In Your Hands

Every outcome in your life is a result of your choices.


Your life really is in your hands. 

You were born a bright light full of love. Your soul arrived on the planet with a purpose and that purpose is what’s calling to you right now.  There are no accidents or coincidences.  You followed a hunch or a recommendation or a random path to show up on this page, right here, right now.

There’s a glimmer inside you, a little voice, that is hoping (although not quite believing) that somewhere (maybe here?) there’s an answer… outside of you…a form to fill out or a template to follow that will unlock the KEY to your passions, your joys and your purpose.  [And if that template also led you to more money and ever-lasting love, it wouldn’t suck.]

Little Miss Bossy

There’s another voice inside that is chiding you for holding onto that silly glimmer. This voice is clear and bossy and a bit of a know-it-all.  She tells you that life is meant to be hard, and that money and love come only after hard work.

Or maybe this voice is less bossy and more philosophical, reminding you that you are already lucky and blessed to be here  now, and to want any more is simply greedy and not particularly attractive.



No matter, all these thoughts are a part of you.  Useful, protective parts of you that want to keep you safe and secure.

The truth is simple and scary and profound:

You already have the answers you’re seeking.

You’ve just forgotten them in the rush to grow up, become independent, be loved and accepted. It’s okay. You have a one of a kind story and it’s gotten you this far in life.

Take a minute to appreciate the entire odyssey that’s brought you here.  All the u-turns and road-blocks were actually precisely perfect for you.  Every high-five and celebration and lucky break – each a one-of-a-kind lighthouse for your progress.

Pretty Impressive, eh?

So, now what?

If every choice is up to you, what might you find here to help you?


If you’d like to speed up the journey to more fun, joy and success then your hands have the most precise, one-size-fits-only you map in the world.

This map is calibrated explicitly to your frequency.

It ebbs and flows as you do and it has every option you need to navigate the invigorating, sometimes chilling, sometimes lighthearted adventure of your life.


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