How To Write a Sales Page for Your Creative Metaphysical Business

Don’t Bother.

At least, don’t let it bother YOU right now. In fact, don’t let it bother you at all. But especially don’t waste time and energy and your personal bandwidth trying to get your sales page just right so that you can officially launch your business. This of course pre-supposes that you have a fledgling spirit-based business. If, on the other hand, you are an over-booked and over-worked spirit worker, then by all means, let’s get cracking on that sales page to sift out your best people.

For the Fledgling Business Owner who happens to be a Spiritual Reader

Go back and re-read that previous sentence. The one where I talk about crafting a kick-butt sales page to sift out the less than perfect people and attract only the perfect people to your service… because that’s why you need the sales page to be really tight and perfect.

I know, you’ve been lead to believe that you MUST LAUNCH THE BUSINESS with mega fan-fare and lots of derring-do –not true. I know this first hand because when I sold my first business to dedicate all my time to building my Pragmatic Palmistry business I spent lifetimes in front of my screen crafting copy for people to learn about how to get their hands read.

Then I waited.

And I waited.


[Chairs, Sakowitz Brothers Department Store]

No one came.

Okay, one guy clicked through to email me, but what he wanted me to do with his hands wasn’t anything related to what I wanted to do. (ewww)

After a very long time of no-one using my sales page – which was at first named “Read my Hands,” I got pretty desperate because I was broke and no-one was buying and I felt like an idiot and a failure. I wanted to crawl under a rock and probably should have because what I did instead was — TWEAK THE SALES PAGE.


This means that everything ever written and posted in cyberspace is still there. It means everything you create and put out into the world will be accessible to you forever more. So relax because you don’t have to craft the perfect page for your website just now.

The crowded web means statistically it’s a VERY LONG SHOT (how long is it?!) that someone is going to sit down this afternoon and think, “I’d like to find an angel card reader” and then do a web search and find you and your sales page.

That’s a good thing. You are just getting your business off the ground and you want to build a reputation for being the awesomest Angel Card Reader for Yoga Teachers in the country so that when anyone, anywhere thinks about finding an angel card reader, they think of you.

That’s when your sales page will need to be very clear and specify that you work almost exclusively with yoga teachers, helping them build their brand with the help of the angels. The specificity will be important because you are so busy you don’t have time or energy to have a 200 person deep waiting list.

Who’s Looking at Your Sales Page Now?

If you don’t have a huge following and client base yet, chances are you are not swamped with business. (Don’t worry – you will be).

When you’re not swamped with business, the majority of the people who are ogling your sales page are other people who do what you do and want to see what you’re offering so that they can figure out what they should offer. Oh, and your mom and your best friend because you asked them for their honest opinion and they told you it was “beautiful” or “very clever”.

Do you really want to make a profit or do you want a pretty sales page that all the other readers from the realm admire?

Instead of spending precious energy and filling your frequency with downer dust, make a page that’s good-enough for now.

You don’t need to half-ass it, just set a due date and make it live and then let it go.

Letting go is amazing spiritual juice, (even better than that green stuff you’re chugging every morning) it allows you to move onto the work you’re really meant to be doing, like serving your clients, and gives you a chance to trust that as you serve your clients, they’ll start sending referrals your way. They may even recommend that others take a look at your sales page to see what you do.

Starting your business is a scary time for you and you’re at your most vulnerable.

Don’t let something like the sales page “working” or not convince you that you don’t deserve to get paid for your work! Want some help working around this and prioritizing where to spend your time in your business?

Give me a virtual ring at Peggie {at} PeggieArvidson {dot} com. I’ll answer you personally and we’ll work it out so that you feel better, and if I can, I’ll point you in the direction to lock down profit more quickly than you can on your own.

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The Clues in Your Past

I live very close to the Manassas (VA) Museum. They do a wonderful job of educating young and old on the history of not only the Civil War battles of Manassas (and the surrounding areas) but of the life and times of the people who lived here well before my time.

Mainly, I practice of keeping myself firmly planted in the present, but I can’t deny the value of looking back to gain insight about what lies ahead.

Lately I’ve been looking back on my life – to find the clues about who I am as I move forward to my semi-centennial birthday. I’m entertained by the recognition that what I loved most growing up in my New Jersey neighborhood is mirrored by how I choose to spend my time now, so many decades later. A few examples (and maybe Kim or Wendy will fill in any gaps since they’ve been with me as neighbors and sister-friends since we were about 2 or 3 years old):
* Acting, Directing and Producing: I spent hours casting neighborhood friends and pets in productions of musicals – from selecting the sound-track (West Side Story, Guys and Dolls and various Partridge Family episodes) to casting the actors and decorating the set. I’d say this was an early look into the power of my Apollo AND Jupiter stars. Not only did I crave the applause elicited from a production well done, but I created the opportunity to literally run the show – setting the vision of where we were going and delegating the work to make it happen!

* Making money in creative ways – I sold rocks and crayfish to a captive audience who drove past my front yard on their way home from work each evening. When I was 12 I took the Babysitter Certification course offered at the American Red Cross (my mom is an RN, she insisted) and used that certification to my advantage while marketing my services as a babysitter. To be honest, I didn’t always love kids, but I loved the responsibility and the ability to earn spending money. When I was 16 I invested in a career as an Avon Representative, knocking on doors in and around my neighborhood and by the time I was 17 I was working part-time in a local construction supply business. That’s where I found my stride, I Loved being in an office, learning the ins and outs of supply and demand and doing whatever it took to ensure my little corner of the business ran smoothly. From a hand analysis perspective, the life purpose on my thumbs and Saturn finger were definitely showing early signs of needing fulfillment, and although it would be a long while before I put all the pieces together, this was a time where I was beginning to flex that entrepreneurial “spread” in my hands.

* In college I spent a lot of time partying and finding jobs to support my social life. Sure, I studied some, but I was living out the inverse of my purpose and rebelling against what felt like the constraints of conformity. I liked working and earning money, but I wasn’t yet fully responsible for myself – although I was finding out who I was going to be in the world. I loved working and I loved my theater and writing classes but loathed just about all the other classes – thus pulling out the most amazing show of inverse right thumb purpose that I could – failing out of college!  (If only I knew then what I know now about my hands!)

There’s more to the story of course, today I’m delighting in the nuances of the public side of my hands from my thumbs to my ring finger. From a hand analysis perspective I see how the gifts and challenges of Thumb, Jupiter, Saturn and Apollo have helped shape my career and my life. No wonder I kept finding myself in a business setting, even when I thought I HATED the idea of going into business!

So, how about you? What trends do you see in your life from childhood to today? Are they the personification of what’s in your hands?