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The Real Truth About Passion in Business

The Real Truth about Passion in Business.

Stop Waiting to Find the ONE Passion and Start Your Business NOW!

Are you waiting to find your ONE passion before you launch your business?

If you’re a spiritual type who wants to help heal the world in some way you may trick yourself into waiting until you find the “right” thing to focus on as your modality or way of helping. In fact you may think that all that’s standing between you and success is finding that one thing or passion!

My story is probably much like yours.

When I decided to help people using pragmatic palmistry (aka Hand Analysis) I was gung-ho and ready to make my first few thousand dollars in a week or so. After all I was an accomplished sales and marketing director in my corporate life and I’d started, grown and sold a very successful boutique pet-care company already. How hard could it be to build a palmistry business?

Boy was I naïve!

For some reason this business felt so scary to me. I was afraid I would never be as good at reading hands as the teacher who’d done my certification training, and figured she had the market cornered anyway. I thought if I took another class (or 20) I’d be better prepared and then I’d be ready to launch and would immediately see a profit.

Here’s what really happened – I took courses on blogging, newsletters, marketing for goddesses, marketing for hippies, how to have free conversations with prospects to get them to hire me, and went to conferences on overcoming my fears of success, my lack of self-confidence and more. In the seats next to me were men and women who did really cool things. They did things that were infinitely cooler than what I did. They talked to Angels and they helped spirits cross over. They were mediums, psychics, animal communicators, tarot readers, Reiki practitioners EFT trainers and so much more.

After the classes and seminars I’d go home and start researching whatever cool thing I’d just learned about, instead of applying any of the concrete tools I’d learned. It seemed that in order to make progress with my marketing I had to be 100% sure and passionate about my service as well as clear on precisely who would be my target audience.

On a good day I waver on what I want to eat at any meal, afraid of missing a better option just minutes later, it’s obvious that I would never be 100% sure that I’d want to read hands forever and ever amen. It seemed silly to go through mounds of templates and worksheets to identify my perfect client avatar because I might change what it was I did – to Animal Communication! Or Mediumship! Or whatever new idea popped into my head on any given day.

At the end of 5 years I was massively in debt (much of it to the coaches and workshops I had invested in to help me get my business up and running) and was certified as an Animal Communicator, an Angel Communicator, an Angel Oracle Reader, and had taken multiple mediumship and psychic development courses. I’d dabbled in Enneagram, Human Design, Numerology, Astrology, Yoga principles and practice, blogging, website design, freelance writing, wellness and nutrition and dog training, just to name a few!

This was doing nothing to help me clarify what my ONE THING was that I was called to do and I was annoyed and exhausted (and, um, broke!)

Luckily, it dawned on me that we are all here on Planet Earth to help ourselves and other people heal. That calling for us all shows up in infinite ways – from collecting trash to running a Country and everything in between. Therefore what I did was less important than why I did and how I felt while doing it.

What a light-bulb moment!

I could be on purpose doing ANYTHING at all! All I had to do was commit to doing something! (tweet this!)

Finally I did what I could have done years earlier – look at my own hands and find my blind spots and my core strengths. I selected the core design elements of my hard-wiring and looked at them from the highest and most challenging perspectives. Putting those notes together took me a month of hard-core self-study, meditation and writing until I finally had a plan to deliver my service in my own unique way.

What happened next?

I made a million dollars and lived happily and debt-free forever.


Not so fast sister!

What really happened is my focus shifted to specific action steps that worked with my hard-wiring instead of against them. I tossed any marketing template or lesson that was intrinsically opposed to my personal design and tweaked the other tools to work especially for me.

When marketing templates are not a fit for you it’s like being left-handed and trying to use a right-handed pair of scissors (tweet this!) – it doesn’t matter that those right-handed scissors are the Maserati of scissors! They just don’t work as well for you as a pair made for lefties would!

Eventually, day by day, action by action and subscriber by subscriber my business began to grow. It didn’t happen overnight, I haven’t made a million dollars (yet!) But my benchmarks are growing and expanding and my client base and profit are too. That’s the way real, sustainable and profitable businesses happen – one sale, one client at a time. (sorry, no magic button)

My personal system won’t work for you, but your one-size-fits-only-you plan will work for you, if you commit to working the plan.

Hopefully this helps you see that you can’t pick the wrong passion or focus for your healing/helping business. The only thing that’s “wrong” is using that idea to avoid getting started now. (I promise if you don’t start now, you’ll be in the same place, re-reading this post next year!)

If you want to learn more about how your hands hold the keys to your personal marketing design strategy, make sure you sign up for my newsletter here!


Why You Should Learn Palmistry

There are real life reasons you should learn palmistry!

The thing about palmistry is that it’s crazy practical in terms of real life. 

Got an issue with your hubby that you’re not sure how to solve? Look to your hands! Not sure why you can’t seem to pull the trigger and market your business even though you’ve invested in tons of classes and systems? The answer is in your hands!

Palmistry can help you figure out what parts of tried and true signature systems are going to work for you and which ones aren’t no matter how great the testimonials are!  (tweet this!)

The cool thing is that you don’t have to go to someone else every time you’re struggling, you can learn how to read your own hands if you want to put in the time and energy to practice. It’s a myth that you have to be born with a special something in order to read hands – you can totally learn this art and science for yourself!

How can You Learn to Read Hands?

Lately there’s been the perception that the only ways to learn to read hands is to either struggle with books to learn on your own, or invest thousands of dollars to learn how to read hands from a certifying organization.

Let me be clear, both of those ways are viable options. I have colleagues that I hold in high esteem who started out with a book or two and went to work reading hands, learning as they went and finding the answers to the hands’ mysterious through 20 or more years of one-to-one client interaction. In fact, the story is that one of the founders of a major certifying organization started in just that way!

I am one of those people who learned to read hands through a certifying organization. I loved the dedication and focus of my teachers and mentors and can honestly say I got more out of the experience than simply learning to read hands – I made lifelong friends and really had a deep lesson in compassion and human understanding throughout the process.

In fact, I even went through two more years of education, with the intention of becoming a teacher for one of those certifying organizations – I truly believe that’s a model that can work for some students.  Since I’m still paying off the debt I incurred in those years of certification and training, I also know that it’s not fiscally in the cards for everyone who sincerely wants to read hands.

That’s why I focus on using today’s amazing and low-cost to me technology and tools to bring palmistry lessons to anyone and everyone who sincerely wants to learn. From my free 30 week e-course, to my monthly Palmistry Café Mastermind to my limited availability one-to-one mentoring, I aim to make palmistry available to anyone who wants to put in the time to learn.

The Truth about Learning Palmistry

Even though I can teach you to read hands, I can’t force you to go out and practice and I can’t mind-meld with you to get all the information in my head into yours. To learn to read hands you need to focus on more than simple memorization of what the four different heart line types look like and what they mean. That’s a textbook place to start of course, but to really master the art of hand reading, you want to not only know what heart lines mean, but how they are impacted by other factors in the hand.

A Real Life Example

For instance, I’ve got Hermit heart lines on both hands. They’re curvy, but no matter how you slice ‘em, they’re all about being strong and silent and relating to people on my own terms.  I’ve also got two long head lines, and one that sometimes swings low into a Persephone gift marker. I can be very emotional but also can spend so much time in my head overthinking that I literally shut down my ideas before I can implement them because the way my mind churns tosses me into analysis paralysis on a daily basis. However, I have a Whorl on my right (and left) thumbs, which gets me jacked up on the idea of taking action. Imagine that! A head line that would rather perseverate than take action and a thumb that is like a golden retriever dying to chase a ball! I’ve got to find ways to get out of my head, and take action in order to make progress. My heart line knows that after taking all that action I’m going to need some serious downtime to regroup and I have to remember that I’m not bad or selfish for taking that time for me.

Every line and marking on the hand is neutral – meaning there’s a master path and a grasshopper path choice to be made every time we tap into its energy or way of being. I could simply say, “I’m a hermit! Leave me alone!” or I can choose to get out of my own way when it comes to that heart line and open up more than maybe is comfortable – in essence letting in the opposite of my heartline type to expand my way of relating in the world. Then I can also own my heartline’s need for solitude in my cave without feeling guilty!

As you learn to read hands you layer one marking over another until you can see the whole of a person before you rather than mish-mash of separate parts. That’s where things get exciting!

If you want to learn to read hands, I encourage you to join the FREE Learn to Read Hands HomeStudy program! It’s easy, just follow this link.

Palmistry 101: The Healer Gift Marking

In Palmistry the gifted healer marking is found under the pinky finger. If you have these marks, here's how to rock them out!How to Rock Your Healer’s Gift without Getting Cranky

The Gifted Healer marking is also known as the Medical Stigmata in some forms of palmistry. Regardless of what you call it, if you have one, it’s usually kicking up some dust in your life. I’ve written about the healer gift marking a number of times because it’s such a source of emotion for so many of my clients.

If you want some background info on this marking,  I suggest you read this post to learn to identify it, this post to get a look at how it can show up at work and this post to learn more about living with it  because today I want to give you some insight into why you’re so cranky, confused and/or frustrated with the people in your life.

How do I know you have one of these emotions?

Because I have healer gift markings on both of my hands and until I figured out what they really mean to me in practical terms and exactly how to elevate my use of the gift in my life, I was cranky much of the time. I’d bounce back and forth between feeling isolated and unlovable to feeling put-upon and misunderstood. At the end of each day I was exhausted spending so much time trying to help other people and give them my best advice only to see them run off and do whatever the heck they wanted, without a glimpse back at my heartfelt advice.

I’m not saying that having a healer gift mark means you are doomed to suffer this sort of pain and isolation, but I am saying that the potential is there, on high alert, if you’re not using your healer’s gift in the highest possible way in your life.

Notice I said your life.

The highest and best purpose of the healer gift marking is to help you to heal yourself. (tweet this!)

I know, I know, you’d rather drink a three-day-old cup of coffee than think about what it means to heal yourself. You’re thinking, “wouldn’t it be easier if I just figured out how to help other people? Why can’t I do that?”

It might seem easier, but I promise you, until you start working on your own closet full of locked away baggage (and I’m not talking about KonMari) you aren’t going to feel as happy as you can. Trust me, feeling happy is the number one way to live a compassionate, service-based life. It’s the way to more clients, more free time and more love.

All that stems from happiness, so why, sweet Healer do you resist it?

People with Healer gift markings feel compelled to make the world a better place. The challenge is that people with Healer gift markings that don’t really know they have them, think they are making a better place by giving everyone advice! No wonder they get mad when their advice gets tossed aside like a cigarillo wrapper on a country road.

If that frustration is resonating with you, you’re sitting in the penalty box of the Healer. Don’t worry, you can get out of the box as easily as opening the gate! All you have to do is commit to facing your own “stuff” whenever someone’s stuff calls out to you to fix.

Pragmatic Scenario

(take this advice, or not, as you see fit. But if you do, let me know how it works!)

The next time you’re sitting around the table with your pals and Lucy groans about how much her boss is annoying her with the constant texting after work hours, BITE YOUR TONGUE. Resist the urge to tell Lucy what she should or could do to change the situation at work.


If there’s a huge silence and you feel that you need to fill the gap,  say something empathetic  to let Lucy know you heard what she said, but resist the urge to end the sentence with any recommendations. 

You could say, “Man Lucy, that’s a pain in the butt. I’ll bet it does drive you crazy.”

See, Lucy is heard and you can be her pal, not her therapist or career counselor.


I know it feel s like that sometimes doesn’t it? Remember though, we teach people how to treat us. We create our role in every single relationship and then we feel compelled to stick to the script we started when we didn’t know any better.

Now, my friend, you do know better. No more trying to fix things for anyone else until everything on your plate is fixed exactly to your own liking and you can honestly look  me in the eye and say you’re 100% happy 100% of the time.

The first few times you practice your new-found restraint it is going to feel awkward especially for you, but I promise it’s going to get easier.


See how well you taught your friend Lucy? You taught her to ask your opinion so she could go off and do exactly whatever she pleased. You taught her to piss you off, didn’t you? It’s time to forgive yourself for that and to forgive her for playing her part so well.

Never fear, the next time Lucy bemoans the abysmal situation at work and you commiserate with an empathetic statement she might say, “Hey, Wendy, what do you think I should do?!” and she blinks those big hazel eyes at you and you feel very protective of her and both delighted and annoyed that she can’t seem to make her way through this without you.

Stand strong and let her know you’re happy to give her some ideas, but first, you need a commitment from her that she’s going to take action on what you share with her and more importantly, that she’ll follow up and let you know exactly how your ideas worked in her situation.

Now you’ve entered into a contract of sorts with your sweet, unfocused friend Lucy and, provided she agrees to your terms, Lucy is committed to actually taking your advice.

The odds are that Lucy won’t enter into the contract, but would prefer for you to simply brainstorm ways for her to fix the situation. If she isn’t interested in the feedback, that’s fine, you can continue to be her friend and empathize with her, without giving her your spectacular and quite useful advice.

Then you can go home and start looking at all that stuff you’ve stuffed into your own closet. As you lighten that load, you’ll become even stronger at rocking your Healer Gift marking without the bitter aftertaste!

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