Can Lavender Scented Affirmations Cover Up the Funk?

Speeding up and slowing down seems to be the name of the game lately. Mercury retro and an eclipse might be to blame, but it’s also likely that you are changing. You’re leaning into the spiritual truth that ‘s been scratching it’s way out for a while and — well — here you are.

This spiritual expansion is messy more often than it’s rainbows and jellybeans – so if you’re feeling snarly and frustrated – let it ride.

I know. I said LET.IT.RIDE. buttercup. You have got to feel what you’re feeling before you can shift it. Oh – you’ve been trying to cover up the stinkiness with lavender-scented affirmations? Yeah. Not gonna work.  Tell me you’ve already figured this out though.

I guarantee that trying to power through whatever funk you might find yourself in without digging through to find out WHY you’re in that funk ends up in a do-loop of irritation.

I know that most advice is worth about what you pay for it – so I don’t mind if you wander away and shake your fist at this post. I promise not say I told you so, either.

Besides, this concept might not work for you- it’s all about making choices…what’s yours?


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