Do You Have Marriage Lines?

You are now either hoping you do or don’t have these mysterious Marriage lines. Either you’re single or coupled and either you’re happy or unhappy about your status.

Relationships are so often convoluted and confusing and you might have noticed that you base a lot of your self-esteem on your relationship situation.  You might even think that “everything” will be “better” when you are “finally” married.

Is it true?

My experience has shown me that getting married can exacerbate every single insecurity I ever had. My two marriages taught me that all those cliches are true – you really OUGHT to be whole before you marry another person.  I learned that you can’t lump your worth into the basket of how well you “fix” him (or her).  Falling in love with potential just wasn’t the wisest move for me.

You might have a completely different experience. I have friends that started dating in High School and they’re happily married to this day. I suspect that seeing his potential at 16 led her to want to live up to the potential he saw in her.  Sometimes that happens too.

We each have our own stuff and experiences to learn from here on Earth. Whether you fall in love, marry and live happily ever after with your high school crush or not, your relationship story is part of the way you become whole.

Does that mean you can rely on the fortune-teller who told you that you have no marriage lines to mean that you will be alone for the rest of your life?


First off,  your lines can and often do change. Especially those little lines.  Secondly, don’t be one of those people who says you want to claim your free will and then starts a self-fulfilling prophecy based on a statement from a stranger you paid 20 bucks when you were slightly buzzed on a Friday night out with your friends.

Here’s the deal.

Some people have tons of lines in their hands. There are lines EVERYWHERE you look.  Other people have three lines that you can easily see.  That’s just how they’re made. Just like your eye color, skin color or shape of your toes – you were made that way. Don’t fret. It’s perfectly you.

When someone presses me to tell them if they have marriage lines I tell them I’d rather talk about the way they show up in relationships and their expectations of others. Then we’ll review their Mercury (Pinky) finger, heart line, and other places in the palm that speak to communication savvy, boundaries and people skills.  We’ll also review areas in the hand to look at how open they are to change and how willing they are to trust and surrender control.  These pieces of their hard-wiring clue us in on how open they are to a relationship, how realistic their expectations are and how likely they are to really show up in a great partnership.

After a decade of reading hands I know that everyone is capable of love and that love is a universal need. Your hands have shown me that partnerships are always meaningful and that “forever” isn’t always what the fairy tales told us. A relationship can have meaning for us throughout our lives, even if we’re not physically still together. In a way that’s forever.

Instead of asking if you have Marriage Lines, ask yourself who you’d have to be to be in a madly passionate, committed and joy-filled union.  Get clear on whether marriage is or is not an institution that floats your boat.  Then be the person you’re meant to be now.  No more waiting to see what “fate” has in store.  Go out and love and ignore the fortune-tellers trying to scare you or assuage you.  Be you.

How to Get the Help You Need

Our hands show us the “easy” way and the “hard” way to make things happen in our lives. It’s not just “fortune-telling” or mumbo-jumbo. Your hands show how you’re hard-wired. How the neurons are swirling and connecting in your brain. The way you process information and your “go-to” process for showing up in the world. Especially when you feel challenged, or scared.

Running a business can sometimes be challenging and scary. Still, there are those of us that can’t seem to stop the madness – we insist on working for ourselves. (Even if we dabble in part-time work to pay the bills or learn new skills, from time to time).

The thing about your hands (all hands for that matter) is that they’re multi-faceted.  You’ve got layers, like an onion (or Shrek) and they all contribute to our hard-wiring.

So as far as hiring help – you have a way that instinctively makes sense. We can see that in the hands. If it’s effective and you go with it, that’s a win. If it’s not effective, or not the way you think you should go about hiring help, well, we’ve got a dilemma, don’t we?

Things your like life purpose, life school, life lesson (as depicted by your fingerprints), your gift markings, your hand shape and your dominant and secondary lines all come together to form the instinctive map that guides you. When I look at your hands I can see what comes/came naturally for you and I can see the places that you’ve put in time and energy and force-feeding to change an instinctive process so you can be more “accepted” in the “normal way of doing things.”

In some cases, it probably benefits you to concentrate on creating processes and getting things done in a consistent fashion (versus say, sitting on the couch, watching Star Trek reruns while waiting for the muse to appear so you can start looking for a job.)  in other cases, you maybe forced yourself to believe that you should be seen or not heard, or that you didn’t have anything useful to say, or that you were ugly and unworthy…and you’ve worked hard to hide into that version of yourself.  Your hands show it all.

So help.

How to get it.

Your hands have some ideas.

I do believe that there are such things as “natural” leaders, but I also know for a fact that anyone can develop a good, solid leadership muscle if they want one.

So if you were looking to bring on some help for a project or the company, we’d look at your leadership beliefs – starting with your first (Jupiter) finger. We’d take a look at your thumbs to see how you normally get things done – are you a plan, start, work, work, work, finish person or do you wander about in your process? Your thumbs will also give us an idea of how you expect others to get things done (tow the line or let it flow?)  After that we’d spend some time looking at your head line (to figure out how you think), your heart line (to understand your relationship needs at work) and your pinkies – to pin down your communication style.

With all that intelligence gathered we’ll be in a good place to set some goals and create a realistic hiring program specifically for you and your business.  So much easier than simply following a one-size-fits-all system, right?

So if you’re facing some challenges around hiring help right now – let me know.  Your hands, combined with the Hiring Help (Team-Building) Mojo Accelerator can be exactly what you need!

Do You Know How to Let Go of What Ails Ya?

Ever have a run-in with someone that leaves you feeling cranky and unsettled?

That happened to me in the  hospital.

For the most part everyone I dealt with  was not only professional, but really likable. The nurses and techs knew that they were stellar at their jobs and they performed professionally and with a great attitude. I trusted them all implicitly and the entire stay was working it’s magic of healing.

Then, Louise (not her real name) arrived and rocked my boat.

Louise was one of the techs in charge of taking my vitals and dealing with other things like changing my IV.  Louise entered my room on full throttle – asking questions about the books I had in front of me, wanting to know who all the people were who were visiting and generally telling me all about her plans to create various businesses for herself.

It was exhausting and a true energy suck.

I have no doubt that Louise is a great human and that she meant well.  I was sick and frankly not in the mood for working to make her feel at ease. (In an earlier meditation during my stay, I made some peace with the idea that trying to make everyone else comfortable had contributed to my illness.)

I did my best to keep up with her patter but mostly just nodded as she cuffed me for a blood pressure reading and stuck a thermometer under my tongue.  My blood pressure was spiking.  She kept talking, telling me all about blood pressure and all that she knew about blood pressure and then asking me about starting a business.

I was exhausted when she left.

Later that night she arrived, with a bucket of gauze, needles and tape and announced she was going to change my IV. (I’d asked my nurse earlier about switching it out).

I’ll save you the details, but this process did not go well.

I was in pain and I was irritated.  I asked her to leave the IV as it was.

She left, frustrated.

I tried to sleep.

I was still irritated and angry about the whole situation.

I said a prayer asking for the peace I needed to release this situation.  I sent light and love as I did my best to mentally cut the cord that had me wrapped up in the frustration.

Still, I couldn’t sleep. I just couldn’t seem to let it go.

This went on for about 40 minutes when it finally occurred to me that the frustration would remain until I tuned into the lesson I was meant to learn.

So I focused on learning.

What could this situation with Louise possibly have to offer me?

“It’s about standing in your power.” said my Higher Self.

It made perfect sense.

Up until that moment I had dealt with healers of all ilks who were not only competent but confident in their contribution to my healing. They knew their stuff and they didn’t expect me to question their competency.  I trusted them implicitly to help me heal.

That’s what I’m supposed to do as a coach.  Stand in my power, knowing the stuff and being confident that what I offer is not only of value, but healing for those who come to me.

Lately though, I’d been like Louise, unsure of what I was doing or why and it was affecting my relationships with potential clients. I wasn’t standing in my power, I was trying to entertain and WOW and one-up, and prove myself.

The lesson for me was that I know what I know and I know how powerful the work is. That it stands for itself as it flows through me and I don’t need to do anything other than be fully present and competent and compassionate to make a difference in someone’s life.

Once I captured that lesson, I did another cord-cutting meditation.  Asking for peace for both Louise and myself and I let it go with light.

I slept easily after that and the next day when Louise was back on shift, things were much less tense.

Two really cool take aways came from that for me:

1) When there’s something you really are trying to release, but it won’t go away – go looking for the lesson

2) When you sign up to help others on their journey (spiritual, business, healing, etc.) do it confidently and from the place of love and joy. Stop worrying about proving yourself – it’s exhausting for everyone!