A Call to Healers to Change the World

New Year`s Morning

What an unbelievable week.

Like all of you, I lost my footing when I heard about Monday’s bombing at the Boston Marathon.  Besides having friends and loved ones running in the race I was just exhausted by the sheer enormity of pain and suffering involved.

This is pain and suffering of a global nature.

I’m not able to cast blame. I’m not able to seek revenge. It’s no longer in my nature to see the world as Black and White, Good or Evil. I see us all as humans in need of love and compassion and healing. 

Without those things, we allow pain and suffering to continue.

I know that such suffering is world-wide. It’s an epidemic. This is what happens when countries are at war over ideologies and beliefs that are not ours to “own.”

Healers. It’s imperative you do your work in the world.

Lightworkers, clear your energy, ground yourselves and continue the work you’ve begun. The only way to stop this madness is to focus on the light.

Stop denying your worth. Refuse to play small, or hide out because of fear. Fear perpetuates more fear and suffering. It’s in the light that we heal.

Lift up those you find irritating to the light. Let them be seen as reflections of the Divine. When you can heal those small irritations in your life, you can, absolutely start finding the healing in the world at large. Once we’re each, individually, clear and peaceful, the world will be made peaceful. It all starts within.

One thought on “A Call to Healers to Change the World

  • April 18, 2013 at 3:56 pm

    Love this post!! Although I am still interested in both blame and justice for this atrocity, I understand your point of view. And I am willing to stop playing small, but am not sure about the hiding out part. I am so private, and am wondering how to navigate that as I work on growing my business. I've even been thinking about using a pen name to give me more privacy. I hadn't thought of it as hiding out and am not sure it's exactly that. Still pondering it all…


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