What Do I Put in My About Page?

I spend a lot of time urging you to be yourself in your business and what better place to be yourself than your About Page? I know, you spend all kinds of time worrying about your sales page (See this post) but how much time have you spent on your About page?

It’s Like a Blind Date, but Not Really (thank goodness)

Will you go for a date?

Your About page is like a blind date of sorts. It might be the first step to a really beautiful and fulfilling relationship. It’s a place for you to invite people in and let them get to know you. Just as you would on a date, you want to put your best self forward – be completely and wholly you (after all, if this were a date and the relationship is going to last, your new friend will find out about the quirky way you load the dishwasher),

Do Some Research

Look around the internets. Search different topics and services that you are interested in. When you find one click on the About page and breathe in what’s there. Listen to your gut – do you like these people? Would you want to spend time getting to know them better? Do you think they would understand you and your individual joys, quirks and fears?

Or do you find yourself tapping your fingers, waiting for them to get the point? Are you still unsure why they do what they do, but you are impressed as heck by all those certifications that you don’t have?

Let’s Get Started

Tap into your own gut and make notes (mental notes are fine) about what you liked and didn’t like about the different pages you reviewed. What you’re looking for is the FEELING you had as an observer when you read the page. (And, I know you are so much smarter than this but I have to say it , just because you liked what someone said, DO NOT LIFT THEIR WORDS AND PUT THEM ON YOUR ABOUT PAGE! That’s call plagiarism and it’s bad juju. Not only will the copyright gods get all in your grill, but it’s pretty likely the person who worked hard to craft that page will too. The internet may feel so big that “no one will ever know” but resist the temptation to be someone else. This is YOUR About page.)

What kind of first impression are you going for? Answer that question and let it guide you. Are you the loud, in-your-face, life of the party pal? Are you shy and quiet? Are you the dry, droll, sardonic friend? Maybe you’re the mother-hen who keeps all her chicks in a row with loving guidance? This how you are in the real world. Take it from one who has tried on her share of personas, the real you is going to come out sooner than later, and frankly you are so much cooler, and good to know than some other persona you might wish to be.

Not sure what impression you give? Ask your friends for three words they’d use to describe you. Now ask your siblings, current clients, and social media pals. Ask whomever you think would have some good insight into you. Stress the importance of them being honest (but loving). Match their responses to your sense of self. Do they connect? Bravo – move ahead. A disconnect is simply an opportunity to dig in and discover where those wires cross. (figure that out before you go any further.)

Write Like You. Be You. Use Your Voice.

How do you converse in real time with all the people you know? When you’re done writing, read your page out loud a few times to see if it “sounds” like you.

Wondering what to include on your About page? Take what works in the list below and toss out everything else.

Topics you can include (mix/match):

I Stand For – this is your rallying cry if you’re the type who has a rallying cry.

I Believe in – this is similar to your “stand” but perhaps it is WHY you take that stand.

I Declare that – another way of stating a rallying cry, if you’re more of a Declaration type.

My rallying cry is – pretty self-explanatory.

How I got here – this is your time to share your story, your “hero’s journey”, what’s come together that you managed to find yourself in this space and time. A great place to flesh out some of your “back story.”

What I know about you – this is where you’ll describe your reader, your perfect client, the person who is reading your page right this very second.

What delights me (about you, about me, about life) – tell them why you are so happy to have them with you. Describe the small moments that light you up, be as specific as possible, if you love when a random ladybug lands on your sleeve while you’re doing the crossword puzzle when you should be writing copy, say that.

What I’ve discovered along the way – this can be life learning, school learning, learning through all your previous clients. This is what you know right now and demonstrates why you’re a good fit for your perfect people.

Random facts –  if you want to share some little known tidbits go ahead. Maybe it’s your sign (Western Astrology, Chinese Astrology, your Enneagram, Your favorite Oracle Deck, Your Ascended masters, Where you grew up, that you can ride a unicycle, you play 22 instruments, etc).

A list of your “formal” cred – depending on your perfect peeps they may want to know you have a BA in English from Ohio State and a MA Music Theory from Tufts. You can also share your certifications, media appearances and awards here too. If you work with C-Suite executives you may want to include some of your high-powered “previous life” positions/companies too.

What you do when you’re not working – the perfect place to share a bit about your personal life – “when I’m not reading hands or encouraging my clients to build their profit, I’m off running Marathons on flat courses in 70 degree weather with my BFF and our dogs.”

Your turn!

Take some of these ideas and play with your About page. Feel free to share the link to your About page in the comments. If you want help, to tweak, to inspire, to guide you through this process, let me know – a consult is easy, affordable and cuts to the chase. The best part, you’ll complete this process and feel really good about it.

How Do I set Rates for my Palmistry Business?

Vintage Unisonic Model 940-B LED Electronic Handheld Calculator, Made in Taiwan, Circa the 1970s

I was a recruiter for several years for a big, international consulting firm and I’d have to hide my smirk every time a person with no experience and a brand new degree or certification insisted on earning the top  pay range for a given skill set.

While we rarely paid them the top dollar, if they proved their chops in technical interviews, and they had the people skills to make their team/client happy, we’d do whatever we could to bring them on board with a nice salary and various benefits.

The inverse is true in the metaphysical world.

If you have a Palmistry business, chances are you’re not earning what you’re worth, despite your skills and  years of study.

Some of the reasons?

  • Mindset
  • Prejudice against “greedy rich people”
  • Limiting beliefs about self-worth

What I hear most often is this catch-all –

“I’m not ready to charge yet!”

When you graduated college, chances are you DID go into the job market and ask fora salary in exchange for your experience, skills and time. So what’s the problem with charging now? You likely have MORE experience then you did then, right?

Of course you’ve got to get a handle on the mindset minefield and rework your relationship with money, and I know you’re working that process. So Today get ready to set your rates and feel good about it. Here are four quick actions for you to take:

  1. Get out a piece of paper and write down all the classes, workshops, certification programs, and free readings you’ve done since you began your exploration of your specific metaphysical or healing tool.
  2. Go through the list and add the new ones that just occurred to you. This is a MUCH bigger list of actual work than you originally thought, isn’t it? In fact, compare this to the amount of time you’d actually spent in the field before you applied for your first “real” job. Profound, eh?
  3. Just for giggles, tally up the amount of TIME you’ve spent in pursuit of your current level of expertise. In hand analysis, most “beginners” spend at minimum 104 hours in class time and another 100 hours conducting readings and participating in tutoring – just to complete their certification. That’s a minimum of 200 + hours!
  4. Do a quick calculation of the number of dollars you’ve invested in learning your specialty and working with coaches and specialists to help you build your business. Include those you’ve paid for legal advice, accounting advice, graphic design, web site hosting and whatever else you’ve purchased or invested in to make your business real in your own eyes.

Do you see that you are legitimately in business after this exercise?

I know it can take you a little more time to feel legitimate, but that time comes more quickly, when you are in business. What this means is, charge for your services!

What Rate is the Right Rate?

Here’s how to calculate your rate:

Take the square root of the hours you’ve spent and multiply that by the number of dollars you’ve spent and then divide it all by the density of the last meal you ate.


The process for calculating your rate (despite what many people will tell you) is practical and intuitive. Just like you.

Yes. There are books and gurus to tell you exactly how to calculate your rate and then in a few months, they will tell you to adopt a completely different model. So, you can go with the whims of the gurus or you can create a method that suits you.

If you decide to go with the method that suits you best, read on for some guidelines. (as with all my coaching, I work in guidelines – not tablets written in stone. You know yourself best at your core – I simply gently push you to get back there.)

These are GUIDELINES, you can create a completely different pricing model and be perfectly okay. This is YOUR business after all. The buck stops with you – the important theme being – the BUCK. You need to earn some.

  1. Look at your budget. Your business budget should include everything from the design of your logo to your business cards. If you’re not sure if something contributes to your budget, ask your accountant. Some people hate making budgets because they hate thinking of spending all that money. However, you’re going to spend that money anyway, being realistic gives you an incentive to be clear on what your bottom line looks like.Get a handle on how much you spend on your business/education/learning each month.
  2. Write down the amount of money you spend each month on your business. If you have expenses that are annual, or semi-annual, divvy them up into a monthly number.
  3. Are you expecting your business to provide your living expenses too? Get a handle on what that number is now. Include your annual insurance payment and other out of the blue expenses. Ultimately you want to avoid going into massive debt just to buy groceries.
  4. Total the business expenses and living expenses and voila – you have a number to earn each month!
  5. Before you get into whittling down your expenses, take a deep breath and ask yourself all the ways you can earn that money with your particular brand of magic. Let’s say you want to earn your money providing healing circles and offering Oracle readings – that’s awesome. Ask yourself (your Guidance, your Angels) how many hours you want to work each day/week/month. Or ask how many people you want to serve in that time-frame if that makes more sense for your purposes.
  6. Walk away from your calculations – go outside, talk to Mother Nature, walk the dog or stomp your feet on the ground. Take some deep breaths, feel into your body and relax. When you’re ready, head back to your calculator and ask your Guides for some assistance.
  7. Write down what you want to charge for your healing circles – from your heart, not your head.. Now write down how many circles a month and how many participants. Next, close your eyes, take three breaths and ask your Guides what number you should charge each participant. Write down that number.
  8. Take a look at the number and assess how it feels – are you nervous? Are you curious? Surprised? All good responses. If you feel a specific emotion – THAT’S TOO MUCH!!! Or it’s opposite, THAT’S NOT ENOUGH – toss the number out and go back to find a number that feels neutral in your body.
  9. Repeat steps 5-8 for the Oracle Readings and congratulate yourself on a job well done.

Now you have your rates and can feel confident in telling potential clients your rates when you’re ready to work with them.

This process can feel quirky and frustrating. It’s possible you’ll awaken a great deal of self-doubt. If you can’t kick that feeling to the curb on your own, let me know and together we’ll see if I can help. (reach me at Peggie {at} PeggieArvidson {dot} com.

How To Write a Sales Page for Your Palmistry Business

Don’t Bother.

At least, don’t let it bother YOU right now. In fact, don’t let it bother you at all. But especially don’t waste time and energy and your personal bandwidth trying to get your sales page just right so that you can officially launch your business. This of course pre-supposes that you have a fledgling palmistry business. If, on the other hand, you are an over-booked and over-worked hand analyst, then by all means, let’s get cracking on that sales page to sift out your best people.

For the Fledgling Business Owner who happens to be a Palmist

Go back and re-read that previous sentence. The one where I talk about crafting a kick-butt sales page to sift out the less than perfect people and attract only the perfect people to your service… because that’s why you need the sales page to be really tight and perfect.

I know, you’ve been lead to believe that you MUST LAUNCH THE BUSINESS with mega fan-fare and lots of derring-do –not true. I know this first hand because when I sold my first business to dedicate all my time to building my Pragmatic Palmistry business I spent lifetimes in front of my screen crafting copy for people to learn about how to get their hands read.

Then I waited.

And I waited.


[Chairs, Sakowitz Brothers Department Store]

No one came.

Okay, one guy clicked through to email me, but what he wanted me to do with his hands wasn’t anything related to what I wanted to do. (ewww)

After a very long time of no-one using my sales page – which was at first named “Read my Hands,” I got pretty desperate because I was broke and no-one was buying and I felt like an idiot and a failure. I wanted to crawl under a rock and probably should have because what I did instead was — TWEAK THE SALES PAGE.


This means that everything ever written and posted in cyberspace is still there. It means everything you create and put out into the world will be accessible to you forever more. So relax because you don’t have to craft the perfect page for your website just now.

The crowded web means statistically it’s a VERY LONG SHOT (how long is it?!) that someone is going to sit down this afternoon and think, “I’d like to find a palmist” and then do a web search and find you and your sales page.

That’s a good thing. You are just getting your business off the ground and you want to build a reputation for being the awesomest Palm-reader for Yoga Teachers in the country so that when anyone, anywhere thinks about finding a palmist, they think of you.

That’s when your sales page will need to be very clear and specify that you work almost exclusively with yoga teachers, helping them build their brand with the help of their hands. The specificity will be important because you are so busy you don’t have time or energy to have a 200 person deep waiting list.

Who’s Looking at Your Sales Page Now?

If you don’t have a huge following and client base yet, chances are you are not swamped with business. (Don’t worry – you will be).

When you’re not swamped with business, the majority of the people who are ogling your sales page are other people who do what you do and want to see what you’re offering so that they can figure out what they should offer. Oh, and your mom and your best friend because you asked them for their honest opinion and they told you it was “beautiful” or “very clever”.

Do you really want to make a profit or do you want a pretty sales page that all the other readers from the realm admire?

Instead of spending precious energy and filling your frequency with downer dust, make a page that’s good-enough for now.

You don’t need to half-ass it, just set a due date and make it live and then let it go.

Letting go is amazing spiritual juice, (even better than that green stuff you’re chugging every morning) it allows you to move onto the work you’re really meant to be doing, like serving your clients, and gives you a chance to trust that as you serve your clients, they’ll start sending referrals your way. They may even recommend that others take a look at your sales page to see what you do.

Starting your business is a scary time for you and you’re at your most vulnerable.

Don’t let something like the sales page “working” or not convince you that you don’t deserve to get paid for your work! Want some help working around this and prioritizing where to spend your time in your business?

Give me a virtual ring at Peggie {at} PeggieArvidson {dot} com. I’ll answer you personally and we’ll work it out so that you feel better, and if I can, I’ll point you in the direction to lock down profit more quickly than you can on your own.