’s not just in the media or politics any more!

The Best Way to Get Clients

Coaches have been taught that the best way to get the most clients is to identify their pain and to promise their special solution. Frankly, this is Marketing 101 and it’s been done since the first caveman tried to sell the second caveman his nifty stick for lighting fire.

With the advent of the internet, this marketing method got built to epic proportions and edged out nearly all every other way to market goods or services. I’m glad to see that some of those “old-fashioned” methods, like real relationships, live networking and long-term solutions are coming back (and even being touted by some cutting-edge coaches as the “new marketing model”).

Is it True?

I’m not the world’s authority on this but here are some True/False Statements for you to ponder. Why not go through them not only with an eye to being lied to (or not) but with the mirror, asking where you feel comfortable on this spectrum. My life lesson is on both my pinkies – so I’m highly attuned to questions of trust and building intimacy, which may be why my BS detector goes into high gear often. I’m not saying I’m right, but I AM aware.

When my desire to call Bull on someone goes through the roof, I know I need to take a hard look at my own systems, marketing practices and motives as well.

True or False *

  • In order to build a successful healing, intuitive, creative or coaching business you have to hit rock bottom and build it from the ground up.
  • If you follow XYZ plan to a T you will [lose all the weight; make all the money; have all the s*x].
  • To build a mega-income you have to build a massive (in the tens of thousands) email list.
  • If you have a super big email list you’re just a smarmy marketer.
  • To make the money you deserve you have to teach group classes.
  • In order to get paid what you’re worth you must make your time the highest premium item on your services menu.
  • Once you earn high six figures your life will be perfect.
  • Building your business means you have to do webinars and teleclasses.
  • Marketing requires you to do live networking
  • All networking feels craptastic unless you have a super-secret script to follow
  • You never have to network if you have a massive email list.
  • Success Internet marketing means you spend all your time on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and Tumblr.
  • If I don’t pay attention to SEO my business will die.
  • Being just like (your guru of the week) means that I will have everything they seem to have and I’ll be happy.
  • More money makes me happy.
  • Less money makes me happy.
  • Divine guidance will ensure I earn a profit.
  • Following a prescribed program will show me how to use Divine Guidance to make a profit.
  • I can’t use Divine Guidance without a teacher showing me how to do it right.

* There are no right answers here. I’ve compiled this list from the things I hear and see on a regular basis in my rounds of the marketing world.

The Thing about Marketing

Y’all know I LOVE marketing. I love making money and I love being in business. I’ve tried NOT loving it and it doesn’t work, for me. This love affair has lead me to read, invest, observe and follow-up with nearly every single “new” idea in marketing, sales and micro-business for more than a decade.

This means that I’ve seen my share of lying and deceit. I’ve also seen a number of things that fascinate and impress me by their results. I’ve dissected why and how different people do what they do with their marketing campaigns. I applaud innovations that receive massive results, even if I personally couldn’t stomach the innovation in my own business.

Once we take the emotion out of marketing, we can see it as a TOOL to help us be in business.  Of course good marketing is all about an emotional connection and reaction, so the question that requires answering when you are building your profit is this, “How can I market myself effectively and in complete alignment with my message, my mission and my truth?”

Answer that and you won’t need to worry about who is lying to you – you’ll be aligned with your own truth. The more you align with your truth, the more truth comes your way.

What about you? Are you being lied to?

What Do I Put in My About Page?

I spend a lot of time urging you to be yourself in your business and what better place to be yourself than your About Page? I know, you spend all kinds of time worrying about your sales page (See this post) but how much time have you spent on your About page?

It’s Like a Blind Date, but Not Really (thank goodness)

Will you go for a date?

Your About page is like a blind date of sorts. It might be the first step to a really beautiful and fulfilling relationship. It’s a place for you to invite people in and let them get to know you. Just as you would on a date, you want to put your best self forward – be completely and wholly you (after all, if this were a date and the relationship is going to last, your new friend will find out about the quirky way you load the dishwasher),

Do Some Research

Look around the internets. Search different topics and services that you are interested in. When you find one click on the About page and breathe in what’s there. Listen to your gut – do you like these people? Would you want to spend time getting to know them better? Do you think they would understand you and your individual joys, quirks and fears?

Or do you find yourself tapping your fingers, waiting for them to get the point? Are you still unsure why they do what they do, but you are impressed as heck by all those certifications that you don’t have?

Let’s Get Started

Tap into your own gut and make notes (mental notes are fine) about what you liked and didn’t like about the different pages you reviewed. What you’re looking for is the FEELING you had as an observer when you read the page. (And, I know you are so much smarter than this but I have to say it , just because you liked what someone said, DO NOT LIFT THEIR WORDS AND PUT THEM ON YOUR ABOUT PAGE! That’s call plagiarism and it’s bad juju. Not only will the copyright gods get all in your grill, but it’s pretty likely the person who worked hard to craft that page will too. The internet may feel so big that “no one will ever know” but resist the temptation to be someone else. This is YOUR About page.)

What kind of first impression are you going for? Answer that question and let it guide you. Are you the loud, in-your-face, life of the party pal? Are you shy and quiet? Are you the dry, droll, sardonic friend? Maybe you’re the mother-hen who keeps all her chicks in a row with loving guidance? This how you are in the real world. Take it from one who has tried on her share of personas, the real you is going to come out sooner than later, and frankly you are so much cooler, and good to know than some other persona you might wish to be.

Not sure what impression you give? Ask your friends for three words they’d use to describe you. Now ask your siblings, current clients, and social media pals. Ask whomever you think would have some good insight into you. Stress the importance of them being honest (but loving). Match their responses to your sense of self. Do they connect? Bravo – move ahead. A disconnect is simply an opportunity to dig in and discover where those wires cross. (figure that out before you go any further.)

Write Like You. Be You. Use Your Voice.

How do you converse in real time with all the people you know? When you’re done writing, read your page out loud a few times to see if it “sounds” like you.

Wondering what to include on your About page? Take what works in the list below and toss out everything else.

Topics you can include (mix/match):

I Stand For – this is your rallying cry if you’re the type who has a rallying cry.

I Believe in – this is similar to your “stand” but perhaps it is WHY you take that stand.

I Declare that – another way of stating a rallying cry, if you’re more of a Declaration type.

My rallying cry is – pretty self-explanatory.

How I got here – this is your time to share your story, your “hero’s journey”, what’s come together that you managed to find yourself in this space and time. A great place to flesh out some of your “back story.”

What I know about you – this is where you’ll describe your reader, your perfect client, the person who is reading your page right this very second.

What delights me (about you, about me, about life) – tell them why you are so happy to have them with you. Describe the small moments that light you up, be as specific as possible, if you love when a random ladybug lands on your sleeve while you’re doing the crossword puzzle when you should be writing copy, say that.

What I’ve discovered along the way – this can be life learning, school learning, learning through all your previous clients. This is what you know right now and demonstrates why you’re a good fit for your perfect people.

Random facts –  if you want to share some little known tidbits go ahead. Maybe it’s your sign (Western Astrology, Chinese Astrology, your Enneagram, Your favorite Oracle Deck, Your Ascended masters, Where you grew up, that you can ride a unicycle, you play 22 instruments, etc).

A list of your “formal” cred – depending on your perfect peeps they may want to know you have a BA in English from Ohio State and a MA Music Theory from Tufts. You can also share your certifications, media appearances and awards here too. If you work with C-Suite executives you may want to include some of your high-powered “previous life” positions/companies too.

What you do when you’re not working – the perfect place to share a bit about your personal life – “when I’m not reading hands or encouraging my clients to build their profit, I’m off running Marathons on flat courses in 70 degree weather with my BFF and our dogs.”

Your turn!

Take some of these ideas and play with your About page. Feel free to share the link to your About page in the comments. If you want help, to tweak, to inspire, to guide you through this process, let me know – a consult is easy, affordable and cuts to the chase. The best part, you’ll complete this process and feel really good about it.