A Long Six Years

Heading South

Six is a meaningful number for me. It’s my birth-force number. It’s my Tarot Major Arcana Card. And it’s double the amount of my favorite all-time number – 3.

I’m always looking for “signs” or meaningful reasons to move ahead in my life. I’ll bet you do as well — there’s sometimes so much to focus on and to distract us and we can convince ourselves of any number of things – it’s like we don’t want anyone to take our free-will, but boy, it would be nice if there were someone or something that could “make” a decision for me.  I guess, so I could “blame” someone or something if things don’t turn out the way I think they should.

With that said, there are some MAJOR (at least to me) changes coming. I’m revisiting my past in order to move ahead. (Which it now occurs to me is the PERFECT way to benefit from a Mercury retrograde!)

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