Can ANYONE access Divine Guidance?

Once upon a time, when I was a little girl, surrounded in my bed by a small army of stuffed animals, I’d lie awake in the gray dusk of a summer evening and wish and pray that I was special.

I’d hold my favorite toy, a stuffed Leopard (aptly named Leopard) close to my lips and I’d whisper, “I wish I had a talent like they talk about in the Bible.”

Then I’d toss and turn in the bed with the pink sheets under the pink canopy until the constant murmur of the air-conditioner finally lulled me to sleep.

More than anything, I wanted to be special.  I wanted to be blessed by God with a talent that would help others and make me stand out.  I had big dreams even then.


40 years later I visit those memories and remind that little girl that every one of us is special.  We all have gifts and talents that are handed out when we’re born to help us as we adventure through this lifetime.

I know now that the little girl tossing and turning in that bed was working her way to exactly where I am now.

When you and I were born – in that instant of arriving here in the world – we knew were special. By the time we took our first breath the memories that we cherished during our gestation began to fade.  By the time we could walk we had only fleeting glimpses of the magic that is our birthright.  When we reached the time for school we had mostly forgotten the ease with which we were meant to live our lives.

Our parents, teachers, preachers and others were well-meaning when they told us that those stories we’d been telling at the breakfast table – about relatives we’d never met, about the ways the animals sent us messages, and the dreams where we could fly – were just stories.  They told us to keep our heads on our shoulders and focus on more practical stories as we grew up.

That’s how we got here.

In the place where we’re not sure that WE are WORTHY to receive guidance from the Divine. 

We shake off the hits of our intuition as nothing more than coincidence, and we do our best to remain good – assuming that God has better things to do than to chat with us about our dreams and worries.

Still, every day I meet men and women and children who are surprised to discover that they are getting information – from somewhere (or someone) outside themselves.  They are skeptical and sometimes afraid.  Sometimes they feel unworthy and other times they fear that this gift is going to be taken away if they do ‘it’ wrong.

The truth is – every one of us can access Divine Guidance. 

It’s not a gift for the chosen few.  It’s not a reward for being “better” or “holier” or more worthy than everyone else.

This is the truth of your being.  You are meant to interact with  your guidance and your God on a regular basis.  Like any relationship, it gets deeper and more meaningful the more you are willing to nurture it.

If you constantly hit “ignore” every time your BFF called, you might not have a BFF after a few months.  The same is true with Guidance.  If you hit the ‘ignore’ button on your Divine messages, the messages may be fewer and farther between.

The difference between Guidance and your BFF – is that Guidance is above the human ego and fray.  It’s always there, bathed in pure light and waiting to be asked into your life.  You don’t have to jump through any hoops to make it so.

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